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  1. Grey was probably the best total package ( size, quickness, work ethic, character, coachable, leadership, maturity, talent, etc, ) of any HS defensive lineman I've worked with. He is something special.
  2. Milan Bulldogs 2021 4A State Champions....Calling it now.
  3. Great post brother. Please forgive me for doing this, but .... mic drop. lol.
  4. This one just got postponed but I think Knoxville has one in the works
  5. LOL. I hope so too. Alcoa is Blessed with a bunch of great coaches, Nix, Gamble, Goose, etc.
  6. I expect both of those two to see the field a lot next year. The O- Line has two sophomores with power 5 offers, another 6-6 kid and the Burchfield brothers. One is a 6-4 freshman and athletic , with a mean streak. Going to be exciting to watch those two and some of our other kids run behind those guys.
  7. I dont know about the tables turning, but I do believe you have some players coming up. HS football is always more fun when AE is competitive. Excited for the next few games
  8. Just wanted to make sure the wrestlers, coaches and parents knew about it. Sometimes they might be kept out of the loop.
  9. How far into the future are we talking my friend? I have a buddy of mine that coaches for AE, he was telling me in two years AE takes the region championship from Alcoa. I showed him a pic of our soph and freshman line and he became less confident.
  10. No worries. I'm in there alot . We do some eaten at the house. Catch me next time.
  11. Jody crisp, Michael Bonnett , Christy Runyon, Jill Runyon. Went to college with the first three. Jill was a little older.
  12. I really believe in small community schools. Hope they do build that 3A school for Mcminn county kids. I have some great friend that graduated from Mcminn in 87 and 88
  13. I think a lot of kids will choose to go to a smaller school like Eagleton. If so, they could have a good opportunity to build a team that could compete for 1A or 2A state championship in a few years.
  14. Excited that the Mr. ( and now Ms.) Blount County Weightlifting Competition is coming back! Its time to see who are the strongest kids in the county. Registration and information is available through the Blount County Parks and Rec site. There will be individual awards and a team trophy for the school that scores the most points. Open and Masters divisions as well
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