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  1. TeeterTot

    New club team

    Glad you can judge whats indefensible from your high horse. Has Rick Butler ever been down to train the TPV girls in Franklin? Has he had any interaction with the existing girls? I have always been with Alliance but Alliance is loosing a lot of traction with players and this argument is THE BEST TACTIC they have to try and stop the migration. Sad you base your opinion on a local club when you admit to not even knowing who the directors are. That's either your bias or your ignorance blinding you.
  2. TeeterTot

    AAA tournament/results

    This year is probably not the year for a different team. Brentwood looses a 4 year setter and 4 year bro this year and no seniors next year so you could get your wish a year from now.
  3. TeeterTot

    AAA tournament/results

    Siegel rode the wave of emotion in the first set to a victory. Brentwoods composure was on full display, not a bit in panic in the girls. They rolled up their sleeves and went to work after the first set. Siegel might steal the first set again today but in the end I feel like the 6peat will happen. Go Bruins.
  4. TeeterTot

    AAA tournament/results

    Go Bruins!
  5. TeeterTot

    New club team

    Free/reduced fees are offered by most clubs. That is not exclusive to TPV
  6. TeeterTot

    2018 Season

    100% agree. Trust me when I say this, Tori Carpenter is THE BEST SETTER IN THE STATE and nobody from Brentwood takes that for granted. She runs that offence.
  7. TeeterTot

    2018 Season

    Agreed, but Coach Campbell made an adjustment after they lost the first set. She started her left handed freshman the next three sets and that opened up the game for Brentwood. Ravenwoods's blocks where amazing in the first set but never seemed to replicate that the next three sets. That was the biggest difference between the first set the next three.
  8. TeeterTot

    2018 Season

    Dickson rolls into the bears den today for a very stiff test. Brentwood v. Hillsboro and Ravenwood v. Dickson County with the championship game to follow at Brentwood High School. I expect Brentwood to beat Hillsboro but I have no idea how the second game will go but I'm looking forward to it. Personally, I want to see Brentwood v Dickson in the championship. Good luck to all the ladies.
  9. TeeterTot

    Dickson County

    Dickson County rolls into Brentwood tomorrow for Regions. I'm hoping to see a Dickson County/Brentwood finals but worried they wont get past Ravenwood. Any thoughts on this match up?
  10. TeeterTot

    Prayers to Brentwood HS

    very sad
  11. TeeterTot

    2018 Season

    Indy won. Brentwood v Indy and Ravenwood v Summit tonight. Winners play at 7:30ish.
  12. TeeterTot

    2018 Season

    Wow. Summit eliminated Page last night in a 5 set slug match. Summit is playing their best ball of the year at the most important time of the year.
  13. TeeterTot

    2018 Season

    Brentwood lost to Briarcrest in the championship game in three sets over the weekend at the Southern Invitational in Atlanta this weekend. If these two teams played 10 times, they could easily play 30 sets of volleyball and split the wins. So evenly matched but Briarcrest was better Saturday, kudos to them. Strong field from 4 states, a couple undefeated teams (have not even lost a set) received their first "L" of the season. Good luck to all the teams and girls on their state run.
  14. TeeterTot

    2018 Season

    I could be wrong but I believe Siegel has played in just as many out of town tournys this year as any other school in the state. It all goes back to how your team is built