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  1. The program is in strong hands - congratulations to Coach Cathy Cram and Brentwood HS and best wishes always to Coach Campbell for her contribution to many young ladies lives. It is a special program.
  2. Thank you for the detail. Among the private school divisions, one would have to say that Goodpasture, Knox Webb and Briarcrest have been elite programs for sure.
  3. Agree, the Siegel playing location on Championship day was a non-factor. Crowd size was managed appropriately and not many folks held over from previous matches to watch. Parking was actually better than at MTSU due to Rutherford Co schools partial distance learning. Another season wrapped up.
  4. Congratulations to Goodpasture HS - how many State Championships does their program have now?
  5. No need for Bratman’s comments to divide the team heading into tournament play. Last year, 2 underclassmen (OH Young and Libero Starcke) were named All-State so they were a talented group that helped Fulton win a State title. They should win again and hopefully she will contribute to this year’s tournament title. Bratman must not attend many of their matches having misspelled the school and town’s name 5 times in his last 2 posts.
  6. For sure, two quality wins on the road = solid play-in to the State Tournament. My limited Schedule comment was a result of the school website which was not kept up to date during the year reflecting that they were 1-0 on the season and the go-to website for high school sports reflected the team as 12-1. One will note above that even the TSSAA website bracket which I copied into this thread did not have records included and that information was bot posted until THUR I think. Their first match will be a competitive one for sure but this could be the Cougars’ year to win it all. Good luck!
  7. Both Camden and Portland have their seasons end abruptly tonight
  8. Goodpasture has had a good year but with a limited schedule. Tough 1st round match on the road tonight vs a capable Concord Christian in Knoxville.
  9. As District 12AA noted, Nolensville should have moved to 12AAA last reclassification. They made the case to stay AA to win as Nolensville opened in 2016 drawing from previous powers Ravenwood and Page and became immediately competitive in many sports. Nolensville’s Vball success has grown at the expense of Page who dropped to last and Ravenwood who dropped to 3rd in the seven team 12AAA district this season. Brentwood, Summit and Nolensville graduate strong senior classes but should be the future strength in what is arguably the strongest AAA district in the State having won the last 10 straight AAA State championships (Brentwood 2013-2019 and Ravenwood 2010-2012). I live out that way and Nolensville’s growth began when Nashville extended sewer service into the town 10+ years ago. It took a few years but growth has accelerated on the north end of town and with the mess Nashville has become and young families exiting the liberal politics, declining schools, increasing taxes and rising crime. Crossing into WILLCO is an immediate quality of life increase and family atmosphere upgrade.
  10. Congratulations to Coach Vick and his players for their season thus far!
  11. Teeter - the rise/fall of TPV and fall/rise of Alliance over the past 3-4 years are intertwined. With all the COVID-19 considerations, I expect folks really want to have some normalcy and see their kids play a little middle school and high school ball and will approach Club ball in due time. Both Clubs received Federal Govt PPP money due to a shortened season and inability to host fundraising tournaments. While the issues clearly run deeper than just the virus, the two Clubs have distinct differences and loyal followings. The "back and forth" volleying of the hard-court lease at the best facility in middle TN comes with challenges but Alliance has a solid and strong financial partner with the f/k/a Upward Stars basketball program to rely on if further trouble having a Club season and tournaments presents itself. 2020 has been a mess thus far - let's hope the last part of the year is better than the first 8 months have been.
  12. Rockstar - would you start a thread for the private schools? Perhaps a few folks who follow those schools could offer some input as their seasons progress. I understand Briarcrest and Knox Catholic (and locally, Father Ryan) all should be real good this year in the large school division and expect Concord Christian and Goodpasture to return to the State Tournament as well in the small school division. Thanks.
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