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  1. Weren't those losses when Nicklin was down in Argentina? Heck, I am pretty sure Webb beat Brentwood straight up in late September, and beat them good, but Logan Eggleston was still fighting some back issues. And with that, I'm out. It's been a slice, but my kid has aged out. Wishing all y'all the best.
  2. Full strength Webb versus full-strength Brentwood would be very interesting...
  3. It really is Brentwood's world, isn't it? the rest of us are just leasing space...
  4. True, but that's about it. Nothing personal on the Siegel setter, I'm sure she's a great kid. I think both Ravenwood setters are more consistent, especially in terms of back sets, connecting with middles, and improving the ball on imperfect passes. Siegel sets their hitters; Ravenwood runs an offense, which is very different. I do think the Siegel setter has a better command of her team. All that aside, scoreboard: Ravenwood will have to come up the loser's bracket, whereas Siegel looks like they are scrimmaging their JV team.
  5. I'm less sure Siegel setting is that big an advantage over Ravenwood. Might be a moot point, Ravenwood split the first two sets of their opening matchup.
  6. Mainly agree, Tot. But I will add... I think Ravenwood has as many future college players in their program as Brentwood. I don't know if they have any Power Conference kids, while Brentwood obviously has at least 2 (Logan Eggleston and Garret Joiner), and a couple of freshmen who are probably going to have similar kinds of offers... but there are a ton of Ravenwood kids who will play in college at some level.
  7. just to make sure Siegel gets their due... they actually have a couple of superlative ball handlers in their Libero and their OH1. they are in system quite a bit, and that is part of why I think they are a top 4 team. I just don't think they have quite enough physicality at the net, both on offense and defense, to beat Ravenwood. That and, as I mentioned earlier, Ravenwood is peaking at the right time.
  8. I don't. Ravenwood is really coming together. They rolled Station Camp in the Regional Final, and I just don't think Siegel has the net presence or side out game to get by them. I do agree on your final 4, but I think the final will be a close one between the two Woods.
  9. Siegel is very good. They would compete in 12AAA.
  10. Siegel won their District Tournament, but of course they did. No shocks in round 1 of the 12AAA Tournament. Ravenwood and Page will meet in one semifinal, Brentwood vs. Summit in the other.
  11. K2ruth, I have a question for you. Can you be more specific about your complaint regarding this particular player? Reason I ask... here are her current attacking numbers, according to (another website I am not allowed to name on this forum because they also focus on High School Sports): 239 kills, 126 errors, on 673 attempts, for a hitting % of .168 (across 64 sets) This puts her 4th in the state in attempts per set, at about 10.5. That is a HUGE volume of attempts, especially considering the somewhat pedestrian efficiency number (.168 isn't very good, really). On paper, anyway, It seems she is getting plenty of love and attention from her setters. And her team is having a lot of success, with a legitimate shot at winning AA. So I am not sure (from admittedly, quite a distance) what your concern is on her behalf.
  12. Clifford speaks the truth. Coaches can only nominate their kids. Or not... you can't nominate your entire team, and some of those 3rd and 4th decisions are not easy. Once the nominees are on the table, the other district coaches determine how everything shakes out in the end. So I see 3 possibilities: 1. Catholic, it turns out, does NOT actually have Knoxville's best player. In fact, Catholic does not even have AA District 3's best player. 2. AA District 3 coaches are idiots, or there is some political motive against the player or program. 3. Catholic moms control not only the coaches at Catholic, but, in fact, every coach in the District. Not having seen any of the teams or players in question, I defer to the rest of you. That said, if Cunningham is as good as you (and, to be fair, some others) have said, Catholic will make noise in the playoffs, and she'll get her due. I'm sure she'd rather be All-State than AA District 3 PoY.
  13. In Williamson County, the 12 AAA Tournament bracket is basically set. Brentwood will have to get by the winner of Summit vs. Independence in order to advance to the next round. Page and Ravenwood have sealed 2nd and 3rd place, in some order or another. Which means, assuming they get past Centennial / Franklin (and I do), they'll play each other to see who advances, and who starts getting ready for club tryouts.
  14. Portland will have a chance to measure itself against AAA teams in the Williamson County tournament this weekend.
  15. Baylor seems to have had an easy time with Brentwood Academy last night. I still like BA, and think they have room to grow into a threat to Baylor.
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