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  1. Changing my Cleveland pick, Blackman will travel to Bradley county and beat Cleveland. I picked Brentwood v. Houston in the preseason for the finals and will stick by that. Good luck to all the girls today (with a little less luck to the ladies of Wilson Central than the ladies of Brentwood )
  2. After what I saw from Ravenwood last night, I agree and would pick Station Camp today
  3. Region time. Who are your state qualifiers? Daniel Boone Dobyns Bennett Cleveland Siegel Brentwood Ravenwood Houston Collierville
  4. Who do Maryville and Farragut play next?
  5. Twisted ankle, not sure of time frame but will be back. First set was a brand new line up due to the injury. A lot of adjustments were made during that set. By the time the 4th set rolled around the Bruins won 25-15 in decisive manner. A couple days off will do this team so good.
  6. Brentwood plays Summit is the early game today, the winner of that game will play the winner of Page/Ravenwood. I predict another Brentwood/Ravenwood district final with Brentwood winning 3-0.
  7. I'm not on here to spread false rumors or try to convince anyone I am right. I am only passing along a combination of player/parent conversations and educated observations. TheNoise is correct, players at RW and the middle school are to the point they feel they will be penalized for even trying out for TPV. DShrute - Yes, the other TPV player (Who I believe was all-state last year) has seen a reduced role this year.
  8. Me? Yes! 15, 16, and 17 year old girls who want to stay in good standings for high school and club, NO!
  9. Your assumption is wrong. "Us" was referring to the volleyball community (TPV, Alliance, MidTN, High School). You are making another assumption that this coach is putting a priority over her high school team more so then her club that she's a co-director of. Which position do you think pays her bills, high school or club coaching? Lets play devils advocate to answer your question. I wont get into details but will use a broad brush: This coach has several underclassman who play for her club with others in middle school who will play for her in years to come at the same club. The best player on the high school team moves to a rival club and excels during club season. After seeing how this player was treated, do you think any of the younger Alliance players she has in the high school system would even think about switching clubs? I have talked to a couple of those parents and the thought of switching is a tough one because they have seen what happens to this player.
  10. I have no idea who Guest Oldgamer but he/she just typed what a lot of us knew or suspected, The majority of coaches who coach club and high school place priority with the club they coach for, not the high school. This 6 rotation player moved from Alliance to TPV this past season and was recognized as the U18 MVP at Nationals in Orlando while leading the U18 to their championship, pgd66 - Be careful who you accuse of being highly respective, especaillay after this incident and how it was handled.
  11. She plays all around. I have not been privy to the details but I was told from a close source that it was a mutual decision by the player and coach. There's more to the story that they did not want tell me and I can respect that.
  12. Brentwood rolled over siegel in 3 sets Wednesday night and Centennial last night. News started to circulate last night that Ravenwood's best player quit the team yesterday. That's a huge crush because she was THE go to player.
  13. They are the most accurate you'll find. TSSAA doesn't have the bandwidth to do rankings and sportswriters only cover their local team if they cover vball at all.
  14. https://www.unapproved website.com/rankings/volleyball/1/state/tennessee.htm
  15. Brentwood easily handled Ravenwood last nigh at RW. Early in the game, Brentwood made sure they were not going 5 sets again by winning the first set 25-9. Next two were 25-18, 25-17 but not that close on the court. The defense for the Bruins has improved a lot over the past three weeks. The normal stars (Juniors Shaye and Riley, our only senior Piper) are producing and now the right side (Sophomore Hollye) is finding her groove and that's turning this offence into a very balanced, attack for all angles offence. Feels like they are playing their best volleyball at the moment.
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