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  1. I am back! Been to the left coast taking care of a family member. I'll start my first post back by saying this. Looks like the two coaching changes will be very interesting. I think both Bearden and cak will be VERY good this coming season. Phillyal was right. The Bearden coach left after his daughter was done.
  2. Within the next 10 years? My goodness, I probably wont be here to see that. I wish you all the luck with that. K2 and KVA will probably be gone too. I see K2 leaving town after their children graduate. You will have to have volleyball minds run the club or it will be another cbfo. Believe me, there aren't many volleyball minds out there. Say what you want about K2 and KVA. Everyone continues to say "they can't run a business" but last time I looked they were still going. Mincy will probably take over KVA because like most people say on this board the "agenda" for the KVA director will be complete. His daughter will be gone and so will he. Mincy would be the most logical choice.
  3. ScottRoss...Is this what you are talking about?
  4. Just got back from a month long (much needed) European trip. I see that Catholic has a coach and so does Bearden.
  5. I'm guessing you are talking about The girl that just got the UNC Pembrook job? Not sure why you put it in this post but Congratulations to her. Seems like a great coach!!!
  6. ScottRoss5..Let me start by saying, I've been around volleyball for a while in this area. My wife and I were part of the PR/Karn's class that dominated for a while. I've watched SMJVC grow and now K2 and KVA. So although I don't know the directors of either of the new clubs, I know many parents that belong to them. I also know the volleyball community here. A sports complex to house everyone and everything would be great for parents (logistically). Having everything on one campus would be nice. Coming on here telling all of us to basically "be ready, its coming and all others will be shut down" is pretty lame. Let's "hypothetically" say that some business men in Tn are looking to bring in a sports complex here. Let's also "hypothetically" say these people used to be involved with gymnastics and then sold and then went on to make billions. Now these people want to bring in this complex. Remember ScottRoss5, this is all "hypothetical". Any good business person would talk to the people in person (not on some message board) and get the real feel for whats going on Volleyball/basketball wise in this area. Talking to the directors of each of the major volleyball clubs would prove good business sense. No the WBBL guy shouldn't be "courting" (as you said) them. They should be courting him. He has the LARGEST rec basketball league in the county. When you come on here and start talking about how this thing is coming in and shutting people down, it tends to offend most people. If you would like to expound on the details that would be a fun discussion. If we are waiting on the 640 highway lmao. We may be waiting for a long time. So with that being said we would love to hear the details if you want to share. If not then that's fine too.
  7. Why would we be talking about it if we don't have any information on it? Is the group in with the Tn travelers AAU team?
  8. That sounds REALLY great for the girls!! I hope you aren't just blowing smoke. Are these people from Knoxville or out of town? My daughter will be graduating this year and would love to coach when she comes back into town. She played at PR but does not want to coach there. She also doesn't want to coach at the other two clubs because she has heard some bad things about both. I am going to tell her about this movement. She will be excited so you better not be BSing us.
  9. I heard a rumor that the guy in charge of WBBL is looking to start volleyball/basketball. Anyone heard that? Scottross5??
  10. It's always great to have choices. I don't like the whopper that's why I go to Mcdonalds!! I'm not sure if there are a lot of us on here that have mentioned names. I know I TRY not to but I'm sure I probably have in the past. I do agree with you that all names should be left off. That's not going to happen though. If you ask most on here, they would tell you that it's not personal attacks. Most of them come out and say "these are facts". You bring up great points though!! I'm so glad there is a second choice for girls to play volleyball. It's nice for those that just want to have a fun experience to have a choice like KVA. I know that cussing isn't the best but if you think your girl isn't going to get cussed at if she plays volleyball at the next level then..............
  11. Heard a rumor the other day that the person that runs WBBL is looking to do Volleyball and basketball. Anyone heard that? Scottross5?
  12. clubonly. No one here should apologize for their thoughts. Thanks for the opinion. Hope your daughter is doing good. Keep posting!!
  13. k2r. I agree with you. The clubs and high schools have to fidentify those people and ask them to get involved. k2r..what are you thoughts on CBFO volleyball?
  14. It's not Kara Greg (whoever that is).
  15. K2R. Could you please let the readers on this forum know that you are in no way affiliated with K2 volleyball? Most people on here think since your username is K2Ruth, that you are a voice of K2 Volleyball club. I know you aren't but most others don't. A lot of people have a bad taste in their mouth about K2 VBC because of some of the things you say. Keep posting and speaking your mind, but please inform the readers that you are in no way the voice of K2 VBC. Thank you so much for helping clarify where you "are not" coming from.
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