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  1. Yellow Jackets don't have a chance Lead cause they have no STONES! I thought everybody knew that, simply anatomy.
  2. I just got off the phone with the Wise One, he said he sure hopes y'all cut the grass up there. The last couple of meetings you have always kept it thick n tall. Won't matter anyways, the long range weapons are coming for ya. Go Bobcats!
  3. I agree with you, a few more weeks in PC would have had a better edge. I think with that said GC has a better advantage, plus with it being early we will see what team has prepared better for the humid conditions. If it's close, it will come down to conditioning and discipline. Hopefully this will be a great game and atmosphere. Just bring the catfish. Good luck, safe travels.
  4. Agreed, however, they will have some tricks. GC by two
  5. I have never seen Coach T so dead...........Lawrence off a 14-10 win over Lincoln County.......Giles Home opener.......Who wants the BELL!
  6. Lead I'm gonna try and do better than last time. What can I say, a perfectly executed game. Speed, defense, offense, I mean across the board. Just a strong rounded team. I wish the Tigers the best my friend. Wish it would have been different. But you guys will do well.
  7. Well there goes the MC common core math again. Of course you would take Wallace. But the numbers are there on Bachus. Wish both boys well.
  8. On another note. Bacus only need 67 yards to beat a season record.
  9. Looking for some good hits Friday night lead. Both side will be laying the wood. Hard nose rivalry.
  10. Defense that could not have been said any better. Nothing personal, just a rivalry that's been established for years even before you and I were in school. There is just somthing about that Blue. Dreams turning into nightmares would be nice. Go Bobcats!
  11. Good to see ya Lead! Pressure is on You! Can you handle it. Would be terrible for you to lose this game. Just sayin. Who Knows. This is a any given night game
  12. Completely different group of kids than from '14. The only similarity to the '14 game is that theoretically just like back then everyone picked MC to win.. All the pressure is on MC. Sure advancement to the next round would be huge. But the on the flip side nobody will forget MC falling on there face if they lose a second time to GC in the playoffs. These boys are Hungry and are a much better ball club than the were 6 or 8 weeks ago. So All the pressure is on MC, all of if. Gonna be a good game. Excited
  13. Lead to these boys next week is the State Championship! Nobody matters but Marshall County. They would love to be a spoiler......I would like to see it too of course. Go Bobcats! Defense said it best, they a coming. And don't begin to tell us Coach Osteen and staff is not worried just a tad, cause he is......could it be a spoiler repeat of '14? Maybe? Are there more tricks in the OC bag? possibly? Overall it just gonna be smash mouth football.
  14. Lead you have bumped your head. I think you been in the koo laid. That was far from lite. I was the first to tell you good game! Plus commended both teams. Par for the course for Marshall County. You call it what you want but if it wet t for butterfingers we are in the call game period. Plus don't forget the Rape on the one yard line where you just stole the ball. Poor kid was traumatized so bad. now he's going for treatment. #2 is a beast. So crow is good Lead. There u have it. Go Bobcats! Take care Leaf
  15. On the 40. Great atmosphere. Two fine quarterbacks. Three big failure to executes by the cats. Game would have been very tight if that had happened. Good game guys! Until next time. Safe travels!
  16. It was lookin grim there for a little bit. But it filled in.
  17. So sad u got a 4-0 team with no crowd. GC brought more people. Man this is sad!
  18. If that's the case my friend I'll be the first to eat crow and admit I was wrong. I hope we are in for a hum dinger.
  19. Lead your dreaming again. Hard nose football coming Friday. Gonna be closer than that.
  20. That sundrop is good Dad but I swear i wanna make sure I understood you right you. Did you say the only state champipship rings on the MC sideline Friday night would have Giles County on them? Why I think your right, I can think of 5 maybe 6. How bout another Sundrp.....oh Yeah WOMG said count two GC sacks....Go Bobcats!
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