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  1. WarriorFan2017


    I will say top 3 are White, Warren, Cookeville. With White and Warren battling for 1 and 2 and Cookeville a solid 3, Rhea 4 and Stone at the bottom. Lets have some good conversation on how people think this will play out... And GO
  2. WarriorFan2017


    Tell him to come to White County, Our coach would love to have his arm in the lineup, He could be our #1 guy right now. No questions asked!!
  3. WarriorFan2017


    Why is noone talking about the decision of the Warren County coach kicking off his #1 pitcher off the team? I would bet there is 2 sides to this story and would like to hear more!!! Hope Waren dont lose anymore players because losing #10 will hurt in the district pitching rotation. Anybody have any thoughts on this ?
  4. Where can I find the Schedule for this tournament?
  5. WarriorFan2017


    So if Stone wins it all then how come Cookeville is on top and Stone is at the bottom? Just like last year Stone goes 0-12 only scores 19 runs and gives up 123. Now I know that they are playing a lot of Freshman and Sophmores, but that was a very bold statement to make to start the year and say they win it all! Maybe in a couple years they will contend but not this year or next.
  6. WarriorFan2017


    Beats being a warrior fan,I have tried to stay calm and enjoy the games but it gets harder every game. Why we still have these guys is beyond me. I watched at Cookeville game in Cookeville our 3rd base coach check out of game, just stood there. Stone Memorial game watched him try to give Stone the win. Warren County we played good solid defense but nothing from coaching staff. Fired them all and let the volunteer asst coach take over. I bet the games would be more enjoyable to watch. Cookeville's coach is not afraid to mix it up. Why does his guys go all out, you think it is because he coaches all out to do everything to the best of his ability to pull out a victory
  7. WarriorFan2017


    So i was just looking at the games played so far this year and Stone is 0-2, They got beat by Upperman 11 to 1 who i have heard only has about 15 players on there team total and 3 of the best players quit to join the Fishing team and then they lost to a good Warren county team 10 to 0. So if they are going to win it all this year they better get started scoring some runs and winning some games. My guess is they will be cellar dewellers again this season. We will see how good they are when the Warriors come to town next Tuesday the 20th
  8. WarriorFan2017


    Mr. Basketball is not going to came from any team in district 6A, It is going to come from District 5A from Van Buren County in the name of Caden Mills
  9. WarriorFan2017


    So you are telling me that a team that went 2-23 overall and 1-14 in the district last year that gave up 250 runs and only scored 57 runs all season is going to win the entire district this year? WOW is all i can say. Unless they had a whole new team move in I don't see them moving up much if any in the standings. I watched them play last year and they were not very good! I see the top 3 as Warren, Cookeville and White County then rhea and Stone fighting for the bottom. White county will probably surprise a lot of folks this year with only 3 seniors on the team and 1 of them is a Pitcher only and one of the others will see limited action. they are packed full of talented Juniors that are hungry for a district title
  10. WarriorFan2017

    Mr. Basketball Nominees-Need Input

    The only name you need in Single A is Caden Mills from Van Buren County a 6-6 guard who is averaging about 30ppg
  11. WarriorFan2017

    Warren Co. Head Coach Dismissed

    As long as the new coach does what Mr. Helton tells him to do he will stay, but if you do not play who Mr. H wants then he will call for his head. It has happened in the football program and now in baseball. So if coach Childs is looking we would like to have him in White County to set some discipline for our team because he does have a winning record and strong discipline record and that is something we have not seen in a while.
  12. WarriorFan2017

    Warren Co. Head Coach Dismissed

    Has Neil Helton made his choice yet? His money seems to be the one that directs the sports department in Warren County
  13. WarriorFan2017


    I am a White County Warrior baseball fan thru and thru, But the time has come for the coaching staff to be replaced! There has been too much talent go thru that system in the past several years and there is way too much talent there now to be sitting in 4th place in a district where they should be a 1 or 2 in, when you look at the team record and you only have 1 win against a team that has a winning record (Cookeville), that is a shame and to get that 1 win you had to hang on and fight after being up 9 to 1. and had Rhea county down 9 to 0 and started being conservative and got beat 10 to 9. SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE When the coaching staff becomes so predictable that even the opposing fans know that with less than 1 out and a runner on first they are going to bunt at any point in there lineup even if we are down 10 runs and need to swing away to get a spark started. that tells me we need a change in leadership.