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  1. As I said, Powell’s a great team not gonna deny that, will be a good game if it happens. I’ve seen Powell play already I don’t need to watch, I think your blowing them up to Maryville and Catholics level tho and let me assure you they aren’t anywhere near that level, heck we aren’t near that level and we’re the defending State Champions.
  2. I have no clue. Look I’m not gonna diss Powell, they do have a great team no doubt. But for ANYONE to think we aren’t within 14 pts of ANYONE in 5a is foolish. I’m guessing he’s also a little salty about losing to us and being 0-6 in general. Fulton isn’t used to not being the Top dog.
  3. sure. Not a single team huh? Whatever you say bud.
  4. I’ll have to see the play to say wether or not it could possibly be overturned. If it was an honest bad call then it should be overturned. However if it was justified, they better not switch the rules around just because of an impending big game in a couple weeks. I honestly think that’s what this whole discussion is all about, it’s not about him playing vs Halls believe me.
  5. After watching Halls last night, SD SHOULD win this game. However if Young is out for the next two games as I’m hearing, that could make things interesting in this game. After seeing their score against Seymour last night, is obvious he’s most of the offense.
  6. My 6-0 Bobcats travel to face the 5-1 Halls Red Devils. Always a big rivalry game but I believe we’ll have the upper hand in this game. Thoughts anyone?
  7. I’m not whining, I’m calling it how I see it. Yes, we have had some transfers at Central, no secret. But NONE of them have been “recruited” to come, they came on their own during offseason because, as you pointed to about Powell’s coach, kids want to play for coach Rosser. You say he went through the hiring process of Knox County and obviously your correct. But things can be done under the table, happen every day in life. And ultimately I do think it’s a little awkward that they receive a transfer, Mid season from a State title contender when the kid was STARTING for said team. With all this said, I’m done with the discussion. HTV I enjoy your posts and insight.
  8. He’s got out of Zone kids to come to every school he’s been at, Fulton, CAK and now Powell. Now if they enrolled as freshman, Like they have at Powell, then I guess there’s nothing wrong with it. However, I’m guessing that has not always been the case, especially at Fulton. And still there has to be some sort of draw because I don’t see kids dying to come play at a school because a former Youth league coach is the OC there. Just calling it how I see it.
  9. That’s fair, I honestly didn’t know he was able to get players to come to Kings Academy. So what y’all are saying does prove kids game to play for him. But there are still questions about Jones that need to be answered IMO.
  10. I’ll second the notion on the first part HTV, Halls isn’t beating us. Look all I’m saying though is this. You say the kids wanna come play for Matt right? Well my question is why didn’t they migrate and go play for him when he was at Kings Academy if he’s this great coach that everyone wants to play for? To me the way it seems it isn’t the kids wanna play for Lowe, they wanna go wherever Jones goes. But then that begs the question...Why? What’s so dang special about a former youth league coach turned “OC”? To me that’s where the questions and Red flags come from. Just my opinion
  11. True, but as you said they usually call off the dogs. That’s why I made the prediction I made. No secret that Fulton ain’t Fulton anymore.
  12. Look HTV I know where your going. But answer me this. Why is his name always brought up? Same guy every time? If there’s nothing going on, why? You know me and know I’m a pretty level headed. But all this I’m seeing on here and hearing elsewhere and especially when the same name is brought up every time makes me question what’s going on.
  13. Also game prediction is Maryville-42 Fulton-7. Not enough in the tank for Fulton to hang with them for 4 quarters.
  14. Bingo, every time the word recruiting comes up the same name follows and it’s Josh Jones. I’m not saying the freshman they have are illegal, although a couple of them making public announcements via social media of school decisions is absurd, but I believe that another player who nobody is talking about was illegally recruited to come there....regardless of where he lives.
  15. Shouldn’t surprise you, nobody ever respects Central especially the media. And that’s EXACTLY how we like it!
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