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  1. mama2two

    New club team

    A quick check of Alliance's facebook page seems to confirm that she's coaching the 17-1's team at Alliance this year. So far no updates on Club West's website or socials about it. We'll see I guess.
  2. mama2two

    New club team

    So the headlines read that the building sold...TPV is telling their members that they'll be moving over to A-Game soon and Alliance is telling their members that decisions haven't been made. I guess it's time to worry about school ball again and wait to see what happens over on the club side when decisions are made. I wonder how many will stay where they are, how many will move around, what it will look like next year. I hear that this happens time to time with clubs - I'm just too new to have personal experience. It's enough to give me a panic attack.
  3. mama2two

    New club team

    I saw the Tennessean posted an article nothing the facility is still not closed yet. I thought the deadline was yesterday, but it seems there's been an extension granted. I do wonder what the future holds for the mid-state clubs. Oh if I had a crystal ball.
  4. mama2two

    New club team

    Hello I'm new to the forums. I was reading this thread and it just kind of died. Any updates on thoughts as the season draws to a close? I have a kid who plays club / middle school and there's so many unknowns right now. Anyway, anyone want to express their thoughts on the mid-state clubs near the end now?