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  1. BigOrangeBaller


    Don't know if that is true or not. All I know is that I had heard of only 3 interviews.
  2. BigOrangeBaller


    I do think it is funny that neither of the assistants, not named Helton, has not been brought up in any of the discussion for this spot.
  3. BigOrangeBaller


    No, he hasn't been offered the job yet. Gill from Rhea Co. interviewed on Tuesday, Edmondson from Cascade interviewed yesterday, and from what I have been told, the last interview is today and it Amber George/Gilliam, the coach from Dechard Elementary.
  4. BigOrangeBaller


    What I had heard was that Bean, the director, wants the new coach to only coach 1 sport. The fact that Holt is the head softball, but assistant basketball would fall in line with this since he is not the head coach of 2 sports. Also the old Tullahoma coach is the one that was let go before he ever coached a game, I think it was rumored that he had gotten in some trouble for some marijuana and that cost him his job there at Tullahoma. I think once he was let go from there he ended up at Stewart's Creek last year as an assistant.
  5. BigOrangeBaller


    I figure that once his son is in college that he will get the urge to coach again. Would be surprised if he didn't.
  6. BigOrangeBaller

    Head Coach Openings

    Any word on any openings that are coming up for next year yet?
  7. BigOrangeBaller

    Rules Question

    That would be no. You can only run the baseline on a made shot, and the 2nd free throw wasn't made. I am guessing that they needed to miss and get a rebound in this situation.
  8. BigOrangeBaller

    Head Coach Openings

    So with most of the teams around the state done, any word on who maybe getting new leadership within their programs?
  9. BigOrangeBaller

    10U Teams in Middle Tenn?

    Thanks for the reply, but I think I have found another team closer to us that he will be a good fit on. Thanks again.
  10. BigOrangeBaller


    Coffee/Franklin should be a good one and for first place in the district too.
  11. That is not just a money grab scheme. My daughter needs someone who will work with her and help her to improve.
  12. BigOrangeBaller

    10U Teams in Middle Tenn?

    Any suggestions for a very solid fundamentally sound 10U program around the Middle TN area? My son is a lefty and is learning to pitch and he can play anywhere else on the field.
  13. BigOrangeBaller


    Think you might be right on all of those except one, Tullahoma and Lincoln Co. Tullahoma is still not very good, they just caught Oakland at the right time. From what I have heard Oakland's girls was looking right on past that game and thought that they could just show up and win. Lincoln Co. will have something for them tonight.
  14. BigOrangeBaller


    Wow, you actually counted that? LOL!
  15. BigOrangeBaller


    I think this maybe a little more accurate as far as Shelbyville goes. Coach Southern did a really good job last year without having much time with the girls at all in the summer, but she had 2 kids that were really nice players. The Holt girl could score. I don't think that she has that luxury this year, but she is a good coach and I figure will get the most out of what she has to work with. Just not sure that the talent that is there right now matches up very well with that of the other 3 top teams in the district.