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  1. No, Williamson county schools and the Franklin school district are closed zones.
  2. And Maryville's little red headed half brother fans too. Imagine if Williamson county had an open zone policy. With all the talent in that county they would have 4-5 of the top teams in the state......oh wait, they all ready do.
  3. They would rather have Maryville's open zone policy...pay to play
  4. You are making a stupid assumption that private school students do not have "character and proper upbringing". How many hours of community service does your beloved little town school require their students to perform throughout the school year? Our school requires the students to complete 60 hours of community service a year while several students log over 200 hours. Go tell the local Children's home here that the 20 students who host a monthly party (kids idea, not the schools) for them do not have "character" due to their un-proper upbringing.
  5. Keep telling yourself that. Do 95+% of your small town school go to college after they graduate? Don't feel sorry for the private school students. They are not living for their glorious high school days, they are preparing themselves to be successful in the real world after college.
  6. BC - There you are trying to have me "come see you" again. I've told you dozens of times BC, quit sending me messages because I will not take you up on your invite....I'm straight and married.
  7. Just like 50% of Acloa's team. They couldn't make the big brother squad so they settled for Alcoa.
  8. Take the hockey way out.........they are day to day with upper body and lower body injuries.
  9. A school without borders or tuition is a great advantage to have.......Rankin has chased them all his career.
  10. Am I the only one who sees the irony in grown men/woman who have thousands of posts to a message board (that has to equal hundreds of combined hours on the computer) are complaining about "soft kids with there games and iPhones"?
  11. Agreed. I know 3 families who are looking to move into the Brentwood district because of the school and the volleyball program. All of the girls in those families are outstanding players for their respected clubs. They are current middle school players looking to get in the system.
  12. After last week there is no doubt that Brentwood is the best team in the state and the best program in the state. They reload every year and there's plenty of ammunition in reserve for several more years to come with the young talent in the system.
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