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  1. Good choice. When we replaced GQ with Derek he wasn't an outsider and knew the system that none of us wanted changing. I'm sure a lot of the Farragut fans don't want their system changed. When you have an outsider come in you never know how long they will be there or if they're using you for their next move. Look at all the programs out there and you never see a coach hang around very long. Farragut doesn't need that especially long as his father had been in charge. Good luck to his son and coaching the Admirals.
  2. I take it your throwing shade on my thread from last year about Maryville High School planning to microwave their football fans. I know they read my stuff and probably said we better listen to Barney on this one.
  3. For right now if that paint washes off the field I'm okay with it and hope the Lacross team well. I've tried to understand the game of Lacross and it looks like a combination of Soccer and Hockey. Instead of a hockey stick everyone is carring around a long stick with a Jock Strap Cup Protector fastened to the end of it to carry a ball in.
  4. Hopefully that paint isn't permanent and this all blows over until the next episode of That Crazy Woman.
  5. The first pictures I had, there were people in them I did not want to put on here. There are a lot of people very upset about this from what is being told at the water cooler. The problem here is we're dealing with one of those let's make that one person happy out of a thousand and go paint the football field. I have absolutely no problem with the lacrosse team using the football field and hope them the best of luck or any other function that wants to use the field. Our soccer team has always used it but there's no markings on the field from that sport. Everyone in Blount County knows about the Trojan Horse that has been brought into the school. The only thing I've ever actually done was get on here and say I told you so. Every school in the country has the government pushing nonsense down everyone's throat or you don't get funded. What happened to the field didn't go to the very top of the chain for permission, it was blessed by the Trojan Horse. All I got to say is what's going to be next.
  6. Here you go. The games will no longer be played at the Black Hole, they'll now be played at Old Yeller!!!
  7. Hopefully Heather will have Mr Clean lined up to take care of this.
  8. Have no problem if they want to use the football field but dang get a professional painter that knows what he's doing , not something that looks like Box Car Willie stopped by overnight to spray yellow graffiti on the field. if this was grass it would be no big deal but this is a synthetic football field someone painted.
  9. Enjoyed watching Lee when he was at Powell and looking forward to his son playing at Maryville. Heard this from good sources over a week ago this may happen and glad to find out it was confirmed today.
  10. I'll guarantee you this, there isn't a school in the State of Tennessee that would have allowed something this stupid to have happened. Think of all the money that has been raised to purchase that field and then some igmo goes out there with a bunch of yellow cans of paint and draws him out a lacrosse field. I wonder what Alcoa, Eagleton, Heritage or William Blount would have done had this happened to their fields. I don't even have to answer that question.
  11. Went by and saw the team out on the field in shorts the first day of spring practice. Then I noticed yellow markings all over our million dollar football field. It absolutely looked like Earl Scheib had went out there and done one of his famous $99 paint jobs of a Lacrosse field. I hope the person that did that gets some serious jail time. How will they ever get that mess off there?
  12. Thanks everyone for all the kind words. Been a very bad day to be woken up at 5.30 to hear someone on the other line telling me my wife has passed away. I've known for a couple of weeks things were not looking good. I found her Monday Morning unconscoius and called an ambulance and I was told lastnight things were looking much better but she had a heart attack and passed on this morning around 4 a.m. There were many times over the past three years I couldn't go to the ballgames because I didn't want to leave her alone. I know she is in a better place as to be in the pain she has been in the past few years.
  13. This whole crazy idea of Concord Christian reminds me of The Little House on the Paririe starting a football team.
  14. You might want to call "ETHRA" if you plan on taking a large group of older grumpy fans that can't physically attend those games any more because they can't go up those steps any longer. You'll find out those people are way better off at home watching the team on TV or they'll all be down at the local Hardee's cussing like sailors the next morning about who's running that place for no game to be on TV.
  15. I bet he would like to give me a ride two counties over and let me out.
  16. I think he was head coach at two different high schools. between 2015 and 2018 River Ridge and 2019-21 Coach and AD at Greenville in Georgia.
  17. Whew!!! I was scared something had happened to you big guy, was thinking about touching base with BC to see if you were Okay. Glad to see you back on.
  18. Nothing has been the same since. In all fairness all school systems are on the most part the same page, some worse than others.
  19. The last hometown person was Mike Casteel who ran the place like the old Maryville High.
  20. That was 22 years ago back in 2002. I still find that very hard to believe though.
  21. When we live in a time where the TSSAA has broken up schools into 6 fifty school classes meaning we're going to Bradley Central, Cleveland, Science Hill and another trip to Bradley Central a lot of people aren't going to make it to a 7 p.m. game when they get off at five. Even harder to go to Knoxville to see a game because of all the traffic. Now those people all go home and either hope it's on NFHS or You tube. That's why?
  22. I Actually have season tickets and have had longer than you have been alive. We have a great product at Maryville High, why hide it. A lot of people that really had a lot to do with building this program can't go to the games anymore but I guess that's something you'll figure out for yourself in 25 years or so. Look at the teams that have games on YouTube like Bradley Central and even Eagleton. Maryville has a rich history in football and they should promote it. I don't go to some games due to my wife being disabled and Having a real bad day so I stay home and make sure she'll be okay. Major reason I can't jump up and go on a long away trip like I used to. That's just apart of life though. It's not just me but a lot of people want to go to the games but can't go. The Farragut website might only have one championship but they have an access to go on there so their fans can see the games. I would much rather pay Maryville High a fee on watching a broadcasted ball game on our own network if the worry is lost gate revenue. That's great that our coaches have the best of everything but a lot of your older fans are sitting at home forced out that help build this program.
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