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  1. Records don't count but how can you say CA is a better team. We gave you 8 points if you really think about it. Now your mistakes didn't give us points. We had the fastest player on the field run two touchdowns and I think a 33-yard pass. So I know it's your team, but sometimes they are not the best team money can buy.
  2. Thank you vandyfan1 you are so right about that.There is no place to bash programs because i thought that highschool football was about the kids and friendships you make though it. Not the crap.
  3. But we do have another week. Half the teams that started the playoffs cant say that. We dont need to go to all the post that didnt give R5 any chance but head to head in the first round they come up on top. Now saying all that we get to see if we can go any farther. i hope so but we know Waverly has at great team but we will have a chance small or not we have one. One thing about it we have a 50/50 chance as of right now to win. Might not get to say that after the kickoff but right now we can.
  4. Pizzaface sorry pizzpatroit how many playoff games have you and your team been in?
  5. AMEN. I am so honored to call him a friend and and yes a mentor to me,my son and all the young men that go though this program.Anybody that would get on here and bash a coach,the players and a program are so classless that they don't deserve to be called a fan or a alumni of a fine program that we have here. So go root for some program that is as miserable as you. No one said you could not say your concerns but when there are personal attacks no one deserves that. You must be a great scout because i think the coaches know the talent and what they can do to be the best for the team and yes for the team not you.
  6. Sorry I thought I put ddaddy. Spell check got me
  7. Pizzaface has left the building. You two cullycutter and daddy I hope has slammed the door closed.
  8. Well yes cullycutter, i read that maybe you didnt read it all. i sent it mainly to OldMain but maybe i need to slow down for you.
  9. Cullycutter you keep dreaming. Them kids are no better than anybody else's kid ,just might have a little more money. So the moral crap can be left in OLDMAIN mind.
  10. The Panthers will win by 2 touchdowns not even close.
  11. Won't it be 3rd round LC meets Waverly? I think thats right i might be wrong.
  12. We did play 2 6AA schools and beat one by 22 and one by 48. Boy we must be bad terrible, but i guess we will see. Now the one we beat by 48 didn't Riverside struggle with a little bit. Never said any team was bad just tell facts right now. i think the first score was 43-21 and the second was 55-7
  13. No disrespect taken. i think it is weaker also, saying that i think LC's line is so much better this year than last year that's the difference.They learned so much playing young and got so strong.i think Waverly's offense is strong this year but i don't think there defense is what it's been.That will be the game i think in the 3rd round.
  14. There is no way Riverside beats Lewis County.The offense is to much for them.
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