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  1. Yep, a .168% hitting percentage is low. Too many errors. About the parental involvement. If that is the case, that is why a lot of good coaches are probably no longer coaching. Too much interference and not enough support and cheering on. Such is the new world!
  2. I agree with Bratman. Too many of the kids playing volleyball now are burned out physically and especially mentally by the time they start playing for the "end" all important college scholarship. What happened to playing another sport and using different muscle groups? Taking a mental break from the same sport each day? Some parents spend as much money to play club volleyball over their child's volleyball career, they probably could have paid for college and received change. Just a thought.
  3. Has Knox Catholic had tuition assistance in the past and still played against public schools? Hmmm, that would be interesting to know.
  4. Summary Judgement, thanks for the info. Sure is a different look from past AA districts. It will be interesting to see how all of this shakes out. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!
  5. Where is Knox Catholic slated to play for volleyball. I read in the paper where they placed the football team, but do not know who the vb team will be with. Are they with Farragut, HV and that district?
  6. So we had two Tennessee teams in the finals of a big tournament in Atlanta? There are some solid volleyball teams in that area. That bodes well for Tennessee volleyball. Congrats to both of those teams. Will that make them favorites for the state championships in this year? I would sure like to see an exciting and fun post-season. Good luck to all of the teams that get into the playoffs starting with the district tournaments!
  7. Thanks, I appreciate it.
  8. Anybody, anybody? Buehler....Buehler.....Buehler.....
  9. Was the Blarney Stone tournament held this past weekend at Catholic? I did not see anything in the paper. Does anyone know which teams were there and how it turned out? I appreciate it. Good luck to everyone as the high school season gets to the half-way point. District playoffs are right around the corner. Such a fast season.
  10. beachboy

    ACE Volleyball

    With that kind of success, maybe some folks might want to think about paying such high fees to go to clubs like K2 and others. Hmmm, just thinkin!!
  11. Maryville baseball hired one of the best coaches around in Adam Sullivan. Give him some time to build the culture the way it needs to be and you will be winning a bunch of games and competing with anyone in your district. He does things the right way! Enjoy the future.
  12. beachboy

    ACE Volleyball

    Bet that the ACE team at the Phoenix tournament was AC!
  13. beachboy

    ACE Volleyball

    There is an ACE volleyball club out of Arlington, TX. Would that be the same one?
  14. I guess it pays to have a great high school coach. There have been several posts in the past that tend to make us think that the only good coaches are in clubs. Way to go Brentwood!
  15. Since I must plead ignorance to this, I have a question about Brentwood. I am not trying to take anything away from their program and their amazing history, but what percentage of their players play club volleyball? Maybe pitting club vs. HS and vice versa is the wrong way to see things. Quite possibly it is a combination of all the opportunities our kids have that make them the people/players that they are. They can be taught at the club level and the high school level. As I have said before, I have seen bad and good coaches at both the club and high school level. Neither has a monopoly on that! Congratulations to all of the State winners and all the teams that made it there. An accomplishment for all.
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