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  1. This likes a great small tournament! Catholic v HARDIN Valley will be a war! CAK should win there pool pretty easy. I would expect CAK, Catholic, HV and Bearden to fight it out. A CAK v Catholic final should be great!
  2. After last night Webb separated themselves from the pack. Has any team scored more than twenty against them? My new top five: Webb Farragut Catholic Harden Valley CAK
  3. I am going to the Catholic tourney tonight and tomorrow. Does anyone have a bracket? I want to see Catholic and CAK, do they play each other in pool play?
  4. My new ranking is as follows: Webb Farragut Harden Valley Catholic CAK/Bearden I can't figure CAK or Bearden out. They should be blowing teams away. Catholic has passed both of them. Webb simply looks great.
  5. I think it will be CAK and Catholic, I loved South and I assume CAK will win the region, and South theirs, but I like the Catholic team.
  6. In the state I don't really see anyone beating CAK if they play to there talent level. They are big and pass well. Still I can't explain what happened at the Early Bird. EB were you there?
  7. I know where I will be Sept 3! Irish, not really. They lost a couple of strong players but the talent level is so deep they won't miss them. CAK is much like Webb in that they have a great advantage having middle schools on campus. 8th graders can practice with the high school and the coaches get to direct the feeders. After this weekend I am sold on Farragut and Webb being the top tier. I think HV will beat Bearden and after Sat Catholic clearly out played CAK.
  8. CAK has the most talent in Knoxville and I would expect them to be the favorite to win the state. However, Catholic and Sullivan South both did better in the Early Bird. I really liked SS setter, number 1.
  9. Do Webb and Farragut play soon? If so that one is on my to do list. I have watched Bearden a couple of times and I am not real impressed with the coaching. I was way high on CAK early, think they have the best top to bottom talent in Knoxville. How did they fall so low to Bronze in the Early Bird. Catholic, with less talent did much better. Did CAK have people out? This is still August, so the teams that have the best coaches will improve the most.
  10. I think the reason is talent level. CAK is the defending state champion and loaded with talent. I watched a lot of vb this weekend. I would go the following: Farragut Webb Catholic Harden Valley CAK Just based on this weekend. I was really surprised that CAK did not make the gold or silver. There was a clear talent drop off out of the gold and silver.
  11. if I had to rank, and I think it is still way too early, but based just on talent and coaching, by that I mean potential, where I would expect them to be, I would do this: Webb CAK Harden Valley Farragut Catholic I really like Webb. Solid team, knows how to win, great coaching. CAK and Harden Valley have a lot of players who can really play. Farragut is my question mark team. I like their star player,, really like her, but I don't know if she can carry a team or if they can get her the ball enough to be effective, they have a good L but the S is a question. As far as Catholic I have no idea why you wouldn't put them in the top five. Great volleyball school, good athletes, solid coach.
  12. I don't know how to respond. Hames at Webb is, in my humble opinion, the best player in Knoxville right now. Has a huge upside, and will continue to develope, but I would not say she is the "best ever? ". The Farragut player is solid, and a really good player, but not in the discussion. The Bearden middle has the size, and could be a special player. I think she is making a big mistake playing at Bearden, if I were her I would immediately transfer to Webb to play with Hames and be coached by Hames. Keep in mind "committing" is not the same as "signing" and I am not impressed with the Bearden coaching.
  13. I wouldn't write Catholic off. They were a fun team to watch last season. I don't disagree with the top five, but Bearden shouldn't be that high and Webb shouldn't be that low. Again, I think you must be a Farragut parent. It wouldn't surprise me if Farragut or Beaden loses to Harden Valley. To be honest, I don't think any of these teams will be as good as they were last year. CAK. Bearden, Catholic and Harden Valley lost really good coaches, and they have been replaced with young coaches with no real experience. I promise you that if the football positions were open they wouldn't have been filled with first time coaches. I expect the quality of play to drop. Farragut lost its best players from a great team, and Webb just doesn't have the numbers. I don't see these teams doing as well as they did last year.
  14. You must be the Farragut players mother or father! Is this post a joke?
  15. I am torn on this one. I agree that the Bearden player does nothing to help herself by playing high school. If I were the Nebraska coaches I would say work hard in club. Even with her I don't see Bearden going very far, and what does she gain by playing. The Farragut player needs to play. I think she needs the experience.
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