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  1. Final: York 46 Brainerd 49 York had every opportunity in the world to win that game. Missed a lot of shots even a chance to tie and send into OT but missed it. Great game and great season for the Dragons.
  2. Got us a good one here in Chattanooga End of the 3rd: York 40 Brainerd 38
  3. York starts out hot in the 2nd quarter leading by 6. Brainerd comes back and takes the lead before half. Halftime: York 27 Brainerd 30
  4. York led Brainerd for most of the 1st quarter, Brainerd makes a little run and hits a long 3 at the buzzer to go up after the 1st. York 16 Brainerd 17
  5. That should be a great game. Will be interesting to see what the final to that one will be. Don’t really know much about the two teams but I do know they are pretty good. York had to travel to Brainerd in a Sub State game just 2-3 years ago.
  6. Pretty much just having the last shot. They may have felt even if they scored early that they couldn’t stop York and York would score again. But if they hold for that last shot they could go in at half either down 1 or 2 points if they make the shot. If they shoot early and miss that gives York a chance to hold the ball and increase its lead even more than it would have been if they had just held it.
  7. Big wins for York and Watertown tonight taking down Upperman and LA to advance to the Region Championship game!
  8. Watertown beats LA 60-50 York and Watertown will square off in the Region Championship Thursday night at 7:00 at CCHS!
  9. HUGE win for York! Great game! Final: York 52 Upperman 47! York will play the winner of Watertown/LA in the Region Championship!
  10. Should be 2 great Semi-final matchups tonight at CCHS. It’s an all District 8AA Semi-finals as they sweep 7AA! York vs Upperman at 6:00 LA vs Watertown at 7:30
  11. Macon County absolutely shot lights out from the 3pt line. I’d say well over half their points were 3s. As for York a very very poor shooting night for them, which isn’t like them at all. Not much you can do when a team is feeling it like Macon County was. But York will host LA at York Friday night in what should be a great one!
  12. Headings takes it in for a York TD breaking 3-4 tackles on the way. York 14 Upperman 37
  13. Yorks Miller and Drake both injured. Seems like York has lost all momentum with another silly penalty.
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