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  1. Summitt gave Brentwood everything they could handle last night in a 3-1 win for the Bruins, Well played game
  2. The Brentwood game was not a pretty one for them. The youth factor was there because half the girls looked beat before the first point.
  3. Brentwood beat Houston 25-16, 25-18 in the finals. Jasper, AL had Brentwood down 6-0 in the first set before they turned it around. Houston has the size, just inconsistent. Nolensville looked as bad Saturday as they looked good on Friday. Ravenwood is a roller coaster ride in your a player/parent/coach.....just no telling what team will show up. Siegel is the best team in Rutherford county with Blackman is one head to head win away of dethroning them.
  4. https://results.advancedeventsystems.com/event/QmFja190b190aGVfQm9yb18yMDE50/home?_ga=2.57597091.841427864.1568403069-1508346004.1566573919
  5. The way Siegel has played, nothing is a cakewalk.
  6. It's a very valid point. The main cogs of that team have known to no show up in big travel games so will be worth watching as the season goes on
  7. Brentwood is healthy. Pool C is very competitive and the pool Siegel is in is the weakest. I assume Siegel "balanced" these pools to assure they come out of pool play. Since I've said Brentwood and Houston will play in the state championship game, I have to stick with the same prediction for this tournament,
  8. Unfortunately for Page, they have a lot of those in their future. They are just not good this year. The tournament in the Boro this weekend should be a competitive one.
  9. I called Nolensville in the preseason. They play in the siegel tournament this weekend with some good teams so will be interesting to see those scores. Brentwood and Houston are my two picks for the AAA state championship will be there along with Ravenwood, Farragut, Cookevile, and a couple of other decent teams.
  10. Keep an eye on Loudon from the east. All I know is I read an article a All State player from Michigan and according to Coach T, they are undefeated. Could be a team to watch.
  11. Big girl battle happened tonight between Brentwood and Ravenwood. The Bruins were gracious hostesses by giving the lady Raptors the first two sets before deciding this was their house and taking the last 3 sets for a hard fought victory. All seriousness, Brentwood did not give Ravenwood a thing in the first two sets, Ravenwood was the better team by a lot to win those.
  12. That's 5 losses in the less then a week.
  13. Shaye Eggelston of Brentwood made it official this week and committed to Alabama. Congrats to her
  14. I have not seen Hune-Fogg play but I am familiar with a couple of their key players. They definitely look the part, I hope they can play the part. The size or Hune-Fogg will be tough for Nolensville but I think they have enough all around defense to get by. It'll be fun you watch those two teams play
  15. Tough weekend for the Bruins. Congrats to Sacred Heart, a very good team loaded with top KiVA players. We had our first injury bug bite us as our 1 Middle is in a boot for another week, but will she will be back. 3rd place will be motivation for these girls. Ravenwood look pretty good (heavy doses of Camille) when I saw them. Although, based on the championship game, it looks like they ran out of steam in the championship game against SH.
  16. 3-0. Solid win. Lots of good teams this weekend. Link to the teams here: https://results.advancedeventsystems.com/event/SzJfU2hvd2Rvd25fYXRfdGhlX1N1bnNwaGVyZV9fXzIwMTk1/divisions/-50007/overview
  17. Cant remember the 1st set score but would 25-19 then 25-20, 25-17. Typing those scores made it sound a a lot closer then it actually was. Brentwood's front row was hitting bombs all night. Two in boots that I saw.
  18. They were not healthy Saturday when we played them. I can't imagine those girls are out of boots and playing at a top level 4 days later. This has the makings of a blow out. With Siegel's injuries and a little extra motivation for Brentwood from some "friendly banter" during the off season,
  19. Brentwood and Father Ryan opened the season last night with a very good match up. Brentwood won 3-0 but all three sets were close. Only three returning players from last years team and they lead the Bruins to a scrappy win. Juniors Eggelston (19 kills) and Oldham (6 kills) along with Sophomore Tate (10 kills) looked good. Still have a little work on the back end but I assume that will be cleaned up by the end of the weekend. 52 teams will be in Knoxville for the Showdown at the Sphere tournament. AAA State Championship rematch game tonight at Siegel.
  20. Butt hurt much? First of all, I love my Vols but they'll take warm bodies on the d-line right now. Secondly, I would bet that this "first year player" benefited from the steady diet of double and triple teams Grimes was getting last year. But hey, MJGOLDENBEARS (why all caps?) must be a football savant to know more than Saban and the rest of the D1 coaches.
  21. Glad someone started this thread. Wish I could add to it but I haven't seen many A schools play. Please keep us updated.
  22. A lot of really good freshman and sophomore volleyball players around here start to realize there is an abundance of talented players in the system and few spots to fill so they quit.
  23. I am not familiar with the first part of your statement but I can vouch that TPV is not endorsing this move. TPV wont turn girls away who ask for more training plus they are a firm believer in high school volleyball in the area.
  24. Calling it now, Nolensville will win state in AA. They drilled Camden (who eliminated them last year) and were competitive with strong AAA teams. Skipping competitive high school volleyball is a stupid move. Can't think of another word to describe it. Brentwood also had a freshman libero who quit to train. I can only speak about her situation.....evidently, parents felt she should have been varsity but was placed on jv. Very few elite players get named varsity their freshman year at elite programs. It was/is the worse decision this family could have made IMO because she will not get a second chance after quitting, the pipe is currently full at that position with a couple of studs moving up from middle school next year. Just the practices alone would be tougher then the training she'll receive this time of year. Safe to say that TPV is not endorsing this. Did not see Stewarts Creek. Brentwood played Blackman and Siegel at the end of the day and handled both with ease. Blackman has one hitter but they can't get her the ball. Siegel looked nothing like themselves (hoping its due to injury and they get girls back). Predicting Houston vs. Brentwood in the AAA state championship game.
  25. Yep, this week everything gets started. Good luck and hoping for a healthy season for all.
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