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  1. This game being played week 3 takes away some of the excitement for the fans. The players will be fired up. Hope the atmosphere is like week 10 games. Probably won't because of weather and everything else going on. Praying for a safe and well played game. Pray for Texas. Amen.
  2. We will just have to wait and see who can beat the mighty 7aaa this year. Let's talk about Riverdale and their past success. How are all their great players doing at the college level? How is Insell doing at the college level? Middleton was the best player in HS I ever saw in my 9 year career coaching. How is she doing at UT? How is UT doing? UT has dropped so far they attend Elizabethton games recruiting their post player. That's what's wrong with their program they have to recruit from Elizabethton. How about Insell at MTSU? What have they won nationally? They had the Riverdale pipeline with Jones and Petty. Where is Jones playing? How come the great Insell couldn't keep her? Petty has more turnovers in 2 years than some guards have in a career. Riverdale will most likely win again this year but it doesn't mean a thing to anyone but to few people in our great country.
  3. In Kingsport Friday night at the DB vs. Science Hill the DB cheerleaders had a big sign on the fence that read " KILL the HILL" the Hilltoppers aren't expecting an apology. SH 27 DB 24.
  4. Coach Barnwell spotted at The Hill. Rumor has it he wants AD's job once the old man retires.
  5. The DC girls are tied with SH for first in the Big 7 at 3-0. A couple years ago SH beat DC by a bunch and people said running the score up would demoralize the Crockett girls. Well it didn't kill their program. They got a new coach in Marty Story and he has them right where they need to be. They play DB tonight at home and TN High Friday away. If DC wins both they will be 5-0 and atop the Big 7 all by themselves. Coach Story should be Coach of the Year if he keeps this Pioneer train on the tracks.
  6. I want to congratulate the Bears. Your team is nothing but class. The players removed their helmets for a moment of silence for a SH cheerleader. During the game they played with class. After the game their actions were that of champions. Job well done by the staff at Bradley Central. Plus your QB Copeland is one of the best I have witnessed in a very long time. Go Bears!
  7. So if both schools don't qualify for the playoffs in the next 3 years, there is no punishment. Highly likely. TSSAA still gets $9500.00 for nothing. TSSAA wins!
  8. What Riverdale has accomplished over the last 4 years was amazing. Praying for God's healing hand on Alexa's knee. Amen. She is one tough girl. Riverdale not finished yet
  9. Was looking at last years AAA state championship Science Hill vs. Riverdale. On the jump ball there was ten 1000 point scorers on the court. Amazing! Don't think that will ever happen again or think it had happened before in a girls varsity game. Just my opinion...
  10. Wow great job Blaze! Looks like the Gold Ball is staying in 7-AAA
  11. With Blackman, Columbia, Oakland and others playing well this year Riverdale may end up in Murfreesboro at their houses. Not the glass house. The ball may bounce differently than in the past 2 years. Just a thought....The Transfer Train might be changing stations to Blackman or Oakland junctions.
  12. New poll has Blackman #1 SH #2 things will fix themselves. Go Blaze!
  13. That they should play in it every year. You have to change things up for the players.
  14. They are very young but give them a couple of years and you will see their progress
  15. Crockett is getting better and will beat some teams in jan and feb.
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