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  1. TeeterTot

    Too soon to start football !!

    Germans thought Hitler was a great leader too. Winning doesn't take away Rankin being a dbag.
  2. TeeterTot

    2018 Season

    The 2018 Volleyball season is here. This Friday and Saturday is the Brentwood High School camp at AGame. 19 teams, varsity and JV. Some strong teams will be there. Brentwood, Cleveland, Dickson County, Dobyns-Bennett, FRA, Hardin Valley, Harpeth Hall, Hendersonville, Houston, Hutchison, Mt. Juliet, Oakland, Oak Ridge, Page, Riverdale, St. Agnes, St. Benedict, Stewarts Creek, and Sullivan South. Good luck to all the girls this year.
  3. TeeterTot

    New club team

    Alliance is still stronger then TPV in the younger ages. I would put the Alliance 12's up against any TPV 13 team and half of the TPV 14's and the Alliance 12's would win. The Alliance 14's would handily beat any TPV 14 team. People tend to forget that the best age for TPV (13) is the same group that was easily the weakest age group for Alliance a couple years ago. As some of those parents found out this year, it wasn't Alliance, i was their daughters skill level. TPV will not get a quality Alliance player that is 14-18 to switch clubs. Those are prime recruiting ages and with TPV playing club and skipping national tournaments, the exposure is not there.
  4. TeeterTot

    D2 A State Semi Finals

    Congratulations to Coach Mitchell of BGA. After 20 years, 200+ wins, and 2 State Championships, he decided to retire from coaching. Rob Mitchell is a class act in everything he does.
  5. TeeterTot

    New club team

    I agree with everything you said with the small exception the 14's split. The 14 age group in Mid Tenn is weak but TPV's 14 are all Alliance 2-3 team players. TPV 14 do not have the high end talent that Alliance 14's.
  6. TeeterTot

    New club team

    In that same tournament it took the TPV "131" team 3 long sets to beat their "132" team. The same Alliance 13-1 team that took TPV 132 team to 3 sets lost to the Alliance 12-1 team yesterday in straight sets for their second win in 2 tries against them. Overall, the 13 age group is easily the weakest age group across Middle Tennessee. They have hard workers and good coaches, just not the talent.
  7. TeeterTot

    New club team

    Surprisingly a great tournament at AGame this weekend. All teams attending were Nationals bound in a couple weeks so this was a good tune-up. A5's top teams, Alliance, Circle City, Triangle....just to name a few. Two year age group so the younger ages in the pools had a tough time but faced amazing competition. Circle City 13 won the 12-13 age group A5 15-1 won 14-15 age group A5 16-1 won the 17-18 age group On another topic, I talked to TPV parents who were not happy with tournament results, competition, and how teams were created. Per these parents, TPV plans to have more training and less tournaments next year which sounds horrible to these parents. It'll be interesting to see what happens since TPV has the facility while Alliance has the talent.
  8. TeeterTot

    New club team

    And Alliance got out of that league for that precise reason......I'm pretty sure TPV was the ones organizing and promoting it.
  9. TeeterTot

    New club team

    She is enrolling early. Brentwood will still start 6 D1 future players, just not the top high school player in the country next year.
  10. TeeterTot

    New club team

    I talked to 3-4 parents that left Alliance for TPV and they are not happy with the program. With the exception of this tournament and Bluegrass, TPV plays the same teams over and over again in tournaments. TPV 13's (who are supposedly their strongest age group) took 3 long sets to beat a weak Alliance 13 team. Outside on the 13 age group, TPV had only 1 win in the Open division. The Alliance 18-1 went to USAV Junior National Championships in Anaheim this past weekend and won the Gold Championship. Overall, Alliance has the better talent and teams in mid-Tenn but as Camper said, they currently struggle in National tournaments with the exception on this 18's this past weekend.
  11. TeeterTot

    New club team

    Because of the talent difference between Alliance and TP, I doubt TP will play Alliance the next couple years if they can prevent it. i heard this week that several girls have already quit TP. Does anyone know if this is true?
  12. TeeterTot

    New club team

    Clifford - All due respect but you are wrong. One girl I know was the best player on her one team last year at Alliance (in a very weak age group) and she’s was placed on a two team this year at Performance (and yes, talking about Franklin). As for recruiting at 14-15, Shay Eggleston at Alliance (Logan’s little sister) was recruited a lot as a 14 last year and will get a lot of attention this season on the 15’s. Alliance also has a big hitting lefty on their 14’s. The reason I bring this up is you are 100% correct about recruiting at that age, it ramps up early for these young ladies.
  13. TeeterTot

    New club team

    I spoke to a couple of parents at Sports Performance and they are not happy With recent developments. From one parent “Seems SP is looking out for themselves and not players. They have placed legitimate “1” players of lower teams so the drop off is not so severe at those other levels.” They were also not happy with the tournament schedule.....it’s VERY weak. If SP does not up their competition level, their players will not be seen by recruiters.
  14. TeeterTot

    New club team

    When digging thru the google machine last night for a list of TPV coaches i came across this disturbing article. Creepy considering all of the sexual allegations across the country in the media currently. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.tennessean.com/amp/514751001 If TPV is banned from USA Volleyball and AAU, what kind of competition will the club play?
  15. TeeterTot

    New club team

    I have yet to see a complete list of coaches at TPV. From what i hear, please correct me if I’m wrong, TPV is still looking to fill coaching spots. They’ve had a lot of success out of their original site in Chicago but none of their regional teams have been very competitive. CW was hurt the most. Alliance essentially lost one age group but that was easily the weakest age group Alliance had last year. Not sure how/if this did anything to Ethos.