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  1. Take it in Upperman! Everyone gets there turn to be at the top but the bad thing is after next year Caine will be on the hunt for another loaded team...
  2. If the Vols had been a little more composed if they’d got that fourth down play before half and I mean I would have honestly stretched it out too for the TD but oh well.
  3. Sorry Crow never meant any that toward you just Spike, and I know everyone is frustrated. I do agree with you on Alcoa. If anybody is smart the only time you wanna have to play them is championship game. Plus your right we both had a sloppy game and I hope with this we both take our chewings, clean up, and have a great practice this week and both take the W this week.
  4. All this game talk aside the only thing those A’s mean is how many students go to that school and majority of the time how many players they may have. We’ve lost to 1 & 2A teams before too. I just hate when people pull that A card. I mean Just look at Greenback & Alcoa they play them all 1-6 and beat the breaks off higher A teams and if you do loose it’s nothing to be mad about I mean they don’t schedule each other for no reason. Plus sometimes it’s hard to find a team to play thats not halfway across the state so that’s why we might have Coalfield, Warburg, And Oneida in our schedule. Trust me Coach Wright wouldn’t want you on his schedule if y’all wasn’t gonna come out and play ball. With all that aside I hope y’all beat Meigs Co because I think you’ll beat Rockwood, Bledsoe, Coalfield as long as y’all don’t have a bad injury and wish you all the best and have a great & safe rest of the season!!!
  5. No doubt y’all were pounding the ground And never doubt that y’all wasn’t going to score just saying solid 3 TDs better team. Plus 3A teams are supposed beat 1 & 2A teams like you said, but wait if that’s the case Harriman is just a straight up better team then Oneida
  6. Totally with you a solid 3 TD better team. I think they will see how lucky they was when they watch the film. We just had too many turnovers and thankfully Oneida couldn’t capitalize on them.
  7. I’m going to say York by 21. This will be toughest game yet for Oneida in my opinion due to our offense/run defense. I think the best hope for Oneida to keep up with York is to pass the ball because they will not stop York’s running game. Both teams bread and butter is keeping the ball on the ground but Oneida can’t keep up. YAI 35 - Oneida 14
  8. Curves no matter which way. No matter the winner probably best game in the area.
  9. You’re probably right as long as they stay healthy but I’d still take the boro teams over them this year.
  10. They lost a little speed if anything. Rexroat was the speedster and probst was a little quicker on both sides of the ball than the fill in but nobody should notice a difference.
  11. Cookeville might go 4-6 this year if the beat LA but if LA play’s just as good or better than Upperman then respectibly 3-7 if they beat Warren, White, & Coffee.
  12. I see CF scoring a couple Td’s but York taking the W this year. Cooper and Heddings hurt them up the gut and if they slow them any Leffew and Miller is gonna take it to edges. Too many ground options for CF to handle this year with weaker defense but it will be a good 4qrt football game. York by 14+ Also debating on going since last time at coalfield over 10 vehicle got broken into during the game that I heard of. Must have been those bulldogs
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