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  1. It looks like the only possibility of a meeting between clubs will be on Sunday between TPV 16 Alpha & Alliance 15 Ren if both finish 1st & 2nd in their respective Pools. In Indy, the 17/18's won't meet up either. https://results.advancedeventsystems.com/event/PTAwMDAwMTU5Mjk90/divisions/68577/overview
  2. I believe 6 are from Alliance, here is what I have heard for the 16-1. OH, MB, RS, Setter, Libero, DS - Alliance (6) OH - Mid TN (1) OH/DS - K2 (1) MB - Not sure what club last year, Siegel (1) Havent heard about a possible 10th player.
  3. SJ & Clifford, don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the competition side of it. I would love to see the day that our area can support 8-10 clubs similar to Indianapolis. The more kids playing volleyball in our area is better for the overall product. I am not on any board or a coach, I am just an old guy who has been around the club scene for the last 9-10 years. I have friends who are coaches and parents at all the clubs dating back to the Nashville One days, Ethos, Club West, C2, Mid TN, and yes, TPV & Alliance. The previous comment was not an indictment that volleyball in Middle TN is like AAU Basketball, just a simple nod to what happens when things get out of control & go to the extreme. I am simply putting out there information for comment what has been talked in the stands leading up to this week's State Championships. I hope every kid & family that wants to participate in club volleyball in our area finds a club that fits them. I have never strayed from saying "make the decision that's best for your family." Whether that is playing time, strength of team, tournament schedule, location, cost, coach, whatever, make the choice that works for you. In the end, if your player improves her skill and has fun while doing it then you made the right choice. The more kids playing, especially at a younger age, will do nothing but improve the game in our area. Clubs come and go, kids switch clubs and coaches change, this will always be the case. The one constant in club sports is that everything changes. The hope is more playing opportunites with more clubs will improve the overall product on the court. The reality is unless the number of kids playing volleyball in our area grows to the number that a similar population of Indianapolis has, the product might get spread thin and watered down. We are in an area where girls' basketball is strong and kids choose basketball over volleyball. Volleyball numbers are growing but nowhere near the level of a Louisville or Indy, one day maybe. I agree, continue to strengthen the product and everyone wins, kids, clubs, families, coaches, and fans. Congratulations to our (5) new State Champs, Loretto, Portland, Brentwood, Knox Webb, Briarcrest! See you on the courts!
  4. Clifford20 I sure hope the club volleyball scene doesn't turn into AAU Basketball and the sense of entitlement that it created. The shoe companies and big business has caused a mess of things in basketball right now. https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/2018/02/25/college-basketball-recruiting-scandal-system-traps-players/370215002/ https://www.theshadowleague.com/story/is-aau-hoops-really-killing-the-sport-of-basketball https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/dan-wetzel/sole-influence/ Plenty more links out there like these. Volleyball isn't there yet, but the basketball corruption had to start somewhere. Sadly, give it time and a few more recruitments like the recent events discussed on this thread and volleyball in our area may get there sooner than later.
  5. With State Finals winding down a few of the high school players switching clubs have started texting old teammates that they are going to TPV because it's free. In my opinion, that's probably not the smartest thing to do, telling people that it's free. How would you like to be one of their new teammates who paid the full amount and are sitting on the bench now? I am also curious if the "free play" concept affects any amateurism status. They are accepting preferential treatment (a benefit of paid dues by others or no dues) for playing a sport. I don't know the answer but it's definitely something to consider. Anyone have thoughts on this?
  6. Congrats Mama2two on your decision! No doubt youth sports has exploded and is big business. It's easy to lose focus that the main reason we sign up is to see our kids compete and be part of a team. See you on the courts!
  7. That's great! I know Cullum & Coach McD. That's all that matters to me, kids have fun while working hard to improve. Can't ask for anything more as a parent. Good luck this season!
  8. I agree. I think Camden & Portland would be my favorites to win. I will go the other way and say this is Camden's year. Either way it should be fun tomorrow!
  9. Congrats Rockstar89 & Mama2Two on your girls' teams! Enjoy the ride! Out of curiosity, which club did you choose?
  10. Osage, I agree totally with you about it being good business sense and they have nowhere but up to improve. I also agreed that most clubs do offer financial assistance through various different programs. It is usually a private matter between club and families. This has been out there and known by all which makes it hard for families who aren’t getting the “free ride” to accept, especially if these kids are taking their spot on a team. Make no mistake, they are going after a few top kids with offers of a “free ride” which the costs will be absorbed by the other families. There are kids who don’t want to jump clubs but are stuck in the middle of a parents choice for free club dues. The tactic will work for some families to make the move and hope it works out. If it does not turn out like the propaganda sold to the families it will leave those kids stuck in the middle. Welcome to club volleyball.
  11. I have heard that also about the free dues. The pressure on some families to jump clubs is very real. I would be concerned with a business that can’t pay their bills. How are they going to pay coaches, staff, tournament entry fees, and the day to day costs to operate and run a club? Is this the reason you only see a few coaches at High School Matches? I have not seen any coaching roster for age groups. Also, is this the reason they say they are playing less away tournaments? Are they hoping that teams will come to them so the can stay at home and not pay a tournament entry fee? Despite all the propaganda being sent out, there are plenty of uncertainties that I would seek answers on before making a financial and time commitment to any club. If true that they are still receiving financial help from there Parent Club, Sports Performance, that revenue stream might get cut off also. According to the VolleyTalk Message Board the Great Lakes Power League is losing a large number of teams to the revamped Windy City Power League due to the Rick Connection. According to AES, 5 teams for GLPL, 300+ for the WCPL. Losing that many teams will be a massive financial hit for the “mothership.” http://volleytalk.proboards.com/thread/73774/rick-butler-article-york-times?page=64 Cant stress it enough, do the homework, talk to the coaches, other parents, not just the marketing propaganda and make the best decision for your family. Good luck!
  12. Here’s another tidbit to add to your decision making for clubs. Rumor on the street is that TPV owes Nashville Sporting Goods, now BSN Sports, approximately $170,000 for player and coaches apparel, lawsuit is forthcoming. From my understanding, somebody in Chicago (I can only guess who it is) has taken care of this year’s apparel. Once again, ask questions and make the decision best for your family. Where’s the smoke there is usually fire, and with this Cat it is typically a massive blaze! Good luck!
  13. VBDad615

    2018 Season

    Brentwood beats Lebanon 3-1: 25-22, 25-18, 23-25, 25-15 Station Camp beats Ravenwood 3-2: 23-25, 22-25, 25-20, 25-22, 17-15 Class AAA Final 8 Dobyns Bennet Heritage Cookeville Siegel Station Camp Brentwood Collierville Houston
  14. It looks like the meeting will have to wait until next year. Portland beats Hume Fogg. Camden beats Nolensville 3-0.
  15. Alliance will follow they SRVA rules just like they have in year’s past. The dates of TPV’s tryouts clearly shows they are jumping out in front of clubs following the SRVA Region rules. This is nothing but a play on the fears of those families not in the know of the rules. Just like last year families will unknowingly commit too soon and make calls to other clubs to see if it can change. Be careful jumping too soon! Once again, do what’s best for your family but do your homework before committing. Who will actually be your coach? How many tournaments will we play? Which team is my kid actually on? Good luck!
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