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  1. JRB


    Word is Jason Maxwell will be new AD - he is currently head baseball coach. Also heard Roc might be headed to Pope as an assistant coach.
  2. JRB


    Heard Rick the Quick is stepping down as AD. I think he is staying on at Ensworth, not sure the role.
  3. Isn't (probably should use past tense) Hasselback's kid at MBA?
  4. Dealing with parents all those years is quite the feat. 5 of the 11 D2-AAA football programs will have new coaches next year.
  5. Recruiting trips to Quebec can be tiring.
  6. Complete list in the Tennessean https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/high-school/2023/12/05/tennessee-titans-mr-football-winners-announced-2023-tssaa-season/71795673007/
  7. And according to Kreager of the Tennessean, they will be deemed illegal by NFHS next year.
  8. West QB throws a nice long ball. However the short ball is a different story.
  9. That's awesome! One of my kids went last night and he said it was a very fun environment- and game.
  10. Very entertaining game. Congrats McCallie.
  11. Muschamp can really spit it. Athletes everywhere.
  12. Oldest rivalry in TSSAA...ranked #1 & 2 in state...first time playing each other in championship game....Mike Keith on the call...Let's gooooo!
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