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  1. VBDad615

    2018 Season

    This weekend is the Father Ryan Play Day at A Game. It should be a good opportnity to get a look at some area teams. Father Ryan, Brentwood, Ravenwood, Page, Baylor, Lipscomb, Houston, Hillsboro, Lebanon, Summit, Independence, Blackman, Brentwood Academy, BGA, FCA, Franklin, FRA, PCA
  2. VBDad615

    2017 Season underway

    The Mid Tenn Classic will be played this weekend at A Game. I believe it is hosted by Blackman H.S. and has been held for several years now. This year's schedule isnt posted yet.
  3. VBDad615

    Who has the best chance to unseat Brentwood

    Knoxville Convention Center 701 Henley St, Knoxville, TN 37902
  4. VBDad615

    Who has the best chance to unseat Brentwood

    FR is scrappy and that helps keep them in games. The lack of a true finisher (IMO) at OH hurts when a point is needed. They have some freshmen and sophomores mixed in that are still finding their roles and will continue to improve as the season progresses. A few of them got an opportunity half way through the first set when it was getting out of hand and continued playing in sets 2 & 3, good experience gained with the chance. In our district it looks like BA is stepping up their game this year. I havent seen Baylor this year but expect them to be one of the favorites again. We head off to Knoxville tomorrow and open up with Webb & Siegel, two tough ones to start the weekend.
  5. VBDad615

    Who has the best chance to unseat Brentwood

    Teetertot, I was also at the Brentwood/Father Ryan game last night (Father Ryan DD). I agree with you about Mo & Andrea, a great combo, very few mistakes. Brentwood's young group will keep them rolling until Logan returns.
  6. VBDad615

    2017 Season underway

    FYI - Brentwood's Garrett is out for the year, knee surgery after an injury at AAU's.
  7. VBDad615

    State Championships

    Playing at Siegel Middle today was ridiculous. Backboards in the way and the low ceiling affected at least 5-6 points per match. It's a shame that Div. II got thrown in that gym. TSSAA is supposed to treat Div. I & II equally. These girls have worked their guts out to get to this point of the season and they are rewarded by playing in a middle school gym. $5.00 to park and $8.00 admission, just doesn't have the same feel for these girls. Despite the failings of the TSSAA, there is some great volleyball being played there.
  8. VBDad615

    What players emerged this season?

    Baylor & Father Ryan have split this year. Baylor won the 1st match (3-1): 25-20, 15-25, 25-23, 25-21 Father Ryan won the 2nd match (3-1): 22-25, 26-24, 26-24, 25-23