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  1. Although no longer in 3A, many of your sons suited up against this fine young man from an excellent family that is in a significant battle right now. Please keep him and his family in your prayers and may God touch their family in a profound way.
  2. I would like for all to prey for a former Warrior stand out that is going through a very difficult battle right now. He is an outstanding young man as well as his family. May God touch their lives in a profound way.
  3. Very good players. Do any of these guys have a chance to play on Saturdays at some level? This team was grossly underestimated by casual observers. Quality players, quality coaching ( very few mistakes) and a quality representation of values. Honestly reminded me of CAK as far as the sportsmanship when they were clearly overmatching their opponent. My highest regards for these well raised and well coached young men.
  4. without having seen a roster, that is pretty much what I would have guessed. By-in-large, you can just tell a difference with a group of seniors vs. sophomores and jr's. I hope CCS can really make a game of it this year; this sounds like their year. I think CAK is a year away. Potentially 2 years away, but the Warriors have a very good QB that is a Junior. Otherwise I might give a toss up to next year or the year after. That size and strength was noticeable. Does CCS have a legitimate shot at giving CPA a run for their money? I think if they see Grace again I favor CCS (having watched both)even though Grace won the first meeting.
  5. I agree with your initial assessment that the CCS O line was the biggest difference. It is counter intuitive when you look at the stats in the two games, but CAK was actually able to move the ball somewhat. It didn't translate to points, and the CCS D line was superior, but the real difference (IMO) was that CCS was able to enforce their will on CAK's D line. CAK would make a play or two, and then it didn't matter as CCS would go for 20. Generally CAK was a very physical team this year, but CCS was substantially stronger on the lines. They were flat out the better team. Perhaps some of that may relate to the fact that CAK only had 5 seniors (one was a great kicker but not on the field on every play) and another missed the season except 2 plays that I counted. Not sure how many older kids were on the CCS team, but just giving the eye test, CCS was visibly bigger and stonger in the lines.
  6. 2 good teams but based on knowing the stats of Grace's receiving / QB corps, combined with knowing the coach's offensive strengths, if the talent is anywhere close to equal, I'll take Grace every time in a track meet. Your mileage may vary. I can't say whether GCA currently has the personnel to run it, but there is not a better pass oriented offensive HS coach in the state. If you care to take a look at some offensive stats from his history you'll see what I mean. (Per GCAPride) The rest are from various stats over past years under CRB system: Cooper Riggs QB GCA 196-336 2523yds 58.33% 25 TD’s 140.6 QBR https://www.unapproved website.com/athlete/charlie-high/clEpq_TwEeKZ5AAmVebBJg/football/stats.htm https://www.unapproved website.com/athlete/davis-howell/clEoI_TwEeKZ5AAmVebBJg/default.htm https://www.unapproved website.com/athlete/quinn-epperly/clE5sPTwEeKZ5AAmVebBJg/football/stats.htm https://www.unapproved website.com/athlete/josh-smith/clEm6vTwEeKZ5AAmVebBJg/default.htm https://www.unapproved website.com/athlete/josh-smith/clEm6vTwEeKZ5AAmVebBJg/default.htm https://www.unapproved website.com/news/LneuEQaRk0OxTG1jAhgpMg/davis-howell-nears-national-high-school-receptions-record.htm USJ went 9-4 in 2016 under Bradley and went to the Division II-A semifinals
  7. This game will be a handful, but I think Grace has just enough to pull it off. They have to play better on defense than this past week, or for that matter, late in the season. I'd like to see Grace put some points up and make this more of a track meet. I like their chances better that way than a close defensive, low scoring game.
  8. While I am pulling for Grace, I too have observed that in D2 a lot of these privates get beat up on by larger programs. You have to dig deeper than the records to get any idea of the caliber of the team. I've observed that this, on average, is very different than the old model where many of the privates played with the public schools.
  9. LOL, ok my friend. Whatever you say. I would pick CPA in the bracket as well as the match up, agreed. However, CCS is a quality team. What they do, they do well. I'm pulling for Grace, but I actually would pick CPA or CCS over Grace in the third round. Not because that's what I want, but watching the teams play. I do think Grace matches up better with CCS than CAK did, just as I think CAK matched up better with Grace than CCS. Doesn't matter, just my opinion. Yes, I'd say 8-2, with one of those a giveaway (deserved by Boyd but still a collapse from 31-7 and going in for the winning touchdown having a fumble) is a pretty nice, "bounce back" season for CAK. I like it better than 0-10, and I think the prospects for next year look very very encouraging for the Warriors. What kind of bounce back do you see for the Irish next year?
  10. Congrats to Boyd on a very good season. Of all the, "away" venues I've been to, Boyd was probably my favorite atmosphere. The exact year escapes me but it was around 2010 CAK played there and what a great venue. It was almost carnival like in a good way. Reaction, do you guys have a lot coming back or was this, "the year?"
  11. I think you know that if CAK is out, I will pull for CRB and the Rams. I was at your game tonight (and watched the Warrior Network CAK game afterward) as I was not able to make the trip to Chattanooga. CRB's offense looks a LOT different than it used to be. Much more of a running attack and far less passing. 44 is the real deal and 12 complements him extremely well. The QB throws the ball well and the receivers run very good routes (no surprise with CRB). I have to say that while I'll be pulling for Grace all the way, they have their work cut out for them. They are going to have their hands full in round 3. Best wishes that the players and coaches perform their best and leave it all on the field. Hard to ask for any more than that.
  12. Congratulations to CCS. They were truly the better team. This was my least favorite match up for CAK in round 1. CCS is a very good team, and it will take a good team to knock them out. For CAK, congratulations on a fine season and especially to the 5 seniors on this year's team. You've made Friday nights a lot of fun for many of us! Best wishes with your future plans. Next year looks bright with CAK only losing 5 players, and a LOT of playmakers coming back. On paper at least, next year is more likely to make a run than this year. I'm very proud of what the Warriors achieved this year. Only one game did they lose that I believe they should have won. The other two losses were to a better team (both CCS). Just too strong on the O and D lines. Best of luck to CCS the rest of the way. They played with class and represented their school very well in their play and their sportsmanship.
  13. What a great and informative post. Hours of research. Thank you for that, sir.
  14. Wilson made good points and I frankly didn't do a good job of explaining myself. I believe this division is changing big time. The introduction of a number of quality programs into D2 will forever change the complexion of it. It takes time for new D2 schools to get scholarship kids in (usually as 9th graders) and build their programs to compete with traditional D2 schools. But I see that as already changing and going to keep that trend. In the publics, many of the now D2 new schools had quality programs. Those schools have now moved to D2. That is going to have an impact in time. Maybe this year, maybe in a couple more. I think you are going to see a stronger East, just like in the public division in the past, going forward in D2.
  15. Fair enough, but I'll believe it when I see it.
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