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  1. From Waverly moving up or Camden moving down? I'd like to see Waverly and Camden in their own region. They have to play each other the best of 5 and each have 5 non region games. Now that would be some entertainment. It could work.
  2. Swarm


    No doubt. We both have a mountain to climb just to get there to take a beating in 3a pretty much. Lol. I heard last time we may play up but we stayed in 3a. I actually think we have a much easier path to Cookeville in 4a. Not easy but easier than going through 3a Metro IMO. I figure it'll be a couple more 4 year cycles before we have 4a enrollment though. We're in the low 700s still even with the recent growth.
  3. No actually take Swarm out of that. He doesn't have nor has he ever had an anti Peabody agenda. Unless that's what you call predicting a 7 point loss. Which I did. My bad. I meant no offense lol.
  4. Calling me out... You really want to keep this back and forth going? I really don't but I have spare time.
  5. Congrats to Alcoa on another gold ball. I hope your trophy case is very, very large because I don't see anyone threatening you anytime soon. Completely dominant in every phase of the game. Wow. Keep your chin up PC. Theres no shame in silver. Congrats on a very special season.
  6. Congrats to Peabody on another gold ball. Congrats to Meigs Co on a great season too! No shame in sporting that silver bling.
  7. Awesome stuff. That's what it's all about. Safe travels to both teams and fanbases.
  8. Pulling for the Firebirds in this one. I just root for the underdog. No disrespect to the Goons and the Mighty F5. They are the class of TN high school football. Be Big Firebirds!!
  9. Swarm


    Lol. I wasn't trying to flex Beagle. I think you know that. Giles Co put us on an offseason diet of humble pie. I'm looking forward to this series more than ever now. Although I hear mumbles that you guys might drop to 2A in the next reclassification. You hearing anything about that?
  10. Your words.. they cut so deep... But seriously, I'm glad you found another team to profess superiority over. I'll be sure to write if we should ever become "relevant". Thanks for allowing me to speak to you.
  11. Good luck trying to be more lame than that. The days young. Pace yourself.
  12. Tell them to schedule us might be a better idea. I heard The Memphis School for the Blind was dropping yall next year so you should have an opening.
  13. Ain't nobody from Fairview butt hurt. If you had the ability to comprehend or read you'd see that. Only reason Fairview has even been brought up is you. Bottom line is I picked yall to lose and yall cant stand it. Just admit. I haven't said one negative word about Peabody.
  14. I'm super proud of you. I'll be sure and tell any of Fairview's players that I run across how good you guys are.
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