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  1. Iroquois High school in Erie, PA is hosting a 8 team bracketed dual tournament. We will wrestle out to 8th place giving everyone at least 3 matches. The cost is $300 per team and the date is January 11th. We can also host one team for an individual dual Friday the 10th if anyone is interested.If interested contact Jeremy Little [email protected]
  2. So are still going to run the beginners in the morning?
  3. No I am traveling from about 3 and half hours away. It benefits us to have it Sunday morning because coming back late Sunday night is not really an option, hence it would be more ideal to travel Saturday even if you can't get a hotel right near camp Jordan you should be able to get one close enough to make an early Sunday drive more reasonable. If they put the beginner tournament in the afternoon it's doubtful that we would make the trip. I don't know if anyone else would have similar feelings on that issue.
  4. I disagree because on the back end if you did the duals first, people from the beginner tournament would not get back home Sunday till late with most parents having to work Monday morning. The number of spectators and wrestlers for the beginner will out weigh the numbers for the duals. Aside from that people would be less likely to leave Sunday morning and drive down as opposed to possibly staying in a hotel with in an hour drive Saturday night. So I would keep the beginner first and the duals second.
  5. With the first ever beginner state tournament coming up in 3 weeks is there any information as far as start time or schedule. Will this be all in one session or split start times. Will weigh ins be the day before or the day of? Any information would be greatly appreciated
  6. Are you hosting a Elementary duals this year as well or only middle school?
  7. Who would we contact if we would be interested in a position?
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