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  1. Some insider info right here! He’s right, it will as soon as all those 8th grade recruits get in there along with a few out of state recruits. But wait what am I saying? Josh Jones would never do any of that, right HTV?
  2. Woah woah, y’all are saying Bearden is hosting illegal recruiting events for 8th graders?! No way! The new HC would NEVER do such a thing, right HTV? Hmmmm what’s that guys name again…Josh?….oh wait
  3. You’ll all see soon enough, and btw only person living a fantasy world in which he is the only person of knowledge is HIV
  4. Lol y’all will see soon enough. If you think Simbeck is gonna run Power-I football you have NO CLUE ab him. I’m guessing Rankin is changing some of his ways by hiring him. All I’m saying is I know what’s in his playbook and it ain’t Power football. It’s new age crap, Just saying
  5. Lol, if you think Simbeck is gonna run anything other than “his system”, you’ve lost your mind. All he calls is RPOs because trust me that’s all he knows and believes in. I know every play in his playbook
  6. Great day for the Bobcats to get rid of a nuisance. Not sure how he weaseled his way on Rankins staff. I have a feeling who will call the plays, may be a HUGE surprise to everyone…..
  7. Interesting but with Nix taking over I don't see much drop off here.
  8. LOL, buddy I’m FAR from upset. Two Rings and a lot of hard work says I’m doing just fine. Let me turn it around on you then, show me where we illegally recruited a player. Give me specifics and if you can prove it I’ll say Uncle. But trust me son, I won’t be holding my breath. Since everyone on here likes to use the “Give me specifics” argument, I’ll join in as well. I’ll be waiting….
  9. You obviously know nothing, why don’t you go kiss JJ where the sun doesn’t shine. Since you’ve joined the board, that’s all you’ve done.
  10. Considering the person you quoted has no affiliation with Central and looking at your comment, all I can say is I thought I was “muted”. Lol, you just can’t resist can ya
  11. Oh things will get going soon, especially once all jobs are filled. Wonder how much rent is at Ceader Springs apartments per month? Bet a certain someone who just came next door knows!
  12. Just when I thought the Off season wouldn’t be lively on here... I’ve only read some of this, but sounds like ol boy was a little but hurt ab Cummings being hired lol. Someone fill me in, what was the beef?
  13. Tad I’m not gonna say Central has never got any transfers, that would be hypocritical and a lie. But Nobody can tell me Jones isn’t doing it illegally, I mean my god. Someone on here is ALREADY saying he’s getting a kid from Catholic and it’s NOT EVEN BEEN A WEEK! What kind of crooked crap is this? And I already know how he uses the Rocky Top stuff to his advantage. Everyone can hate me for speaking the truth, but it’s just that THE TRUTH. Just like YES, Central has gotten many transfers over the years, Josh Jones is recruiting players and his ethics in doing so are QUESTIONABLE. Not changing my opinion.
  14. “Conflicting info”, , say it ain’t so. The ALMIGHTY is wrong?
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