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  1. One more post and I'll get out of here. I was impressed with Waverly's coach. His gameplan was perfect and he exposed us for what we are. Or are not. However you want to put it. I made the comment on our first offensive drive, "We're going to get beat tonight." It turned out to be a good close game but Waverly has better personel and more experience in the key places. They made us look like the young team that we are. I wouldn't advise anyone in region 5 or 6 to put them out to pasture yet.
  2. Thanks for the kind words. I'll take your word for it on the penalty. I dont doubt it a bit. He probably just delayed throwing the flag a bit then. I knew it was well behind the ball carrier when he launched it. Regardless, Waverly was the better team tonight and got the win they deserved. I might have felt guilty if we drained that field goal at the buzzer. Heck it looked like we did. I'm sure you guys heard us cheer before the ref signaled "No good" lol. Just think if we made that. It was close!
  3. Thank you sir. No way I would be a ref. One side is going to hate you every call you make and somebody on both sides is going to heckle you all night. Lol. I'll just sit the stands and clap and curse. I hate seeing those big game changing calls be questionable. Did you see a block in the back on our kickoff return that was called back? I saw the ref when he threw the flag but not what he saw apparently. Nobody on the field was on the ground and he threw it way behind the play. Not saying it didnt happen but I'd like to see the film to see what happened. I saw plenty of holding on both sides that didn't get called. It didnt seem like the refs were leaning one way or the other to me. There was lots of holding going on on both sides.
  4. You better savor the flavor is all I know. Next year we coming for ya!!! Lol. It was good to finally meet you tonight buddy.
  5. Awesome win for the Tigers. Congratulations. You guys look about like what I expected you to before the season started to be honest. That senior leadership and experience upfront is what its all about and was the difference. Enough can't be said about that in my opinion. You guys won up there and outmatched us pure and simple. Both sides of the ball. We had enough athletes to hang with you is really the bottom line of this game. Waverly completley controlled the line of scrimmage and I'll add were more fundamentally sound. I saw some great down field blocking from kids absolutely laying the wood. Fairview has some soul searching to do. Sycamore, Stewart County and especially Camden are all going to be big and strong upfront as well. I guess if we keep trying to tackle with our hands in our pockets it wont matter anyway. Congrats again Tigers. I tip my cap. I know this is a big win for you guys right now. You guys are going to be fine. Good luck from here on out.
  6. Nope. You must be downwind of Hood Container.
  7. Agree 100%. He doesn't have to be superman every down. Clark Kent will be just fine. Just protect the ball and dont take unnecessary risk! I love the designed runs for him. Somebody's going to pay a price if they get in his way!
  8. Good, accurate analysis. I agree with everything. Would like to see the quarterback get in a groove tonight. That's got to happen at some point for our November hopes to come alive. One week at a time! Go Jackets!
  9. Like I said. I could be wrong. He's got real speed regardless. He's same running back as last year. Now is a junior.
  10. If you guys can contain #22 this game will be close. Page kept him contained pretty well. Other than that I believe he's averaging about 15+ yards per carry. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure he's the fastest yellowjacket I've ever seen. From take off all the way to top end. He can scoot. Physical runner too.
  11. Yes they are and so am I. I give Covington the edge but I bet they get pushed to the limit. That McConnell offense is something else. Makes for an interesting match up for sure.
  12. Same for us. If we tie up our loose ends I think we'll be a tough out for anyone we will play this year. I fully expect this game to be another classic battle between our boys. Hope we can all come out healthy regardless what the scoreboard says when we're done.
  13. I see what you did there!
  14. Purely speculating but I can see this game going 2 ways based on what I do know. 1. Track meet- Fairview starts fast with quick scores and forces Waverly to play catch up. Fairview pulls ahead in the 3rd quarter and wins comfortably by 2 or 3 scores. Or 2. Street fight- Fairview continues with the holding, committing personal fouls, missing open field tackles, and finds themselves in a brawl in a rowdy environment. The more disciplined team wins by a score.
  15. We have thrown it less this year than in recent years but am thinking we'll throw it alot more this week. Especially based on what I'm hearing about Waverlys secondary. I figure Hughes will try to force Waverly to keep up with us on offense rather than play them in a phone booth all night.
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