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  1. SummaryJudgment

    New club team

    Ahhh. My mistake. Had heard proms and graduations had ended their season.
  2. SummaryJudgment

    New club team

    The Alliance 181s have completed their schedule. Season is over.
  3. SummaryJudgment

    New club team

    I agree 100% and I think this is the first year in a long time that Alliance got it right. Amber is an amazing coach and the way she handles athletes is perfect for this age group. Dan runs that TPV 141s team. He is top notch. It will be interesting to see how this age group progresses over the next for years with the quality coaching they are getting this club season.
  4. SummaryJudgment

    New club team

    VBD I have to chime in here. You clearly don’t like TPV and are doing your best to convince people to steer clear of that club. Maybe you’re on the Alliance Board. Maybe you’re an Alliance coach. But this talk of corruption and compromised amateurism is too much. Girls volleyball is far removed from the world of big time men’s basketball. Outside of parents, some overzealous, there is no worry that the FBI is going to be raiding Gothic Court because the pressure to recruit the best high school players is leading to illegal activity. The interest is just not at the same level. And whatever both clubs are doing or not doing are well within the rules. I know both Directors and both are beyond reproach. I’ve been around since Impact and Select formed an “Alliance.” Saw Nashville One die and Club West rise as a temporary challenger. What is happening is nothing more than the continued evolution of club volleyball in middle Tennessee. I, for one, hope that TPV sticks and Alliance continues to rise to the challenge. (As they have as evidenced by their recent emphasis on highlighting their players on and off the court accomplishments.) Because the real winners are the players and their parents when the competition between clubs is real. I would rather Nashville have two plus viable clubs similar to Louisville, Cincinnati, Indianapolis etc than what we’ve experienced the past half decade. Talk about a sense of entitlement! There was no reason to worry or truly work to get better because there wasn’t a serious challenger to get the top players. There are a myriad of reasons beyond waived dues why some top players have or will defect. If it works out as I hope it will, both clubs will be fine and there will be a rise in the level of play throughout middle Tennessee because the opportunities to train and compete at the highest levels will double. Everyone wins in that scenario.
  5. SummaryJudgment

    Dickson County

    This is a really good thread. I agree with a lot of the points made. I think Dickson County will make it to state this year over a second Wilco school. I thought Indy was going to challenge this season. But the injury to AC really hurt the team. As noted elsewhere, the injuries at Ravenwood have made it a difficult year for them to get on track. I think another issue affecting the district is setting. The district lost four setters to college ball from last year. With all due respect to the replacements this year, the inconsistency, inexperience, and unlikeliness that most of them will also set at the next level is causing these wild swings and unexpected results in my opinion.
  6. SummaryJudgment

    New club team

    Buried in one of these threads (maybe this one) is a comment I made that everyone at Alliance was tired of playing the same clubs/ teams over and over. I think I mentioned Choo Choo by name. I am not going to go back and find it. But I am 99% sure I said it. So yes, I agree with you. And so yes, you are inferring too much. That's probably more on me as I was trying to impart as much as possible in few words as possible. A kind of read between the lines thing. What I was being intentionally inartful about is that while Alliance wanted out, the other league members weren't too upset because of the negative relationship with the former director. I don't think Alliance would have been welcomed back even if they had wanted to continue in the SPL. Which as you and I have both correctly stated, they didn't want to continue. That's all I am saying. There were a lot of fractured relationships. Would the league have survived if an equal or better replacement had been found? I don't know, I don't care, and it was highly unlikely any club of note was going to step in and save the SPL. I think it was a case of everyone chopping off their noses to spite their faces. Honestly, I think it's for the best anyway. Power leagues are overrated. As for the STS; it wasn't listed on the initial Mizuno/ Molten schedules. Forgive me for not going back and re-checking. And A5 may have been the host, but it's still the first time I can remember the aforementioned clubs coming to Nashville. If that was in place before the director switch, then you win. But I think that we are going to see these types of tournaments more frequently here because of the new director. Even if they have to be held at the Ag Center. I completely agree with you that these events are good for the health of volleyball in Tennessee and the south. Club things I am curious about going forward: What will Ethos and Club West look like next year? How will the housing situation affect the number of teams at Alliance? Will TPV be able to hold on to their better players or will this be like 2014 when a lot of quality CW girls switched to Alliance. And what is the future of club ball in east Tennessee? (it seems like Tri-Cities and Chattanooga have fallen off the map) Lastly, looking forward to watching some quality volleyball in Orlando.
  7. SummaryJudgment

