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  1. Thank you. Was hoping he might be back for this game. It's a shame to see a kid miss this much of the season after all the work put in.
  2. So what's the prognosis of Thomas getting back on the field on defense? I heard he was ahead of schedule, and we're at game 6.....
  3. The last time I spoke with APB in person, he had, "retired" from the T. He had a very logical reason for doing so due to changes I observed in his role as a fan. He certainly did nothing wrong, and I always enjoyed visiting with APB and a number of other Alcoa fans back in the day, even though sometimes we disagreed. Good guy(s).
  4. Well, since you asked, first I've been an OR fan since the late 70's when I moved there from out of state. I'm an alum who moved to Knoxville. My kids starting attending CAK in Knoxville and at that point, I started supporting that program as well and still do. My kids are out of school now and as always, I support both programs. I was responding to an earlier Farragut fan's post that OR would be the toughest competition they've played this year. I agree. I also believe Farragut was OR's toughest competition so far. I prefaced my comments about the penalties with, "Not that it effected the overall game..." Those were two blatant bad HS ref moments. My commentary was more about the refs, not their effect on that game. While I'm sure there were bad calls favoring OR (thus the two I mentioned didn't change the overall game) the two you cited, I believe, were correctly called. I was close enough to the personal foul to see it first hand. Anyway, good folks can disagree. That's the way I saw the game when I made the post and I stand by it. Good luck to your team, whomever that may be.
  5. Congrats to USJ. Having 3 different coaches in 3 years isn't easy for any program to overcome without some scars. Quality win.
  6. A case could be made for both, but OR PAT percentage went way up when they switched kickers for extra points and kept the bigger leg kicker for kick offs. Both are doing what they are best at and the overall kicking has improved. Fact.
  7. I guess I'm missing something. What team from Kingsport would stand a chance against Alcoa or Maryville for that matter? I sure can't think of one.
  8. Really exciting game right till the end, but OR just left too many points on the field. I felt really bad for #9 with 2 dropped TD's. Farragut has a really good team, but they at least finally played some quality competition and honestly were fortunate (along with good play) to get out of there with the win. My view was OR lost this game more than Farragut won it. Just too many mistakes and missed opportunities. Not that it affected the outcome of the overall game, but did anyone notice that offensive holding was a spot foul every single time it was called except the first one on Farragut? Also couldn't help but notice on the long run around left end, OR's #1 getting literally pulled down by the arm right in front of the ref. The only explanation I could come up with on why he didn't call the hold was that instead of watching his assignment he was watching the RB down field. It was a really nice run.
  9. Thanks to Bounder and WTW for the info. As an OR alum who lives in Ktown, It is harder for me to get info except from good folks like the ones on this board. I was able to catch game one on the tube, and was present for 2 and 3. I'll be at the Ship tonight as well. Really glad to hear #7 is ahead of schedule; I hope that maybe that means game 4 or 5. As a long time OR season ticket holder who later split time as my kids grew up at CAK, I've been fortunate to watch some great high school QB play over the years, and the DB game was some of the best QB ground and air combined execution I've seen, going back to Todd Helton for Central and several OR QBs over the years. It appears that if OR can get some of that combination going tonight, it is going to be a hard offense to stop. I believe the OL has to continue to come together for this offense to reach it's potential. I'm excited to see how we match up against a very good Farragut team. I'm concerned how the defense will match up against Farragut, but speed is something you can't teach and OR's defense has it.
  10. Willie, I hate to hear Thompson is out for 6 weeks. From what you heard, are you understanding that is 6 weeks from now, or how far are we into that 6 weeks. Really liked what I saw in the passing game in the 2nd game. It wasn't quite at that level against CC. Does OR have the ability to pass more consistently like they did in the 2nd game, or was this past week more typical of what we will see week in week out? I felt like having 13 be so good in the air and on the ground made a good offense great against DB.
  11. Great info, thank you for taking the time. I have always been able to make it in the past but with some work changes have not been able to do so the scrimmage season. Unfortunately I have a family obligation on Saturday and will most likely have to miss. I am hoping they broadcast The Internet as they did last year. If so at least I will catch it on that.
  12. Thanks so much for your thoughts. Any observations on the Mo West scrimmage?
  13. With this being moved to tonight I was not able to make it. I would be very interested in any candid assessments or observations!
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