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  1. Tide by all they want. Dresden hung with Obion for three quarters and really could / should have won the game. They are a wanna-be UC with the Veer. Just don't have the play makers that UC typically (but not this year) have. I will say the deep fried oreo's are pretty dang good, though.
  2. I like this !!!! First time Dresden has been top 5 since the gold ball.
  3. LC by as much as they want. SF has a couple big RB's but should not be a problem for the Falcons. They have a couple tall receivers but QB accuracy isn't great. If it was, they would have beat Dresden by 50. We had 5'6" corner on 6'4" receiver with no over the top help.
  4. If turnovers are huge we are really screwed. lol
  5. McKenzie by as much as they want. I got to watch two of our games the last two Friday nights and we aren't very good. Both the team and the coaches need to learn how to win. The offensive play calling was absolutely terrible. Against SF we were running 4-8 yards per carry and we get cute and try a flea flicker. Needless to say SF was going the other way after that mess. Then we are in SF territory running down their throats and we throw back to back interceptions. Obion County wasn't much better. I understand the team along with the coaches need to get use to each other but we don't have college caliber players. We could have easily won the OB County game and just barely beat SF. Our kids are being taught to not hit, just hold the guy up until someone can strip the ball. I watched 5 different Lions stay away from a good tackle which resulted in big gains as the opposing teams just ran away. Maybe I'm just old school and not fond of the wussification that football is going through these days.
  6. I'll trade you the Pepsi / Dr Pepper for the Dresden rotary club any day. They have been milking the concessions from football games for almost 50 years now. All the field lights are about to fall and kill someone, weight room and locker room is a disgrace. Dang it you got me on my soapbox again. Glad I live in Florida and only get to see one or two Dresden games per year. Just ticks me off to walk into our stadium. Thank goodness for dead governor's money, that's the only way anything gets improved.
  7. Westview will put running clock on Falcons in the second quarter!!! Might score 80. lol Does that help? Since I've been on the T there have been few Westview fans posting. Back around 2014 there was one guy who blew up the boards for the Chargers. Chargerfanatic I believe. Real piece of work, liked calling kids out by name on here. Even got my kid a few times (but he deserved it, acts like him mother). This really sucks, flying up this afternoon and would love to see this game but need to support family by going to watch Dresden get beat down.
  8. After a conversation with my wife's nephew who plays on the line for Dresden and has faced both these teams (with similar results for the Lions). He says LC defensive line is stronger than Westviews. He thinks LC gets this game by 14. Not seeing either team play and just going off articles I've read I think this will be a good close game. Westview being embarrassed last weekend should have them playing with a chip, they also have a very good RB when needed. Either way LC will be better come playoff time for just plying this game. Win or lose.
  9. Not giving us much of a shot at this one. Had a decent shot with Greenfield until the last few minutes and the wheels fell off. Just not enough upper class men to be very competitive.
  10. Good luck to both teams. Whoever wins will earn it. I know our team has had a good week of practice and a pretty big chip on their shoulders after the WC game. Greenfield might be too much for us but it wont be the cakewalk some are expecting. I think the Lions take this game by 6.
  11. I think Wimpy's is open again. Or maybe they are in process of a remodel.
  12. Good deal. My nephew was in on the play, he actually recovered the fumble. He thought the kid broke his hand when it first happened. Thought his hand got caught in his face mask. Said he heard a pop when it happened.
  13. Thinking Greenfield wins but hoping Dresden makes them earn every score. If last Friday's game would have been in Dresden we would have won. Took the refs 15 min to signal the TD cause they had to discuss about which school they were at. lol Granted we shouldn't have played the 4th quarter to not lose the lead, we should have played to win. Dresden folks knew going into this season we were still down on talent. I am proud the kids are playing hard till the end. Any word of WC kid that got hurt? Cartman?
  14. Congrats WC on the win. We just couldn’t stop the run. Game was chippy all night it sounded like. Yes Dresden started the freshman QB against LC. That was his first start. Good game to listen to on radio.
  15. Freshman QB for Dresden is a baller. Look out in a couple years
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