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  1. AAA Predictions: Brentwood over Siegel Maryville over Science Hill Stewarts Creek over Ravenwood Houston over Clarksville I think all the games have potential to be competitive this year. The draw of teams in the bracket is good. Arguably the top 2 teams are on opposite sides of the bracket. Looks to be an exciting tournament in AAA.
  2. Blackman should be strong again. They return much of their team which went to the finals last year.
  3. Murfreesboro has entered into an agreement to lease Richard Siegel Soccer Park for 5 years. This plan will include the creation of 6-9 turf fields, renovation of the championship field, and an indoor facility to name a few. Here is the link: https://www.dnj.com/story/news/local/2018/12/04/murfreesboro-upgrading-siegel-soccer-park-tennessee-state-soccer-association/2190647002/
  4. The blowouts at the state tourney are not fun to watch as a fan of soccer, but I think it provides a unique experience for those teams and players that they will cherish all their lives, despite the outcome of the game. And perhaps, the blowout losses will be exactly the thing those kinds of teams need to experience to know what it takes as a program to move forward in their development in order to win at state.
  5. PJM

    Showing Class

    I would second this! Good luck to all the championship game qualifiers. I know how much labor and effort and time has been devoted to your teams to make it this far.
  6. PJM

    Showing Class

    I would agree with you about young children not serving in this capacity. I do not know who sets the rules. I know on the volunteer sign-up, it allows 6-8 year olds to serve if their parent is standing with them to help them. The situation I referenced was where a 13 year old did not get the ball in fast enough for the coach's liking, but there was another ball still in the field of play. I agree with the assessment that all games should have capable ball boys/girls, but until then, let's not call kids disgusting names and cuss at them.
  7. PJM

    Showing Class

    To any and all state championship qualifying teams...please show respect and class to volunteers, especially young ball girls who help facilitate this tournament. They do not deserve to be cussed at or called disgusting names.
  8. PJM

    Post Season

    From Region 3-4, I would look for Cookeville and Blackman as the favorites to reach state, with Cleveland right there in the mix. Blackman has stayed healthy for the most part this season, getting their keeper back recently. They went undefeated in D7AAA this year, but the district was the weakest its been in some years. Smyrna and Lavergne who were recently realigned had good seasons in their new district 9. From Region 5-6, I would bet on Station Camp emerging to state with any number of other teams possibly earning their ticket. This region is always tough...Franklin, Brentwood, Overton, Hendersonville, and perhaps Smyrna.
  9. Great win by Greeneville over Houston 3-1 on Thursday.
  10. From the Smokey Mtn Cup, Murfreesboro Central defeats Greeneville 3-2.
  11. PJM

    AA bracket out

    Quarterfinals East Hamilton over Lexington White House over Seymour Page over McMinn Central Greeneville over Covington Semis White House over East Hamilton Greeneville over Page Finals Greeneville over White House
  12. PJM

    AAA at state

    My best guess... Franklin over Science Hill Collierville over Oakland Houston over Siegel Brentwood over Bearden (I think this will be the best quarterfinal matchup) Semis Franklin over Collierville Houston over Brentwood Finals Houston over Franklin
  13. Greeneville will compete for a three-peat, but they did lose two of their best players. These two were key players in the offense. I think White House might be the favorite this year.
  14. PJM

    A/AA State Bracket

    Watched the Greeneville vs. Jackson Christian game. Jackson Christian was just overmatched in this game. Man for man, Greeneville had superior speed at every position. Jackson Christian conceded the ball almost to the center line most of the game and tried to counter, but had no success. JC's keeper was outstanding though, he made at least 5 outstanding saves on really good shots.
  15. PJM

    AAA State Bracket

    The Collierville vs. Station Camp was a pleasure to watch. Both teams played great soccer. Station Camp has a lot of talent on the offensive side. I caught most of the second half of Science Hill vs. Cleveland. Science Hill completely dominated. I did not see Cleveland even get a shot off.
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