    New club team

    Instead of responding to each post, I'll just put all my thoughts here. Lots of good stuff above. In my experience the volleyball world is all relative and the perspective of each parent regardless of the club can change week to week. I think the reason TPV is traveling less next year is because they will be able to host more tournaments at A Game....assuming they are in the building. If memory serves me right, I think they only had one home tournament. Alliance had many more. It could be a reversal of fortunes with the two clubs in regards to travel next year. No one knows for sure at this point. But the TPV parents I've spoken to are thrilled with not being on the road to tourneys and/ or out of town scrimmages so much next season. That was quite a coup for Alliance and the new director pulling in all those great ones teams/ Clubs that had not been to Franklin before. This is somewhat indirect proof of what was labeled nonsense above. Relationships matter and not toying with seeding, standings, etc. helps get you invited back to the party year after year. Or gets people to come to your party. Alliance is clearly in great hands now and the future is very bright. I just hope they have a new home soon. I find it interesting that two separate posters have labeled either the 13s or the 14s as the weakest group in middle TN, I think it's too early to tell. We've all seen those 3s and 4s players in these younger ages shoot up to ones teams and college opportunities. The girls at these young ages develop so differently. Two of the most awkward 7th graders I ever saw were Logan and Avri. They're obviously special talents, but there are many more like them who didn't seem to be much as middle schoolers and are now college bound. I understand it's fun to play who beat who as a way of determining which club has the better players. I do it myself. But again, it's all relative and volleyball is so weird. It even happens within the same club. A few years ago I saw the Alliance 152s beat the 161s right after the 162s has just beaten the 151s with Logan, Tori, and Andrea. Those twos teams had some players who were ones players the next year; and there is always an extra motivation when playing the chosen ones in the club. But I didn't take it for anything more than it was. It all sorts itself out and anything can happen match to match. Same goes for matches between clubs. That's volleyball. As for who is better, I'd say TPV in the 13s, split in the 14s, Alliance in the 15-18s. Pretty much a no-duh I know. I do hope we get to see the two clubs play each other more in the coming seasons. Lastly, I think volleyball in middle TN is definitely on the upswing. I agree with the words above that the coaching depth has to catch up. But I have seen some great strides in the past few weeks. I had the opportunity to watch TPV scrimmage Southern Performance a few weeks ago. I mainly watched the combined 17s/18s. I was surprised at the growth since the beginning of the year. They more than held their own against SP who had three D1 commits on the court. And watching the Alliance teams yesterday was a treat. I was impressed not only with the quality but with the fight they had. It was fun watching the usual suspects (no Logan though....she's moved on to her college career). But two Alliance players who caught my eye; the setter on the 172s and the libero on the 162s. Lots of quality depth in the older age groups at Alliance. I believe Ann and Dan are setting the bar high for Mid TN volleyball. The next few years should be fun and interesting.
  8. SummaryJudgment

    New club team

    Actually no. Alliance was kicked out due to directorial issues. TPV is not organizing anything. They joined the SAVL in order to guarantee some quality competition to play against. The problem is the top clubs in the SAVL don't send their top teams to those power league tournaments. Again, why it will be interesting to see what they do next year.
  9. SummaryJudgment

    New club team

    I think things are going to improve drastically at Alliance with Ann running the show now. She's doing a masterful job with that 181s team as well. Speaking of that Alliance 181s team....They won gold in the National division at USAV. Logan was the tournament MVP. Garrett and Tori were named to the all tournament team. Good to see Garrett back and playing well.
  10. SummaryJudgment

    New club team

    I had heard it was going to be after the fall; didn't realize it was this summer. Wow.
  11. SummaryJudgment

