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  1. ???? I was asking about the transfer from Alabama that went to FC that was mentioned earlier. I thought that FC was implying Franklin Co. and not Columbia. That was the one I was asking about. So did FC get a transfer from Alabama or not?
  2. Where is she from in Alabama and what position does she play?
  3. In my opinion, the pg at Lincoln Co. will be the best in the district. Holman will be by far the most athletic pg, but the girl from Lincoln Co. has the best all around game. The freshman at Coffee will be good, just not sure that she will be the best in the district this year, her first outside of Grundy and with it being at a AAA school. She will get there though.
  4. If I am not mistaken, you count on his win total is off a little bit. I believe he reached the 500 win mark in the 2017-18 season at Franklin Co. Great coach and an even better person. Great hire for Perry Co.
  5. Not sure that is true. I had heard that she just finished up her master's degree and I had heard the final part of it was an internship which she did most of it through her spring break. From what I have heard, she was screwed over there because the administration caved to politics. must not be a backbone in the leadership there. Sounds like either the administration or the political pull the new coach had to worm her way in there is trying to make excuses to not look as bad as they should.
  6. If she is smart she would not consider that. She is a good coach and she needs to be somewhere that she can continue to grow and improve, Grundy is not such a place.
  7. Which one? Didn't realize the Grundy job was open.
  8. You are correct, but as it has been said before, basketball is a 2nd at best, probably more like 3rd ranked boys sport there. That district is wide open. Didn't realize that Coffee had gotten any kids from there, but it wouldn't surprise me if they did especially if they were one sport only kids. Football and usually baseball is better at Tullahoma, but basketball is rarely ever better.
  9. And I have heard that that is part of the problem there especially with a freshman and his parents. Heard that is why it took so long to get this filled. It will be interesting to see what happens with it.
  10. Don't know if that is true or not. All I know is that I had heard of only 3 interviews.
  11. I do think it is funny that neither of the assistants, not named Helton, has not been brought up in any of the discussion for this spot.
  12. No, he hasn't been offered the job yet. Gill from Rhea Co. interviewed on Tuesday, Edmondson from Cascade interviewed yesterday, and from what I have been told, the last interview is today and it Amber George/Gilliam, the coach from Dechard Elementary.
  13. What I had heard was that Bean, the director, wants the new coach to only coach 1 sport. The fact that Holt is the head softball, but assistant basketball would fall in line with this since he is not the head coach of 2 sports. Also the old Tullahoma coach is the one that was let go before he ever coached a game, I think it was rumored that he had gotten in some trouble for some marijuana and that cost him his job there at Tullahoma. I think once he was let go from there he ended up at Stewart's Creek last year as an assistant.
  14. I figure that once his son is in college that he will get the urge to coach again. Would be surprised if he didn't.
  15. Any word on any openings that are coming up for next year yet?
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