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  1. I’ll definitely run it by our AD. Will be very interesting to see what kind of reply, if any, he gets…
  2. If possible, have your AD contact Josh Stephens at Alcoa High School. I’m pretty sure he could get you on the schedule. Would really like to see this work out.
  3. Alcoa has wanted that for years. Unfortunately, it won’t happen. I was shocked that West agreed to play. Was nice to see them step up, but I bet they don’t renew the series after next year…
  4. LA yes, CPA no…. Yeah, I hear ya about our strength of schedule. I don’t think it’s as low as what you are suggesting, but it would have been nice to have had Greeneville and Betsy for two years. Those two along with West and Rhea would have been a great boost. Oh well, we wanted it but they didnt, so it’s difficult for me to bash our schedule. We basically play who will play us. We are now paying teams to play us on a consistent basis. I guess money talks… Alcoa also begged Powell, Central and about 48 other schools (several outside the state) to fill covid backouts but ALL refused. None had any REAL good excuses as to why they wouldn’t play….
  5. Now, it’s beginning to sound like a popularity contest…. Anyway congrats to ALL who got the award. I’m sure that all deserved it.
  6. This years Alcoa team wouldn’t have had much for Oakland imho. They would have been able to put points on the board but would have had a difficult time getting defensive stops consistently. Last years team would have been a different story… Alcoa scrimmaged McCallie just before the season started and pretty much had their way with them. I think it was 3 scores to 1 when they decided to call it? The main thing most of us remember is hearing the McCallie head coach screaming at his players, telling them “this isn’t your typical 3A football team!” Anyway, a scrimmage is just a scrimmage. That would have been a great game to see. We had had some great games with LA in the past. This is another game that would have been a great one. They seemed to be a well balanced team. Again, would have been a great game…
  7. Either way, his numbers were/are very impressive.
  8. Since you had to ask, you probably won’t understand. I’ll try anyway. Take Buckles numbers and multiply them by, let’s say, 3. That should give you about what you are looking for…. His numbers come from approximately 20 quarters of 40. (Sorry not including playoffs) 3 may be a bit high, but I’m taking into consideration that Rankin normally calls the dogs off at 42 points… He was also the best player on the best team…
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