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  1. Thanks! Look forward to watching him on film
  2. Thanks for the info. I don't remember him specifically off the top of my head but that's due to my age not his performance. What number was he?
  3. Whew. Didnt pull many punches on that one Shadroach Goodness Gracious.
  4. Left off Cam Burden. D1 guy. Way talented, but will be playing a new position. Braden Anderson is a 6-4 athletic WR/DB that has tons of potential. Got another Tyson this year. Keeping the #2 In his family. Look for him to cause some havok on the DL and occasionally run over folks at FB. Going to be a fun year. The Blackman and Maryville games will really be tests for us early in the year
  5. My kind of kid. Look forward to seeing him on the field .Thanks for bringing him to my attention BPM
  6. Been off the T for a few, but this thread is very entertaining. Rutergerson is a player. Ryan will utilize him in many different ways. He will excel instead of being held back for fear of outshining another player. The Fields kid will be a match up problem. Especially if teams try to double Willis. He's 6-3 and can hit the 9 and will be a nightmare on the fade. Loudon county and Lenoir City both know what would happen if their county allowed out of county transfers. Half of the players from south Blount county would go to GB. That would be an additional 30 kids minimum. It says a lot about the program that families are willing to relocate for their kids to be there. .....and it's not going to stop. More south Blount kids will be coming in the next few yrs.
  7. I think we have a chance to be really special this year. Going to Blackman that first game right out of the gate will tell us a lot.
  8. Dang brother. You've been bringing the heat lately . haha. Wearing the MJ folks out!
  9. I'll give you that one brother. LOL. PC has won a gold ball before and PC will schedule anyone. I'll give you guys some grief, but you're not scared and you don't run away. I respect that. But You'll still hear from me occasionally about all the talk about the 2017 PC team. Two of my Mid TN friends especially catch it often.
  10. I'll take a 35-20 win in this game for sure. I'm excited for this one!
  11. State titles 20 years ago really aren't relevant to this years playoffs. If you remember two years ago when PC fans were doing all that talking saying Alcoa was worried about PC, mid TN people were acting like PC was 78 Steelers, then PC doesn't even make it to Cookeville and Blows a multi TD lead a home in the semis on top of that.... I said I was gonna remember and I did. LOL FB80, you've always been cool. You even got back on the T after the loss and answered the bell like a man. But after all that nonsense from my middle TN friends about how great that PC team was, I'm gonna call them out on it for a while. I'll also give credit where its due, PC at least doesn't run from teams. They'll schedule anybody.
  12. Blackman will be tough. Long drive there, Saturday game, big crowd, huge school with lots of talent...It will definitely help prepare us for later in the year. I know Blackman lost a lot last year but it looks like they just reloaded. Since your a Middle TN guy, What can you tell me about them? Whats your score prediction?
  13. Gotcha. We all know what that means though. lol
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