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  1. Pepvol, I'm not in favor of running any of the coaches off although I can see how my first post may have sounded like I was. In an age of mercenary coaches I respect those who stay around and build programs. Afterall its all about the student athletes, and stability helps them build character. What I am in favor of is for the coaching staff to realize that Maryville is here to stay in 4-AAA and they will be on the schedule every year, most likely twice a year. Unless they're content with taking a loss each time they meet up they need to evaluate the play calling and the way they coach the team. Farragut laid down in the second half both on the field and on the sideline. Silly penalties were not addressed immediately and Farragut was completely out-played and out-classed by a much better Maryville team. Its very frustrating to watch a team who's coaching staff does not currently give them the tools to compete in the biggest game of the year; especially when the athleticism on each side of the ball matched up quite similarly. All that said, I admire the Maryville program and their coaches for what they are able to do year in and year out. The players don't jaw with the other team, they hand the ball to the officials after every play, the offense is surgical, and the defense doesn't give up anything without a fight. I'd like to see them travel to Florida to see how they match up with a team like St. Thomas Aquienas or another highly ranked team. I think this team is being slept on by the national media.
  2. I haven't taken the time to sift through all 13 pages of this tread, and I don't plan to. I assume its a bunch of Maryville haters spouting off about recruiting, yada yada yada blah blah blah. Face it Farragut fans (I am one), the Ads got whipped by a tougher, more disciplined, and better coached team. Fact is, Maryville is in 4-AAA to stay and Farragut will NEVER beat them if they don't start thinking about shaking up the coaching staff. The Admirals allowed personal foul penalties to turn in to points, they came out of the locker room after half time completely flat and already defeated, and the coaches, per usual made zero changes in the play calling schemes. Farragut can-out talent most teams in the area as they have this year, but the road to the state title will continue to go through Blount County until Farragut gets with the times schematically. Is it that hard to stop an offense that seems to be drawn up completely on one sheet of paper? Is it that hard to run a spread option against a base 3-5 scheme when the safety is always on the strong side? Is it obvious that when the same player receives two personal foul penalties in one series that the coaches may want to have a talk with him? Is it obvious that you need to go to the air when facing a double digit deficit in the second half? All of this is apparent to the people in the stands (most of which were warming up their cars in the 3rd quarter), but it is falling on blind eyes where the coaching staff is concerned. I feel bad for the players who are hamstrung in system that doesn't take advantage of their talents; and for the fans like myself who continue to pay $6 every Friday only to see the same lackluster offense. Some may read this and wonder why I'm so upset, the Admirals are 6-2 afterall. I'm upset because the program has the athlethes to compete, but has failed to evolve in the past 15 years; and I'm upset because they will not make it to the next level until they shake things up. I'm not holding my breath though.
  3. Farragut can win this game but it will require a near perfect effort from the Admirals. They will have to control the clock with the run game, get their defense off of the field in a timely manner, and utilize the kicking game for points and field position. Objectivly speaking I think Maryville will win the game, but I don't think they'll run away with it.
  4. First and only district set dropped by the Ads all season.
  5. Don't hold your breath. Hargis writes books in every thread, sometime multiple books in a single thread. The Enter key is your friend!!
  6. Farragut took care of business at home against AC tonight (10/3/11). 25-16 25-17 25-21 It was an ideal start for the Admirals in what is the toughest regular season week for them so far. They host Oak Ridge on Wednesday for the annual "Pink Out" in support of breast cancer awareness, and a fantastic group of seniors will play their last regular season home match against a tough Webb team on Friday.
  7. I'm not a coach. The hitters must have been off after a long 2 days in which they played match after match after match with no breaks. They are typically quite a trio. Haven't played Stone Memorial. I don't know anything about them.
  8. I didn't go to the Tandem but I have the tape. A few of Farraguts hitters do tend to shy away when the opponent's blocking is strong, but that can also be related to inconsistent sets and the fact that imo the sets are not evenly distributed. In order to go far a team's offensive attack has to be very multiple which at this point, Farragut's has not been. I'd love to post some blocking stats for you because I think you're wrong about that, but I haven't watched the tape yet. The hype regarding Farragut is based on conversations about who will come out of Knoxville, not who will win state. I still think Farragut will be there, but once there the whole game changes. The competition in 4-AAA is not strong enough to prepare a team for state, so they will have to rely on experience and resiliance garnered from club ball if they want to advance. As far as Karns goes they graduated alot of the talent that made them what they were in the past few years. They are still a formidable team with a good coach but I don't see them getting past Anderson County.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. Now if I may... The forum does not make the users, the users make the forum. I understand there are rules, but in this case nothing slanderous or malicious has been said. When a coach is not invested in a team there is an issue. As I said earlier ITT the athletes in all sports put in way too much time and effort to represent their school and their classmates to not have that effort matched by their coaches. In the post that you replied to I expressed a sign of things looking up for Bearden as they now have an assistant who is interested in coaching the players up so that they may realize their potential as individuals and as a team. Thats encouraging. If you are standing up for the Bearden coach then come out and say it, but until then don't discourage others from bringing fresh ideas and observations to the forum. This forum serves a much bigger purpose than score updates and tournament schedules. It is an online community of fans, and a platform for us to share our thoughts and feelings as it pertains to highschool sports in our area. We don't need a referree.
  10. Solid victory from the Ads tonight but they still have a lot to work on if they plan on giving Maryville a run this year. Farragut's play calling was awful...A.W.F.U.L. Receivers were running open all over the West secondary in the first half but Rule was shaky early, overthrowing a few routes. Admiral ball carriers repeatedly ground it out between the tackles for 3 and 4 yard gains even though West had no outside contain. I'll give it to the coaches on the onside kick to open the second half but they ran the ball 3 strait times to the same gap for 1 yard and a 3-and-out. The whole second half was ground and pound for the Admirals after that. Farragut's win is attributed to 4 things: 1- Jonathan King's 51 yard FG to end the 1st half (would have been good from 58) 2- Jacob Johnson's gritty effort (30 carries, 154 yards) 3- A bone headed call by the West staff to go for it on 4th and short in Admiral territory rather than kicking a FG that would have tied the game at 17 (I bet that star kicker felt good about that) 4- Farraguts defense stopping West twice with interceptions in the 4th quarter. I would encourage Farragut's staff to look at the film and realize the potential of all the athelets that they have on the field. Don't be afraid to take some chances. heck you may actually win by a comfortable margin, and at the very least Johnson and the D will carry you.
  11. If this is in response to my post I'm not sure what you mean. Care to elaborate?
  12. I'm not sure if she has shown up all of a sudden or if I just had not noticed her previously. Didn't see the final of bearden/cath.
  13. #34 had a full tear of either the ACL or MCL
  14. Farragut hosted West and Bearden tonight so I made a point to observe the Bearden bench during the matches. Same ole same ole out of the Bearden head coach, but they had an assistant on the bench who I had not seen previously. She was active on the sideline engaging her players and encouraging them to play hard. She seemed to be working some schemes with them in the time out huddles as well. Hopefully she can help coach that team up to their potential becuase even though they were missing several key players to injury they showed some flashes of raw talent and athleticism. Farragut in 3.
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