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  1. Friday afternoon, sitting here watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Lil John. About to get this fireplace going and shut it down for the night! Thats my Boy, how could I say "NO"..... (besides I like it too)

  2. Hanging out after Jada's meet with Lil John Anisa Demery Hale Tyler Butler, and Jada Hale

  3. Oneida, hands down! Rockwood is NOT ready to be a playoff team yet; they are just lucky!
  4. Boyd Buchnan's Sophomore Hale, finished 36th; seems to be moving up the ranks too!
  5. Yes, Boyd never gets a break when it comes to officiating! History has proven that. Boyd will just have to make sure they don't make any mistakes to leave the game close in the future; because it does them NO good to have home field advantage! #stillshakingmyhead..
  6. Looks like Rockwood is starting to have flashbacks to their last Swamp visit!
  7. OK Orange slice, keep me posted until I get there..
  8. “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.â€

  9. **All Hands Down** SEC is by far the "Toughest" to play in! GREAT GAME ALABAMA; TOUGH LUCK LSU.

  10. Congrats to SF Giants World Series Champions! They came to play, and brought their brooms! 4-0! It's over

  11. About to have "Church" here in Sylacauga, Alabama! Let's do it!

  12. Downstairs on couch with Jada and the cat watching Scary Movies.... (not sure who is more scared Jada or Onyx) lol

  13. Voted today with Jada by my side!She wanted to know why the ballots listed the candidates in the order they were in. (hmm')

  14. Shout out to my (Frat) and Brother in Christ Scott B Lindsey watching the debate while hearing opinions of friends, families, and others on Facebook is awesome!!Thanks so much Bro!

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