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  1. It appears TN teams had a good showing in Iowa. I am curious how teams are chosen. I remember this question being posed last year but I do not recall every seeing an explanation. Was their outreach regarding selections or wrestle offs for the team. Are the teams simply selected by the chosen coaches? Also, how are the teams supported? Does TN AAU pay for the entire trip or is each participant expected to pay their way?
  2. You're a fool! Centennial forfeited 113 (a match they would have most likely won by pin). Had they not, the final score would have been 43-29. Doesn't seem so close now. If I were you, rather than blaming the refs, I would try to figure out why your "studs" are not pulling through and winning or at least picking up bonus points in matches where they should.
  3. And then two days after that Science Hill wrestled their entire varsity lineup. So there was supposedly a miraculous recovery from those who were even too sick to show up at the Dobyns Bennett match. Just a bit fishy.
  4. Everyone in East Tennessee knows the Science Hill coaches surely do NOT follow a code of ethics. Its win at all costs. Plus they "own" a few of the Region 1 officials, three of them, in fact, with the same last name.
  5. I don't want to be the one who points out the obvious here but Science Hill had what appeared to be their full lineup tonight. Looks like someone found some miracle drugs and cured all those wrestlers from flu in less than two days. Amazing!!!
  6. If it was this dire, why even show up at all? Haven't the coaches and staff also been exposed to the flu? Why not just call and forfeit the entire dual? Why bring 8 wrestlers and only wrestle the one match you are sure of winning? Why not shake hands? Why not give the opposing coach a heads up? All questions that have no valid answer in this situation because your coaching staff decided to throw a temper tantrum in front of the entire state and make our great sport look bad in the process. Did Science Hill practice on Monday? Will they be practicing today? The answer to these two questions should tell the entire story. I am pretty sure I know the answer to the first and if it was SO bad that you are so concerned with "exposing" more, then why is your team still practicing?
  7. You hit the nail on the head. Its all about the pride of the Science Hill coach. I believe this was his way of saying we didn't really lose, we let you win.
  8. I don't know what their beef is about or who it is with but from the actions tonight, there is certainly some bad blood against DB. I'm not even sure they shook hands at the end. It appears the Science Hill wrestlers were told to head outside immediately after the one match wrestled. I can't believe a coach would forfeit out the whole match and not give his wrestlers the opportunity to win. Looks like he pretty much told them they can't win so hes going to take care of it for them. Maybe the coach had plans and needed to get back home quickly.
  9. Tonight I witnessed one of the worst displays of sportsmanship that I have EVER seen by coaches in this area. Science Hill coaches decide to forfeit all but one match in their dual against Dobyns Bennett. I don't know the back story but it appears Science Hill was attempting to make some sort of statement based on a grudge they apparently have against Dobyns Bennett. I hope athletic directors get involved and make a statement here--will the SH AD allow his coaches to use his kids as pawns in a childish argument? I feel like someone owes me my $5 admission fee back.
  10. You are sleeping on Dobyns Bennett. They could be the leading team out of Region 1 this year. Science Hill lost about 10 of their starters from last season's team. Jefferson Co just won Catholic Invitational, its conceivable DB and Jeff Co could be Region 1 reps at State Duals completely shutting out last year's runner up. I am very glad to see Region 1 in the conversation. All the coaches in the area have worked their butts off to gain some respect and be in the discussion on a yearly basis.
  11. I would agree with OberverW. I am also confused on some of the accolades listed: Tyler Seeley lost to Williams in the blood round and is therefore not a medalist. Jared Harter didn't participate this season but is listed as blood round. Is this an attempt to inflate the resume and unfairly justify the picks over others who might have better deserved the opportunity?
  12. KingGreene, since you admittedly do not understand it maybe you should not go online and post your passive aggressive comments about another team's strategy. I've watched you since you were a scrawny 130 pound wrestler at Greeneville, through King College, and now as a coach. I will admit, you have skills and have helped create a good team. What also has grown over the years is your ego. I am so often disappointed to come online and read your posts that consistently take stabs at other coaches and wrestlers throughout our region while blowing your own horn. You have no idea what the DB coaching staff had in mind at Region Duals, but to imply they were only wrestling the matches they could win is a childish stab. I've watched as your coaching staff has moved kids around in the lineup to create the best advantage for your team, so why do you feel the need to throw barbs at other coaches for doing what they feel is best for their team. There were quite a few changes to your lineup as well. Many that were probably unnecessary to win the match but no one is berating you for trying to run up the score. I applaud the DB coaches for having enough class and maturity to overlook your jabs, immaturity, and ignore your post. I know the DB coaching staff is "new," but you might want to pay attention, there are some things you can learn from them. I wish DB and Science Hill the best of luck at State Duals.
  13. Braxton Mann - Seymour MS to Science Hill
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