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  1. Unfortunately I can’t be in the “boro” tonight (the tarpon are biting in Sanibel) but wish both Chatt teams good luck! Riddle me this? Do you guys have 6 soccer coaches? Franklin Grace lists a head coach and 5 asst coaches....guess their tuition might be a little higher than yours? ....lol.
  2. Good early call reaction. Chattanooga with 2 teams from one district headed into tomorrow’s final 4. Both face stiff opposition tomorrow though. And btw, I’ll echo the CSAS post: take Franklin Grace over to play with you guys where they belong. While Signal has the luxury of being one of the largest school’s in division A, it has no input on that decision. There aren’t any easy games at this point.
  3. tarp

    "A" Regionals

    I've hated the slope of the fields at Siegel since forever. As a coach, Do you go up hill first half or 2nd half? How many shots would be on frame on a level field when you're going downhill?
  4. tarp

    "A" Regionals

    Merrol Hyde game was close too. Well and hard played. Congrats to Signal for being the first public school from Chattanooga to win a girl's state title. And with all home grown girls...we are not an open enrollment school.
  5. Was a good call. Signal tried to warm up before their game and it was a quagmire.
  6. tarp

    Showing Class

    I guess I should've thought about that last post before I hit "send". Probably 99% of Polk's parents are classy soccer parents. One bad apple will get your team a bad reputation though.
  7. tarp

    Showing Class

    As it should be. It is settled on the pitch by the players. Only support should be positive support to your team. Anything negative makes your fan base look like a Honey Boo-Boo fan! AKA the Polk County mom who flipped double birds at Signal Mountain fans after our regular season game, some SM mom's with much younger siblings in tow! Now stuff of bad sportsmanship legend up here!
  8. tarp

    "A" Regionals

    Thanks AC, was a good game. CCS just lost to CPA in 2nd round of PK's. Close finals across the board. GPS won a close game in D2-AA over Father Ryan. Games are closely contested in the semi's and moving forward. While this format allows some West TN schools to get beaten badly in the first round, they'll learn to build programs. If not, hopefully TSSAA will go to a more regional format. CSAS from our district would've killed Westview or McKensie.... I'm sure that's true of many regions and districts. (With cudo's to Booger......just sayin'')
  9. Totally agree with JFW, by the time your players are in HS they've played club with other players in and out of their areas. I'm a D1-A SIgnal Moutain fan but know families and players from many teams. I would definitely watch GPS, CCS and Signal games if they were all held on Sat (and Baylor and East Ham if they were still in it.). Heck, up the ticket for Sat to $15 or $20 and your concessions income would soar because you would have a captive audience. I think the Knox and Nash fans would feel the same way. Friday night games hurt your student attendance and cost you $. You might have to move some 11v11 rec games to Sunday and tell some select teams to play elsewhere, but it's really only 5 games!?!
  10. tarp

    "A" Regionals

    Don't bet the house catfish..... SM has a day to rest after tonight's rematch of last year's championship game.
  11. tarp

    "A" Regionals

    Sounds like Signal may need to bring Slap Shot's Hanson brothers out of retirement for tomorrow's game?!? j/k.....hopefully Signal can score early and often to take control.
  12. tarp

    "A" Regionals

    I like your prediction. Most of the teams involved have been here before. Nerves, injuries, preparedness and team cohesiveness really come into play now. Good luck to all and let's have an injury free/clean play tournament. See you in Murph.
  13. tarp

    "A" Regionals

    Signal Mountain 3 Cascade 0
  14. Signal Mountain falls into class A with the new division next year. Scheduling and gates will suffer but we'll continue to play AAA and DII powers as we always have. Anyone looking for a quality single A game next year?
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