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  1. You need to venture out a little more big guy.
  2. Looking for another undefeated regular season for the Vero Beach Fighting Indians. Then the playoffs start and they get spanked by a Miami or Orlando team in 3rd or 4th round. Sounds like that team south of McKenzie a little. BPM what area you visiting?
  3. Take your love affair to your own thread. Hosers!!!
  4. Controlled sense of rage. Very difficult for teenagers to do.
  5. I honestly don't care if he struggles with wins as long as his team doesn't look like a bunch of thugs on the field. Maybe semi-thugs but not full blown thugs. lol I wish him luck and hope he sticks around long enough to make this his team.
  6. I don't live too far from IMG and I know Simpson is a stud but he isn't an IMG stud caliber player.
  7. She is tough beast cause she is from Palmersville. We only build tough kids. lol
  8. I have no idea to be honest. I only went to one Dresden game last year and left at halftime when Greenfield smashed us. Planning on going to more games this year as my wife's nephew is a senior. I live in Florida now so I don't get back up that often anymore. I do enjoy watching Florida HS football, different animal for sure.
  9. Yes I believe that is him. All I hear is coach Snow so I assume that's him.
  10. She is like her older sister. Very tough, hard nosed, gritty player.
  11. Only name I'm hearing was last years offensive coordinator. Going to be a long year for the Lion's. Good news is the wife's nephew will be a senior, so he doesn't have much longer. Glad he got a ring early.....
  12. Why would any young lady want to leave a storied program with one of the greatest young coaching minds in the state??????????????????? Oh wait, that's where she's going not what she is leaving. lol Just had to stir the pot a little.
  13. Sounds like the four year stretch Dresden didn't win a game to me.
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