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  1. do you know what time the girls play and who plays??
  2. sycamore girls are the number 1 seed from area 1 large division. they will play tues. night at 8:00 at cristianna. don't know who they play yet.
  3. I too have looked for a team for my 14 year old. Didn't know where to turn. I have also been looking for a private instructor. Can you give me any leads? She will be starting with her High School team in June but I would like to develop her shot and I think a private instructor is the way to go. Thanks for any Help.
  4. Looking for 14U team in Clarksville/Nashville area. I know time is running out and I need to find a team. Thanks
  5. Looking for team in Clarksville/Nashville area 14U. I'm almost out of time and need to find a team. Thanks
  6. I'm looking for a 16U team in Clarksville/Nashville area. Thanks
  7. How did coffman do Sat. against dickson?? Who won the small division??
  8. This schedule is the girls bracket. Boys bracket is as follows- Mt. Juliet vs. Macon County--Feb. 7 @ 5:15 West Wilson vs. Walter J. Baird-Feb. [email protected]:45 Dickson vs. winner of 5:15 game-Feb. 8 @ 5:15 Sycamore vs. winner of 7:45 game-Feb. 8 @ 7:45 Winners meet Feb. 10 @ 7:45 losers meet Feb. 10 @ 5:15
  9. Daughter looking for 14U team to play for . Has played on team that is no longer together. Seems the girls lose interest as they get older. She is very dedicated and an excellent ball handler , passer and sees the floor as well as any point I have seen. I see post for other age groups but none for 14U. Don't know anywhere else to look. Thanks
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