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  1. Gold ball. Cheatham. 43-40
  2. 31-29, Westview, end of 3. What a game...!!!!
  3. 19-16, Westview at halftime. Cheatham has missed too many layups early. Surprised it’s this close.
  4. 10-7, Westview, end of first. Both teams look to be a bit shaky early.
  5. How’s everyone think this game plays out?
  6. Cheatham wins by 24, 75-51
  7. Cheatham by 19, end of 3. 52-33
  8. Cheatham by 9 at half, 33-24.
  9. The Cheatham /Grainger game I thought was called very well. I really like the fact they weren't quick on the whistle with loose balls. Allowed the kids to play early and get into the tempo of the game. Didn't get caught up in to the runs by either team and start calling it super tight either way. Of course, as a fan, I see every call they miss for my team and ignore the ones they miss for the other. Overall, they did a good job.
  10. Seems I was off by 2. Cheatham put together a 3rd quarter and East never recovered. It also hurt that the ridiculously athletic girl went down with a knee injury early in the game. That obviously had an impact as she was blocking shots left and right. That said, Cheatham will have the loser of Marshall/Creekwood. We got CW earlier in the year by almost 30, but I think it may be a bit different 2nd time around. How does Cheatham match up with Marshall Co.? I have only seen them play once....last year in the sub-state at our place that got out of hand late, if I remember right.
  11. I think the same thing. In the East/WH Heritage game, East seemed to get impatient with disciplined defense, allowing WHH to keep the game close, finally winning by 9. Cheatham had a running clock the last time they played WHH, if I remember correctly. Granted, East has better athletes but I kind of question their basketball IQ. I think Cheatham gets this one by 10 to 15 pts.
  12. Cheatham gets MW in a tough game. Cubs were up by as much as 28, but MW closed the gap late to 15. EN knocks off Heritage by 9. Cheatham and East in the Regional final on Wednesday at Greenbrier.
  13. These games went as expected. Cheatham now has a rematch with Maplewood and East gets a scrappy White House Heritage team. Must win time on Monday. If the Lady Cubs can win that one, got a pretty good shot at getting back to State.
  14. Cheatham vs Pearl Cohn Maplewood vs Westmoreland East vs Greenbrier WH Heritage vs MLK I'm a Cheatham fan, so my bias will show. Cheatham will win by however much they want Westmoreland could give MW fits or they could get boat raced. Depends on which Westmoreland team shows up, but I think MW gets them big. East when they get off the bus WH Heritage and MLK I have no idea about. Cheatham got Heritage by 30 last night.
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