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  1. Anyone who thinks Murvul fan is genuine when discussing concern about Alcoa gate money and current classification has lost their mind. It’s all about losing ground on State Championship totals, nothing more. If Murvul could find a way to weasel back to 4A, they would do it in a heartbeat. They typically play two games a year, Alcoa and Oakland. Outside of that, not much to talk about. Hope Murvul fan enjoys the new Jumbotron. Heard it’s gonna be a nice one. Good luck with next season!
  2. Great game EN! 10 points in 38 seconds was phenomenal to end the half. Exciting game!!! Well done!!! Congrats Alcoa!
  3. Maybe it isn’t gonna be that fancy… I’ll have the truck tent on standby just in case…
  4. You bringing some reindeer jerky to the game Friday? A couple of us are doing the whole weekend again. Got a fancy room this time.
  5. Congrats to Jordan Harris & Lance Williams 2022 Tennessee Titans Mr. Football Finalists!
  6. Anything can happen. That’s why they play the game.
  7. Bout like last year. 42-49 Alcoa to 10-14 Giles…. If Alcoa gets to 35 early, Giles will get an opportunity to put a few more points on the board. We shall see….
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