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  1. I traveled down to watch Carter at McMinn Central. I will give my opinion on the game. If the Chargers had a offensive coordinator. They would be very hard to stop. Loudon will beat central 35-0. My advice to the charger coaching staff. Open your eyes. I sit one half on each side to listen to the fans. On both sides, there were numerous fans( men and women and some younger kids) that were calling central offensive play calls before they even signaled it in. Unbelievable! Good luck to both teams.
  2. I'm done with post. I just asked a simple question. Good luck to your team
  3. Oh that's a knee slapper. Rankin help you come up with that one
  4. That's the look of the intelligence of an Alcoa fan
  5. Nope. I have nothing to do with any high school. I love high school football. That's it. I just don't understand why these people from Alcoa have to be this way.
  6. Why are all Alcoa fans so hateful? So tell me Alcoa, why? Anyone know?
  7. Are all Alcoa fans a piece of s__t? Every time they post on something, they are putting other teams and people down. You(Alcoa) should be grateful. Alcoa people suck!!!
  8. Nothing is a given in football. I loved the effort and energy the Chargers had Friday at Sweetwater. I hope to see that at home on Friday.
  9. What's everyone's opinion on this one?
  10. Once again. I wasn't bashing refs. I was a ref for about 8 years. Football, basketball, and soccer. I know the ins and outs. I was just saying that I have seen this five or six times this year. A flag on a play. The refs don't know how many yards to step off. Which way to go in two different games. ONCE AGAIN. I'M NOT BASHING THEM. JUST CONCERNED THAT'S ALL!!!
  11. I'm very proud of them. Now let's take it one game at a time and beat Sweetwater.
  12. Very well mannered young men. They were eating pizza and one of the meigs players came and offered me some and even offered to get me something to drink. My hat goes off to the coaches and players at meigs. Good luck on the rest of your season.
  13. What's going on with refs this year? I'm not bashing them either. They seem really confused this year. It's like they have NO idea what they are doing. Opinions???
  14. I sure hope they fix the problems. It's just not the play calling. It's the players too. The effort is there. It's the execution that's killing us.
  15. Charlie Murphy. You have a smart mouth. Try to have a little respect son!!!
  16. McMinn Central needs to take one game at a time. No need to look ahead.
  17. It's central and Polk!!! It's a new week and a new season. 1 game at a time. Let's just knock the slobber out of them, get the win.
  18. It's about time. I'm ready. I pray both teams, coaches, and fans stay safe.
  19. I'm ready for this one. I think this is a measuring stick for both teams. I pray both teams stay injury free. But I want to see some hitting too. I love a good physical game.
  20. Central turned the ball over 4 or 5 times. Twice inside sequoyahs 5. I don't think the score would have been that close. The Chargers gave some gifts too. That's the reason the game is played. If, and, or buts don't count.
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