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  1. TeeterTot

    Williamson County

    And open zoning
  2. TeeterTot

    Transfer to Private School

    same thing applies as long as the legal guardian moved
  3. TeeterTot

    Transfer to Private School

    If parents move a certain distance or more from their previous school, I believe that student does not have to sit out. 9th graders can play if they transferred in during the summer.
  4. TeeterTot

    New club team

    Congratulations to Shaye Eggeslton for being named to unapproved website Sophomore All-American Team.
  5. TeeterTot

    New club team

    I didn't get to see much of the 18's due to the schedule. The 16's took it to KiVA Red in the first match. KiVA's first 7 shots where cleanly blocked, several more blocks after that......completely changed how KiVA played. Muciana 16's were next and they are good. They beat TPV but it wasn't by much. TPV was exchanging blows but Munciana was a better team. Last game was against Far Out from Grand Rapids and TPV handled them like they did KiVA. The Saturday training was ran by the Munciana coach and I've never seen training like it. 90 minutes of up tempo, hard practice, sit for 90 minutes, then do it again and again. Was supposed to replicate tournament play where you play then sit then play.
  6. TeeterTot

    New club team

    Thanks for the clarification. Big training session this weekend in Munciana this weekend for TPV 16's and 18's. Sunday they scrimmage Munciana's 1 and 2 teams, Munciana out of Indy, KiVA Red, and Far Out.
  7. TeeterTot

    New club team

    I know 5 of the 8 players moved from Alliance, not sure about the other 3
  8. TeeterTot

    New club team

    13's - Nobody in the state can touch Alliance's 13's. This team has won several regional tournaments the past couple years and finished 3rd twice last year in large National tournaments. They even won Bluegrass as 11's 14's K2, no competition. TPV just does not have hitters at this age 15's - Agree with Memphis VBA with K2 a very close 2nd. Be interesting to see how Alliance does this year. Their top player moved to TPV and plays on the TPV 16's 16's - TPV will give K2 a serious run here. I disagree with Alliance having a ball control advantage over TPV. Alliance lost to TPV their best hitter, defensive player (Both these girls will play in college power conferences), both setters from their 1 team last year are no longer in the program (the 6'4 setter went to TPV and their 2nd setter decided not to play this year). 17's - Alliance 18's - Alliance
  9. TeeterTot

    Mairvul goes two Okelund

    Now that you proved your a stalker who lives on CoachT (11,000+ posts, geez), whats the point you're trying to make about volleyball? You have an issue with female sports? I don't see the correlation. Please explain
  10. TeeterTot

    Mairvul goes two Okelund

    And the Maryville administration will do what it takes to have the best player$........that Alcoa doesn't get.
  11. TeeterTot

    Mairvul goes two Okelund

    This post didnt age very well
  12. TeeterTot

    New club team

    To me, being in the gold medal brackets on Sundays and some top 5, maybe top 10 finishes in National tournaments is the "National" goal. TPV is still behind in every age group except for the 16's. The influx of new players at that age group has elevated that team beyond anything TPV had last year. This years TPV 16 is the first TPV team that could beat their counterparts at Alliance.
  13. TeeterTot

    New club team

    Interesting to keep an eye on. New clubs popping up everywhere. Atlanta has enough talent to allow two big times clubs compete at the national level. I'm not sure Nashville does.
  14. TeeterTot

    New club team

    Time for big girl volleyball