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  1. I have read that the famous Coach Bear Bryant maintained that after a victory the players deserve credit, and after a loss the coach deserves the blame. After listening to Coach's Corner on the radio Saturday, I don't think Coach Knott agrees. (in my humble opinion) As President Truman always said, "The Buck Stops Here."
  2. Does anyone have impressions of the new coach in Dresden? Was he able to bring any assistants with him?
  3. Both of the injured players were from Humboldt. As of the end of the game, only one went to the hospital. I believe she was airlifted from the school. I was praying for both of them and will continue to do so. It was scary.
  4. A player for Humboldt was injured tonight at Dresden. Does anyone know her condition? I am praying and hoping she is okay.
  5. How did the Weakley County teams do today? Any surprises? Any team looking particularly good?
  6. I am a fan of the players that get out there every Friday night and give it their ALL!
  7. 14-0 Westview won I would like to compliment some of the Dresden players. They may have lost the game, but they never gave up. Landon Scott - always does an outstanding job, great sportmanship Clay Adams - always works hard Randy Williams - good job quarterbacking at the end Matt Clements - works hard Dwayne Bailey - does a good job I realize that these weren't the only ones that did well, but they stood out to me. Many of the players fought hard, sorry I can't mention them all.
  8. I don't think Dresden defense is weak; however, everyone on defense is going to have to give it their all. Last week, a couple of players on defense looked lazy. Most of them played hard, but everyone is going to have to show up Friday night.
  9. In my opinion...... It's worse when a coach thinks an "average" player is "the second coming." I know this is rare, but it's extremely annoying. Not everyone lives up to the constant hype. I prefer a hard worker over someone with "potential" anyday. Potential is something that has not happened yet. Hard work gets it done. Thanks to the players that give 100% every Friday night. They are the reason we put up with all the other annoyances.
  10. Even though Dresden did make too many mistakes, I would like to compliment several players that worked extremely hard. (I apologize for any misspelled names & I am sure I have accidentally left some names off.) Matt Hewett (total workhorse) Clay Adams (works hard) Landon Scott (seems to be the hardest working lineman) Matt Owens Brandon Jolley Dwayne Bailey Randy Williams (seems to be smart and hard working) These guys never gave up.
  11. Wow! This Rogers dude needs to run for some political office. People sure seem to defend him on this board. Look up his record to see if he has a winning one. He doesn't seem to adjust during games like other coaches. The talent is there so... Dresden always has some great players. I hope this is their year. If he doesn't make adjustments I don't think East Robertson has anything to worry about.
  12. backjudge Thanks for your opinion. I don't have to know how to spell the players' names to be a fan. It was the Westview football team that I was referring to about sportsmanship, not the girl's basketball team. But, you know that if you read the post. You can support teams and have a varied opinion.
  13. Thanks for calling me a moron and classless. I am entitled to my opinion, and I can give it without "name calling." I don't have a child in sports. I still love to watch sports though. Matt Hewitt is a great player that deserves recognition. I went to every game this year and cheerfully supported the team at every game. I just stated a fact about a coaches record. By the way, if I failed to mow my yard the city would cite me for my grass being too high. In the real world there are consequences. The Dresden Football Team is a hard working group of guys.
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