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  1. Regular season and postseason have nothing to do with each other in this context as the volleyball tournament are billed as "double elimination." If this is the format, it should be renamed to "double elimination (unless your first loss is at the end, then for you and only you, the format is single elimination)" At least 2 of the 5 championships were decided in this manner which is poor. Parking sounds like it was bad, hearing that from multiple sources.
  2. Again this year - and the same with all years past - the volleyball brackets are "sort of double elimination" rather than actual double elimination. This is bracketing 101 stuff, but when the losers bracket team beats the winners bracket team at the end, both teams have one loss and an additional game is necessary. Baseball and softball both do its but in volleyball when you beat me in the earlier state round and then I beat you the second time we play, I am declared the champion. There is no scenario where this makes sense, yet it continues year after year. Can anyone offer insight as to (1) why this exists, and (2) why seemingly nobody has proposed it be changed to the correct way with the "if necessary game" at the in in the event that two teams have a loss.
  3. DIIA

    CPA vs Lipscomb

    Just like districts in 1A-6A in DI, only region games go toward the standings and thus, the seedings for postseason. DII-A and DII-AA brackets: http://www.tndiiathletics.com/football-dii-aa.html
  4. Couldn't find anything either. Middle Region bracket is posted here and will be updated daily: www.TnDIIAthletics.com
  5. You made the blanket statement about five specific schools with coaching staff members going out to middle school football games for the purposes of illegally recruiting players. I simply asked for specifics of which you provided none. As I said in the original post, I am not implying you are not telling the truth, but making broad accusations about multiple programs blatantly violating association bylaws but then providing nothing to substantiate your claim is not appropriate and in any venue would be characterized as hearsay. To echo the comment from 4thq, yes we are all the police in this regard.
  6. You still have to get to halftime, so the results you saw were probably correct. The last year before it was instituted, there was a 24-0 score which is inexcusable.
  7. The losing team in this match also scored ten goals and won a game... it just took them four seasons to do it.
  8. It sounds as though you've seen this first hand. If so, please name names... specific names with dates. You could even post some images. And please don't mistake this post as sarcasm, hyperbole, or implying you are not telling the truth.
  9. Yes. CPA MBB/WBB posted roughly 30 times and about 85-90% of those were re-Tweeted. DCA posted roughly 12 times and about 85-90& of those were re-Tweeted.
  10. I'm not really sure what to say, other than quantifiable statistics are what they are. The three sports you mentioned do not have Twitter accounts. In terms of boys and girls basketball, your main school account tweeted 12 times about B/G BB district games, 10 of which were re-Tweeted. I'll take the heat for missing the other two, but I can only re-Tweet what has been posted.
  11. As I initially stated, the integrity and objectivity of the TnDIIAthletics website and Twitter account is of the upmost importance and essential for it's ongoing success. I go out of my way to ensure neither is a PR platform for CPA athletics or is even perceived to be as such. Twitter will let me go back to the last week of November 2018 to see the posts and re-Tweets so I spent about an hour (or more) tonight counting from the beginning of basketball season on December 1st through the end of Spring Fling a few weeks ago. • From DEC 2018 to present, @TnDIIAthletics re-Tweeted or Tweeted 810 times. • 70 Tweets were original content from @TnDIIAthletics and consisted exclusively of schedules, brackets, and postseason parings • 50 re-Tweets were relaying information from the TSSAA, TIAAA, other media outlets, as well as a few postseason results from outside the Middle Region which either involved Middle Region schools or a result where a Middle Region team would face them next, and one re-Tweet was about a nice story on a special needs student-athlete-manager in Knoxville. • The other 690-ish re-Tweets were exclusively results from district games/matches and a few schedule changes. While CPA soccer is very active on social media, at no time has @TnDIIAthletics ever been used - nor will it ever be - to promote CPA soccer or anything related to CPA outside of results for games. CPA Soccer was re-Tweeted 11 times over 3 months, all of which were results of district or postseason games. • As a point of reference, DCA Softball was the most active DCA sport specific account on Twitter in the same time period. They posted 11 district or postseason results, of which 10 were re-Tweeted. I missed the 11th and that mistake is on me. • Here are the Twitter "standings" with the number of re-Tweets for the 6 months from December 2018 to present: Counting only the combined Tweets from the athletic department and the school main account 1. TnDII original content - brackets, schedules, etc (70) 2. BGA (64) 3. USN (62) 4. MJCA (50) 5. Clarksville (48) 6. MTCS (46) 7. FRA (45) 8. Goodpasture (40) 9. Friendship (36) 10. Ezell Harding (33) 11. Davidson (22) 12. CPA / DCA (19) 14. Providence (12) 15.Nashville Christian (10) 16. Webb (8) 17. Zion (8) Counting total Tweets from each school including team specific accounts: 1. MTCS (80) 2. TnDII original content - brackets, schedules, etc (70) 3. BGA (67) 4. Clarksville (65) 5. USN (62) 6. CPA (56) 7. MJCA (50) 8. Goodpasture (49) 9. FRA (48) 10. Ezell Harding (45) 11. Friendship (44) 12. Davidson (36) 13. DCA (33) 14. Webb (19) 15. Providence (13) 16. Nashville Christian (10) 17. Zion (8) By the total measurement, CPA didn't even make the top 5 and, by the other, it came in tied for #12 of 17 (tied with DCA). While I make it a policy of not having public arguments online, I felt the need to respond to your general statement of disproportionately promoting CPA, with quantifiable metrics clearly demonstrating no favoritism exists in promoting CPA - or any school - to the detriment of any other member school. All the best to you and to your daughter and the next step in her soccer career. She's a great player and should do well this fall at UTC. JFW
  12. I run the TnDIIAthletics.com website and Twitter accounts on behalf of the DII-A Middle Region schools. And while I am an assistant coach at CPA for boys and girls soccer, I go out of my way to make sure there is no appearance of favoritism or exclusion of any member school, particularly making sure not to favor CPA as I am on the coaching staff. This is the first time I've heard a complaint along these lines from anyone. I would be curious as to what specific examples of where the website or Twitter account "definitely favors CPA" or where other schools are "downright ignored." The purpose of these two is very simple, to get information out related to the schools and teams which are in the Middle Region of Division II-A. The website is updated daily with schedules, results, standings and postseason brackets for 10 sports. The only thing re-Tweeted during the regular season are scores from district games for these 10 sports. During the postseason, brackets are posted along with re-Tweeting results in the Middle Region and at the state final XII level. While some schools and programs are more active in posting their results than others are, if it's posted on any of the 199 accounts I follow, it gets re-Tweeted.
  13. DIIA


