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  1. BreadTruck44

    Scott Tillman out at Lipscomb

    Back when CPA and others were moving from D1 to D2, ole @Booger said something about Lipscomb and CPA would be battling for the AA Middle Region title. I laughed at him, and for the last two years I've felt pretty confident about that laugh, but now... Maybe Booger does "nose" stuff! Who wouldn't have hired him? It was a national news type hire. He seems like a great guy and I'm sure he'll assemble a top notch staff. It will be interesting to watch. I wish Lipscomb well and my guess is they will do very well. Do I hope over the next eight years that they go to 4 semifinal games, 4 championship games and win two of them? Nah, but you guys can understand that I'm sure. See you guys next August unless the rumors I'm hearing about Tony Romo taking over at Goodpasture are true!
  2. BreadTruck44

    Scott Tillman out at Lipscomb

    I don’t want to quell your enthusiasm, but the HS coaches you mention were assistant coaches first. I’ve always had a soft spot for Trent because his son died at age 5 and I couldn’t imagine the pain he endured. But his resume? He doesn’t have one as a coach. His player resume doesn’t translate into him being a good HS coach. Heck, it’s not even that good. The only Super Bowl winning QB to be let go the following year. One pro bowl appearance. Lipscomb already had a WR coach with the same number of pro bowls... I hope he does great and I wish him the best. BGA will be the team to worry about in the middle next year. A lot of very good skill position players returning, but they’ll need to figure out something to improve their line play as I understand most were seniors.
  3. BreadTruck44

    D2 AA Championship Game (BGA versus CPA)

    Hey there, sorry just now seeing this... Yep, it went well this time! He was able to drive today (it was his right knee) and PT is going well. I hear CAK is loaded (again), but I hope we both get lucky and make it to the state tournament. I’m excited to see our team play, we return almost all of our pitching from last year and I believe our Clemson football player will be back in the lineup this year. Basketball - I can tell you that Webb (Bell Buckle) is for real. Two juniors that are fun to watch. They easily beat us by 27. It looks like Goodpasture is also very good from the middle section.
  4. BreadTruck44

    D2 AA Championship Game (BGA versus CPA)

    Thanks! The CoachT football community is a fun place to hangout online for sure. Lots of great conversations over the last four years or so. A lot of good and knowledgeable guys, gals and Booger... Friday was fun for sure. Even back in middle school I thought this year’s team would be special. I watched Kane receive his All-American bowl jersey today and was so happy for him after the way his season ended last year. I feel blessed that my son was a member of such a great senior class on and off the field. No on the basketball playing. Hope to see you guys in baseball. My son’s second ACL surgery attempt is the 26th, so he won’t be an active player, but still a part of the team. Any prayers you want to offer up on that day for it to go smoothly would be welcomed. Take care all and have a great holiday season!
  5. BreadTruck44

    D2 AA Championship Game (BGA versus CPA)

    I think I heard there are 9 basketball players on the football team. I know 3 seniors played in Saturday’s game after playing football on Friday which is pretty cool. I’ve heard they should be improved from last year, but honestly I don’t follow basketball that closely (which is weird because I played basketball but not football).
  6. BreadTruck44

    3A Title Game - Alcoa vs Covington

    You jinxed that!
  7. BreadTruck44

    The Refs are winning Cookeville!!!

    We had a ton called on us yesterday. 2 snap infractions when the center engaged the ball... Haven’t seen that all year. I haven’t seen the official stats, but I’d say we were flagged 3 to 1. It felt like the refs wanted to extend the game when we were just trying to run the clock out... Seems like they overlooked some obvious holding on the other team. I’m a homer, so take that for what it’s worth. I actually feel like a dominant team sometimes is not cut a lot of slack.
  8. BreadTruck44

    Lipscomb Academy

    Thank you. I really don’t care enough to try to clarify to you the point I was making. I’m not sure why I was even posting on a “Lipscomb” thread. Welcome to CoachT.
  9. BreadTruck44

    Lipscomb Academy

    Getting caught up from September? I assume you are talking about the basketball program in regards to the players showing up? I’ve heard the complaints, but I have no insight into what was going on there in the past whether good or bad. I follow football and baseball closely since Coach Martin and Nesbitt arrived, although I do know Coach Pack and some assistants he had. The financial aid budget while in D1 shouldn’t be funny. There were some students that received aid but did not play in games per the D1 rules. I am well aware of the rules. I guess I thought that would be clear to the reader. Does that make sense?
  10. BreadTruck44

    Why in the He double hockey sticks?

    You’d think so with the athletes you guys have, but you actually have to play to know. I know we’d be eager to find out. A few years ago we played a 7A Georgia team with 3.5K students and more D1 players than there were positions. They said the same and it didn’t go well for them... Honestly, I hope the game is competitive tomorrow. Safe travels on your way there.
  11. BreadTruck44

    Why in the He double hockey sticks?

    FYI, CPA could give a flying flip about what day we play on. And your biggest baddest team got beat by a D2 AA school. You sound like the Memphis version of MJGoldenBears with the 6A superiority talk. On the other hand, I watched Oakland play last week and they looked like the biggest baddest team in the state...
  12. BreadTruck44

    D2 AA Championship Game (BGA versus CPA)

    Thanks pride! Time flies, it seems like just a few weeks ago my senior son was playing peewee... I’m excited to see us lock horns with our neighbors from BGA again. It’s hard to beat a good team twice. Sounds like rain may be likely yet again... I guess both middle tn teams should be used to it by now.
  13. BreadTruck44

    Field conditions at CPA last night

    I think its no secret that teams will sometime wet the field just to slow down a team that is more athletic or faster than them. Reading is fundamental Would a team that intentionally wets a field then bring in a helicopter to hover over the wet field for two hours in attempts to dry it? That wouldn't make sense, right? People have seen the helicopter but yet nobody has seen any field wetting... Not even the Lausanne spy crew that was caught at BGA practice last year in the playoffs got footage of this field wetting? Actually, I don't think the Lausanne coaches or players are whining about losing. They all seemed like class acts. It seems to be conspiracy loving adults that weren't even present that are yelling foul the loudest. Davidson Academy's and other mid-state fields were in the same condition that Friday night. On that Wednesday it rained around two inches (snowed in Memphis and Lausanne practiced in it). On Thursday it froze. On Friday it thawed... If I were a Lausanne supporter or fan or whatever, and I actually watched the game and saw them have the ball, first and goal on the 5, run 4 plays and not score without any slipping... I think I'd just tip my hat to the players on CPA's team instead of acting like they got away with something devious. Eric Gray is one of the best running backs that TN has ever seen, and on top of that a great kid. BUT, a lot of people only want to talk about how the field conditions affected him. CPA is athletic and fast also... This is a stupid topic and it will probably continue. Have fun with it...
  14. BreadTruck44

    Scott Tillman out at Lipscomb

    I can only guess he means Ingle given his relationship to Coach Bowers... Absurd and hard to believe there would even be a “rumor” so far fetched.
  15. BreadTruck44

    D2 AA Championship Game (BGA versus CPA)

    Teams with winning records against Coach Martin and Crew: Alcoa 2-1, ND 1-0, Parkview (GA) 1-0... I can’t think of any others off the top of my head. Off topic, but there is a nice 45 minute Tennessean interview regarding the top 50 football players in Nashville history. The interview is like a round table with 4 of the 50 players. One is Ingle, another is his father in-law Mike Wright, a third is Walter Overton who I’ve seen officiate our games, and the fourth, I think, was a running back from Stratford. It’s worth checking out if you want to ignore some relatives tomorrow...