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  1. Just wanted to clarify some stuff about Coach Garland and what happened at Catholic. He wasn't dismissed, he resigned with a few weeks left in the season. He left on his own will and yes, it was primarily due to a few parents and the culture at Catholic. He told me he doesn't regret his time there at all as he made some great friends. He's in South Carolina coaching now and won a private school league state title last year and was named SC private school league Coach of the Year.
  2. Catholic looking at losses to Fulton and Carter as well. Could be a 6-4 or 5-5 year.
  3. It mattered last night. Mistakes, turnovers and missed opportunities are part of the game. A 7 point loss is one thing, your loss last night is another. Good luck vs CAK.
  4. Q South. You were told wrong. Sorry.
  5. It's already been done by many others. Not sure Bernard is reap interested in doing anything. Oh well.
  6. Yeah and last year the focus was nothing but Fulton. All I heard on campus all year was "F Fulton." The Catholic defensive coordinator bragged about how they would beat their butts. I think Fulton just scored again. Catholic deserves the contempt they are receiving as they have been engaging in illegal activities and publicly denying it. And yes, I have names and dates, etc. This "everyone is just jealous" bravado is pure crap.
  7. They will have good backers and good corners but Catholic lost some good safeties and quite a few starting D lineman. Not sure how great they will be. We will see if Les Greer can really coach or not. Especially after they spent the whole year focusing on Fulton and got humiliated
  8. QSouth, I know who your daughter and son are and I know that you pay full tuition. However, you and I both know that Dickie has had quite a few players in several programs,primarily football though, who received a little help from the school. Or their parents performed some work for the school that allowed them to get tuition assistance. I can name names and dates etc but this is not the forum to do so. Some of the kids getting help have left. I know that one basketball player from.out of state who ended up going to another local school, and much better basketball program, was offered financial help. That's a fact. The kid and his parents confirmed it to me. Catholic not alone though. Some other public and privates hard at it too. One over in Karns comes to mind.
  9. Bishop Stika and Principal Dickie will make sure they get their boys. Although several kids who were getting assistance have left. The school "wrote" their dad's a check for doing "work" for the school. Like painting the gym green and taking weeks when it could've been done in 2 days. Or just ask any of the current football coaches. They will be happy to tell you about the kids they are recruiting. You often get what you deserve. Like falling enrollment.
  10. IrishCoffee. ..keep drinking the KCHS Kool aid. Your handle should be IrishKoolAid.
  11. Catholic experiencing lots of changes. Never seen rats flee to a sinking ship.
  12. I told you boys this weeks ago. Pharr turned it down and Sullivan was next in line. This was the job he's been coveting. Happy for him. Their program just got better.
  13. Catholic's enrollment, like some other privates, is dropping significantly. They started with 675 three years ago and are around 620 for this fall. The percentage of non-Catholics is steadily dropping as well and is under 20% now. They have "laid off" three teachers for next year along with all of the custodial staff except for one. One more teacher will be laid off as well. Of course, there is room for the new defensive backs coach from Nashville area to come in as a full-time teacher. The lay-offs made room for him. Better hope football continues to "encourage" players to Catholic to keep enrollment from dropping even more. Problem now is these football coaches are teaching academic classes and they have NO interest in doing so, and many should NEVER be in a classroom. Just telling you like it is.....
  14. K truth, more like no one wanted the job than parents have spoken. Literally, no one applied. Zac may end up being good and I hope he is for Bearden sake. But this has nothing to do with getting k2 coaches in high school positions. Sorry.
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