    No, recruiting is unacceptable as is lying about recruiting. If you know of recruiting violations CA or any school is doing, you should report that to your school administration or directly to the TSSAA. If you or anyone associated with any of these 10-A schools had evidence of recruiting, you should (have) report(ed) it. Had you done this, it would have been unnecessary to resort to your embarrassing cartel-style behavior of refusing to play an opponent, and then declaring those games as forfeits for the opponent you refused to play. Excusing poor behavior with other alleged poor behavior is an example of truly poor behavior. "CA recruits" is an absolute statement which should be backed up by evidence. You have presented none. The statement about how CA "claims to be a Christian School" is bush league and low class. Since providing facts is not your strong suit, here are some facts: • All private schools will play in Division II next year. • CA moving to Division II was not some special decision by the TSSAA to "arrange this move by CA to DII." • A small school beating a large school is not evidence of the small school doing something illegal. • CA girls basketball beat one AAA team this season. Team is singular, teams is plural. • Another 10-A team, Hampshire girls basketball (Class A, 114 enrollment) beat one AAA team this season, Spring Hill (Class AAA, 1164 enrollment). Using the same parameters which you have laid out, the Hampshire program also did something illegal when they beat a school with an enrollment 10x greater than theirs. This is absurd, and an embarrassing argument. • Rocket scientists were not utilized to present these facts, they are self-evident. In some form of irony, the CA girls team was not particularly strong this year so the cartel schools would have achieved the same result without having to cheat.
  14. DIIA


    So next year, do they go after Richland? All of the remaining teams next year could refuse to play them and decree forfeits for Richland. Absolutely disgusting this behavior is permitted by the state governing body under the guise of letting each district determine their own tournament format. This was never intended to allow what is taking place here, and this is not the first time as this happened last year in both boys and girls basketball. Permitting this behavior is an endorsement. Bylaws - Article I, Section 9 "All coaches must conduct themselves in a manner becoming of a coach and representative of the school."
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