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  1. icecube


    Stone wins it all
  2. icecube

    Stone Memorial at Maplewood

    Maplewood by A Lot! 48-7!
  3. icecube

    Metro Rankings

    Antioch walked off the field?? was it just the players??
  4. icecube

    Smith County @ Macon Co

    going with Region 3-4!! MC-35 SC-21
  5. thoughts?? don't know much about East Ridge
  6. Thoughts?? Don't know much about East Ridge
  7. icecube

    Region 3-4A

    Stone got beat up pretty good vs Coalfield but had a really good showing vs Red Bank on Friday and will play Knox Catholic Friday in the Rhea CO jamboree
  8. icecube

    Region 3-4A

    Any news on how Macon and LA looked Friday ?
  9. icecube

    Region 3-4A

    Stone host Coalfield Friday
  10. icecube

    Region 3-4A

    1.Mc 2. La 3.SM 4.DC 5.CC I think region 4-4A sweeps in the playoffs
  11. icecube

    4A rankings for 2017

    Spring Hill should be up there loaded with talent
  12. icecube

    Region 3-4A thread 2017-2021

    1. Macon 2.SM 3.LA 4.DC 5.CC
  13. icecube

    Sequatchie Co vs East Ridge round 3

    Glad to see everyone starting to get behind the 12-0 Indians. Let Coach Caine and his Staff do their job And lets help cheer the kids to 13-0 Seq-35 ER-14
  14. icecube

    Sequatchie vs Boogers Fighting Irish

    Wow it kills me that people can't even let kids enjoy a great season... I wanna say congrats to the Indians and I'm going with my heart for Friday Seq-28 ND-14
  15. icecube

    Stone Memorial vs Spring Hill round 1

    Good luck to all teams excited to hear about some great games! Everyone have a safe travel!!!