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  1. I would but he might rub off on em if he touched em and I can't take that chance /tongue.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":P" border="0" alt="tongue.gif" /> I'll run to soccer usa since I need em by tomorrow.
  2. I go to UT and need some cheap indoor shoes, but I don't know about any soccer stores in the Knoxville area. You have any recommendations?
  3. frommy

    Rankings Week 5

    well you can't see very well then because the combined scores for the last 3 years is 18-0, not in overton's favor. they've always had some players with good skills, but they don't play as a team. as far as the attitudes, they wanted us to meet them at the mcdonald's parking lot to fight...classy
  4. leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedle
  5. i don't really know why you knoxvillians felt like starting a war with the rest of the state . last year, two of the three titles were in middle tn and we didn't come back to rub it in your faces. not only that, but 3 out of the 4 finalists in those two divisions were middle tn and the other was from the west. i don't even pay attention to the a/aa because they can just give that trophy to cak at the beginning of the season and save them some trouble. if you wanna go way back then i won't argue with you because there have been more titles in the knoxville area, but it'd be foolish to think that will happen again, for any part of the state. there is so much talent across the state now that it seems likely that one area won't have a stronghold in any division. the best teams from each region are so evenly matched nowadays that it really depends on who shows up to play and gets a little lucky.
  6. i understand and agree with the harder schedule. i want brentwood to play harder teams and see how they do, but i still don't think it would have helped them that much this year. say what you want, but most of you are in no way affiliated with the team and are just speculating. i personally believe that this year's team wouldn't have won the bearden game even if they had played the toughest schedule in the state. they just seemed too young to be able to repeat. playing harder teams may get you playing a little better, but there is no replacement for experience. it's not like all the young players aren't playing hard enough teams anyways, i'm pretty sure a lot of them are on tnfc. it's fine if you wanna rag on brentwood for the easy games that they schedule. it happens every year and everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but there's no point in complaining about the strength of their district and region. they can't help that. i don't know why bruinsoccer hates brentwood , but i expect rock to be bitter because i think he played for centennial
  7. i dont know if the game started yet or not so this isn't a real score, but i'm gonna say 3-1 hendersonville
  8. the fact is brentwood did lose many important parts of the team last year including most of the defense and midfield. now they have to replace those positions with younger players and it is going to take more than a season for them to get used to each other. they played together all year and still weren't meshing well enough to win it so it wouldn't have mattered whether they were playing a christian bros or not. they need time to get used to playing with each other and figuring out one another's strengths and weaknesses. last year, it wasn't that brentwood was amazing (even though we were ), it was the fact that we had all played with each other for years. i knew if someone messed up, i would cover them and vice versa. team chemistry is most important if you want to win. they aren't to that point yet where they know what their teammate will do before he does it, but they will be soon enough. for those strength of schedule people, the brentwood head coach just finished his 3rd year and has been criticized for playing weak teams every year. state semifinalist, state champs, state quarterfinalist. sounds like a pretty successful program to me by any standards. i'm not gonna deny that playing harder teams will make your team better, but i think in brentwood's case this year it wouldn't have mattered. they just need a little more time playing together. with such a young team that is packed with talent, they should be doing great in the next few years.
  9. brentwood just didn't have their greatest game and bearden stepped up. after all the talk of rico up top i expected him to be amazing and the best player on bearden, but after watching the game #11 was surprisingly good. judging by how he looks i didn't expect much, but he can make things happen. i don't think bearden was honestly 3 goals better than them. i'm pretty sure one goal was an own goal and their last one wasn't important, but it happens. the center ref and linesman (fans side) missed too many calls around beardens box that would have been dangerous, but they didn't lose the game for brentwood. brentwood has a strong younger group of players so the future looks bright for the program. overall, good job to bearden because you guys got it done, but i see hendersonville keeping the title in middle tn.
  10. frommy

    USA vs. Morocco

    the defense was only sufficient because of how much bigger they were than the forwards. it was funny to watch the little forward try to outjump onyewu, but he, and the rest of the defense, seemed a lot slower on full out sprints than i thought they would be. i don't know if anyone else noticed, but it always looked like the moroccan forwards on the back side were open. it was like gibbs and onyewu didn't think it necessary to pay much attention to them. a fast forward with a good touch,much like the ones that will be playing in the world cup , could easily get a through ball from the midfield and put it away.
  11. i think the same thing will happen to riverdale that happened to blackman last year only it'll happen a round earlier. they went in thinking they had such a great defense, but when they finally faced one of the top offenses in the state, they couldn't handle it. for all i know riverdale could be the best hs team in the world because i haven't seen them play, but judging by the past teams in that area, they won't be able to keep up with farragut.
  12. actually, won't everyone know in less than a week?
  13. Well it's nice to see that you're a hypocrite. What was said towards Antioch was offensive, but don't criticize them and turn around and do the same. It makes it worse that you're a teacher because you now get to go instill you're stereotypes into the kids at Antioch. That should help us all get along in the future, so thank you for that. There is nothing wrong with the team carrying on a tradition. It's odd to me that the national anthem of the country you're living in would offend you. It has always been sung in the parking lot and if you don't want to hear it, score more goals than them or go stand by the guy with the drum.
  14. i think his name is blair gaven or something along those lines. i wasn't impressed with him at all after seeing kelly play last year. i actually wasn't impressed with him at all without comparing him to kelly. he looked like nothing more than a decent player on a good team. i don't know what his playing status is, but i heard he played for the national team. he was talkin trash to one of the bruins and said "where were you last week when we played slovakia?" so i guess he at least travels with them from time to time.
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