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  1. Was around the practice field the other day and he seems really upbeat and excited about the boys in blue. I've heard him and Dad are really excited about this team. It's uplifting to see how happy they are and the kids are
  2. Hearing alot of good things out of camp so far. Improving alot but still need to see what they can do in pads. They have the athletes but can the Oline step up? I'm excited and can't wait to hear how they look with pads on. I was told some Freshmen will be pushing for playing time. Not because the upper class is bad but because a few of these young Chargers look that good. Cant wait to get another update! Go Big blue
  3. News is slow this summer.....anyone have any updates on the boys in blue. I drove by and it looked like they were working on the field. Field looking nice.
  4. Loudon is supposed to be tough. Could compete for the Region Championship!
  5. How are summer workouts? Any potential Freshman contributers?
  6. Well...………not entirely true. lol. He put in for the Silverdale OC opening as well.
  7. Fact #1 Administration called him into tell him he did not get the job but they wanted him to stay on the staff. The admin and Davis wanted that. Fact #2 Vestal was offered a job to stay on staff. That was a prerequisite for taking the HC job at Central. That he retain ALL assistants from the previous year. Vestal CHOSE to leave as soon as he heard these words "Larry Davis will be calling the plays" and Vestal then said I'm out. It was about a title. That's all. I wish him the best of luck and hope he gets the HC job at SQHS
  8. He left because he wanted to call plays and that wasn't going to happen with Larry Davis at the helm of the offense. He's looking to be an OC and HC. I was responding to the hurt feelings comment because I wasn't sure if they meant Vestals feelings being hurt or Central's feelings being hurt? Central offered him a chance to stay and he chose to leave. End of story. No hard feelings at all.
  9. Vestal's feelings? Not sure I follow this comment.....
  10. Well, going to be a loooooooong summer before football finally gets here. Can not wait for the first fall scrimmages to begin, the jamboree and McMinn week!
  11. Anyone going down to Hixson today? What is the scrimmage setup?
  12. Any practice updates? Is the scrimmage in Hixson still on tomorrow?
  13. Was told it was a rough practice yesterday. About 20 kids missing and a lot of mistakes. Need some momentum back. Hope these kids aren't flaking out on the hard coaching.
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