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  1. Not heard or read anything about Grundy, have they got rid of the AD yet? Or has he stepped down and done the right thing?
  2. I agree people forget that sports in high school are for the kids, in small schools kids need sports and things like that keep kids from playing. People in power like the AD should not use it for their own agenda or to look important, should be in it for the kids. That's just my opinion again I have no dog in the race I just know there are a whole lot of good people that live on the mountain and deserve a adult who has their kids best interest in mind.
  3. Just hear grumbling from people in that area that he needs to leave the program and let the coaches do their job. No dog in race was just wondering actually myself, I know its not good what they are saying.
  4. I agree the AD NEEDS to go if he is doing what people say he is doing. Parents need to express their opinion on this issue.
  5. Ive agree been through the area and it is really a nice place.
  6. AD is only suppose to support the coaches and basically be a secretary not have power like an administrator, last time I checked High school football is not college. I agree with the one poster if he is as bad as they say he does need to go. Sounds like he just doing it for his own personal gain which is a shame it only hurts the kids and program.
  7. I have heard that the AD needs to go that he is in the way and don't know what his place is.
  8. How is it going up on the mountain this spring not heard.
  9. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, they may surprise some teams and I hope they give you guys a good game because you did have a solid record last year.
  10. Doc is a Great Great Man! The man did three of my surgeries and actually three of my family members as well. He always treated people with respect and kindness. You could not ask for a better person or friend! My best wishes for the family and Doc you will be missed!
  11. I didn't mean any disrespect lol He would be a great hire he is a great guy lol.
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