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  1. For all that this Oakland team is, the halftime adjustments by the coaching staff has been outstanding.
  2. Or maybe the other squad had something to do with it?
  3. I searched for Maryville after logging in. Happy Thanksgiving!
  4. I don't know that anybody from the previous thread was refuting there are bad referees and/or that there are bad and missed calls. IMO, the conversation went off rails at the insinuation that referees are decidedly trying to sway or influence games one way or another.
  5. It seems Summit has started slowly the past 2 games, not sure if that is typical or not. If yes, I hope H'ville can build enough of a lead, burn some clock by moving the chains and then hold on in the 4th.
  6. JRB

    D2 AAA

    If I remember correctly, MBA had McCallie beat and ended up losing by 3. That game dropped MBA to 1-3 for the season however the Big Red have won 8 straight since.
  7. I think 50% of the grumbling in the stands comes from fans not knowing the rules.
  8. ^^^^ Yup! Let's not pretend the best programs are not getting the best players whether it is through open zones, recruiting, etc. The best coaches, Saban, Dabo, Belichek, Coack K, etc attract the best talent and then do a better job of developing and "coaching 'em up". It all starts with giving the better talent a reason to want to be a part of the program.
  9. Take care of the ball, eliminate costly penalties and don't fall behind by 21 in the 1st quarter.
  10. JRB

    D2 AAA

    Just mind boggling. Pope had a little mo going into HT and received the kick to start the 2nd. If Pope had any hopes of getting back in the game they were quickly dashed on that play.
  11. JRB

    D2 AAA

    I think MBA-CBHS will be close with MBA winning. McCallie beats Pope however Pope makes it more respectable.
  12. LA over DA. I respect Jonathan Quinn as a coach and the adjustments he makes however he simply does not have enough to keep it close with LA. I have not seen Lausanne play this year so total guess in picking CPA in a close one.
  13. JRB

    D2 AAA

    I do not know if Pope’s D “stepped-up” or if BA’s O is that bad. First time Pope has advanced to the final four since joining DII-AAA. Good on ‘em.
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