    New club team

    That was the TPV 132 team that beat the Alliance 131s in three. And while I agree that I've heard some rumblings about having to play the same teams over and over, Alliance did the same thing a few years back when they were in the Power League. I heard lots of complaints then about playing Choo Choo and Southern Performance over and over. What will be interesting is to see if TPV tries something different next year.
  12. SummaryJudgment

    New club team

    The Alliance 131s went undefeated and won their division two weekends ago. The 132s finished 6th out of 9 teams. The 141s finished second and the 142s third out of 15 teams. It is hard to compare apples to apples here. The Alliance teams faced essentially all the teams in their age group from Alliance, Union and Tsunami... with a another club or two sprinkled in the14s. Basically a bunch of 2s, 3s, and 4s teams. Meanwhile the K2 tourney that TPV participated in was all 1s teams from a much greater variety of clubs. In fact, TPV was the only club to enter two teams in the 13s and 14s from what I could tell. We will see how it goes as Alliance faces greater competition down the road. But unless they play each other; which is highly unlikely, we probably won't really ever know.
  13. SummaryJudgment

    New club team

    I honestly think it went about as expected with the 15-17s. But TPV should be very encouraged that their 131s finished 2nd and 132s finished 4th. That's the strength of their club right now with the mass exodus of Alliance girls who bolted in that age division. Both their 14 teams made it to gold. Sounds like a pretty good opening to me.
  14. SummaryJudgment

    New club team

    These recent posts are good stuff. Glad to see some activity. A few random responsive thoughts. Being a legitimate ones player is definitely in the eyes of the parents. It's my understanding that the spreading out of talent in the 13s and 14s at TPV is to give the girls the chance to grow as players as their bodies mature. The knock on Alliance has been that once a ones player in 12-13s; the greater likelihood you will be a ones at 17-18. At least there is movement within age divisions and the chance to make the ones team later at TPV. I think the reason Alliance does so poorly in the older age groups is that the players have never had to overcome adversity and failure when younger. They don't know how to fight and compete. Before we bash TPV's schedule let's not forget that Alliance is not even two years removed from that disaster that was the SPL. Those four "tournaments" kept the girls from being exposed to a lot of college coaches. Beating up on Choo Choo , Ethos, etc did nothing to help the girls. I believe it's why the current group of college freshmen and high school seniors are so under-committed. They weren't properly exposed and critical times thus forcing a lot of really good players to take D2 offers or D1 walk-on offers at in-state programs. TPV is putting most of their ones teams in open at Bluegrass and is also going to JVA World and AAUs in Orlando. They have the SP network to help promote them. The power league they are in is a lot more competitive and organized than the SPL ever was. I think for year one of a Club it's a better than expected schedule. Lastly, the parents I have talked to at TPV are thrilled with what's been going on. Conversely, there are older Alliance girls jumping ship to other clubs in the past few weeks. Clearly Alliance is concerned based on the pre-tryout letters that were sent to the AVC families, the over-done and never- before- done self promotion of their coaches and athletes, and the letter that was sent this week to the AVC families. If the Alliance product is so good, then TPV will never be anything more than Ethos or Club West. But I think this is going to be more of a MAVA/ KIVA situation. If that happens, then volleyball in Nashville wins with two big clubs fighting to get better each and every year.
  15. SummaryJudgment

    New club team

    And I agree with all your posts above. It's about training, coaching, and competition within the age groups. The problem I've seen is that Nashville can compete against similar sized clubs in the younger age groups. Sometimes even with the big dogs like A5. But as they get older the lack of quality training, quality coaching, and having to fight to keep a spot on a team affects things greatly. It will fun to watch what impact TPV has on the dynamics here. Can they deliver on their training and team selection processes? Time will tell. The immediate benefit is that it is making the other clubs work harder than ever. Everyone wins in that scenario. It will also force some natural selection finally. CW had to combine their 17s and 18s as well as their 15s and 16s. Plus they lost some key people to TPV. So the wheels are already in motion. I look forward to watching how it all plays out on the travel courts this upcoming season.