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  1. One team I think could be a surprise that nobody will think of is Cocke County. They return some good players from last year. Big OL across the board, couple of good WRs and RBs. Did lose their QB who had a great arm. With Dykes and the new staff up there, CC should at very least be a playoff team, maybe win the first round.
  2. I agree with most of what you’ve put so far, but this I disagree. Crockett is going to have an outstanding offense this year, their QB is the real deal. Also many fast athletes at WR and RB, big OL. Now they lost some key players on their Defense including the MLB who was a stud. I do believe DC will be a force to be reckoned with if they stay healthy. Go Bobcats
  3. Yeah I had forgot to post, I talked to Coach. He said we only have Campbell County and Maryville Scheduled to scrimmage in pads. Put it to Clinton tho
  4. I’m not much on starting threads, but unless somebody beats me to it I’ll start one after Dead Period. I also was not aware we were scrimmaging Greenback. We have two scrimmages set up I know for sure but GBack wasn’t one of them. We have looked good in 7 v 7 but I don’t put much stock into that stuff cause of no Lineman. We’ll know better where we stand after the scrimmages in pads start, but like I said in Spring, Central will be fine this year.
  5. I know a certain Coach who’s DEFINITELY molding and developing his players into young men and is also DEFINITELY winning games
  6. I could easily see that, but if what I heard/read about him is true, it would be hard to keep him around if I was in charge of it. I mean, there’s a good reason he just lost a great talented QB and his dad who was a Asst coach...
  7. Lingo should have been let go a long time ago imo. Not sure what SC is doing/waiting on...
  8. A lot of turnover at HVA, Jones leaves and goes to SH. Dykes leaves and goes to Cocke Co and takes a great assistant with him(congrats Coach Howard ). Ultimately tho I called it and I believe they got it right by hiring Mike Potter. Great man and coach. If they can produce more this year on offense, Hardin Valley could surprise some people.
  9. Agreed, looking forward to it. I’ve been at Spring practice and now the first couple days of Summer workouts. It’s looking promising Forsure. Full confidence in this staff and group of players.
  10. Taking your advice and calling Dabo now . Still no stats?
  11. Still waiting on those stats from ya Bud. I’m sure you’ve rewatched the scrimmage what, 7-8 times by now on your HUDL. Surly by now you’ve figured them out right? Amateur
  12. I’m certain it was 188. It’s good the kid had some good schools there to watch him, I’m not taking anything away from him. Big tall QB with pretty decent mobility and a CANNON for an arm. Needs to improve his accuracy on the deep ball but if he does he will go D1.
  13. I know Hatter, it’s just the principle of it. I don’t like people telling a bunch of lies about something they clearly know nothing about. How you been Hatter? Haven’t heard from ya since the season ended and what a season it was
  14. If you call throwing for 188 yards and three TDs “having its way” then I guess they did. I’m not saying they didn’t throw well or a lot because they did. They ran for 24 total yards. And I’m not sure where everyone keeps getting we didn’t score until the JV came in, but that’s inaccurate. I’m about done with this crap, I know the stats I gave were 100% correct and nobody else has any numbers to back up their claims. Case closed
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