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  1. Bad jumping and landing will weaken the ligaments in the knee and can lead to an ACL tear. Girls hip to knee ratio can naturally leads to valgus collapse (knees pointed in toward each other). Thank God my daughter worked with a PT who used technology to give her exercises to correct the valgus collapse. She had to relearn how to jump and land properly. It was hard at the age of 16 for my daughter to relearn this. If girls were taught at the age of 10 or so how to jump and land properly, then they would not create bad habits.
  2. http://www.knoxnews.com/sports/prepextra/volleyball-farragut-knocks-off-bearden-for-district-title_94259359
  3. 4:30 Centennial vs Brentwood 6:00 Ravenwood vs Franklin 7:30 Winner 4:30 vs Winner 6:00 (Championship)(These 2 teams advance to Region which should be on this district champion home court next week, which has historically been on Tuesday.)
  4. Siegel has 2 DI commits, Liz Bossong (L) and Asha Phillips 6 rotational (OH). Leah Poarch (OH) is also a Prepvolleyball player to watch. Katelyn Lester (MH) will be tough. Their setter is left-handed, Kristin Demonbreun (sp?). Franklin setter, Breanna Carlton, (not left-handed) is a very good setter and will make her hitters even better.
  5. vbdad

    Top AA teams

    Page could be in the mix, but injuries are not helping them.
  6. Silver Bracket http://earlybirdvolleyballtournament.yolasite.com/live-brackets.php
  7. Gold Bracket http://earlybirdvolleyballtournament.yolasite.com/live-brackets.php
  8. Centennial went 2-1 for the day. Beat Lenoir City and Anderson County. Lost to Hillcrest.
  9. Centennial beat Lenoir City in 2
  10. Nikki Armstrong was the Independence coach last year. I do not think she is coaching school ball. She is the assistant director at Club West Nashville.
  11. Brentwood and Siegel definitely look the best. Wasn't the Siegel coach an assistant at Brentwood several years ago? Both of these teams have great setters who do a great job of making great hitters look even better. If Ravenwood and Centennial can bring their young setters along throughout the season, then both teams should be more consistent, but it will still be tough to compete with Brentwood and Siegel. Blackman's setter is really good with a tall middle who can block, hit, and pass. This team did have another middle who was on crutches and did not play.
  12. I found this article about this topic a while back. http://www.collegevolleyballcoach.com/2010/09/to-play-or-not-to-play-high-school.html
  13. vbdad

    AA contenders

    Do not underestimate Hume Fogg. They have tall athletic hitters. Setter is very smart and athletic too.
  14. TSSAA website is a resource. http://www.tssaa.org/2013Champions/StateVolleyball/AARegion.htm
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