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  1. I would agree to disagree on Hampton not having “that guy”. This team is coached for it to be any guy on any given night. We might not have a Nate Hughes or Coby Jones but we have several McClain type kids who know when and when not too. Lyons,Vines,Harrison,Burly, have all had more than one 20 point game. They just play as a team and know there roles in those different games. Then you have to guard Henry from 3 and throw in mccoury and Wilson who are threats from 3 and making plays for others then you have Logan and Campbell with size and length to help inside. You can’t not guard anyone on our team and depth helps or defense also. Hampton is the better team but at the Nest it’s a toss up. We will see in about 9-10 hours.
  2. Yep also agree, that was just round 2. Rounds 3 and 4 are the true rounds but this was big for Hamptons confidence which in basketball and kids means a lot. Also losing so many of these types of games early has to be helpful in finding a way at this point of the season. Some might say our luck will run out but anyway it was a great high school game to watch tonight.
  3. Not bad for the “worst Hampton team in 10 years”. Go dawgs!
  4. I don’t think Hampton will slow down NG. Hampton will press and do what they do and that may benift NG as it did at NG. I think Hampton will shoot better at home which will close the gap. I’d say it will come down to Hampton hitting outside shots. Ng is the one team in conference that Hampton don’t have the inside advantage. I’d say it will be within 8 points either way.
  5. Dogs 56 Uh 45 10 in a row on to the next one.
  6. BTW not gonna say they have all been pretty but a W is a W.
  7. Gonna say dogs over UH by 13. Hampton is something like 9-1 in the last 10 games. Kinda on a roll lately.
  8. Hampton jumped out to a 15 pint lead against Uh and Unaka this week on the road only to be very fortunate to win. Key in my opinion was they were on the road and after big leads relaxed to much. Hampton has only had 4 home games this season but end the season with 6 straight at home. They have now won 6 straight and 9 out of there last 10. My opinion is they will be tough to beat at home. “If” they win out which would be a win over NG I think the tournament favors the home team in a coin flip. I will also say in my opinion Hampton knows why the lost at Ng and will make the needed adjustments. That doesn’t mean anything obviously but as you all know your teams as you are around them daily I know Hampton. The rotation is just now coming together and trying a lot of different defenses for tournaments. I like our chances at Hampton but on the road is iffy. I also know on any given night anybody can beat anyone.
  9. Ng played well but I’m not placing my bets on this one game. Hampton’s game plan didn’t work and our Pg got hurt in the first qt and wasn’t 100% the rest of the game but that probably don’t change the end game. Hampton lost to Ng at Ng many times the last several years and that hasn’t hurt them come seasons end. Interested to see how we view this game a month from now. Hampton lost 73-70 at SG a few weeks ago. This is a different team than it was then but let’s see how much the home court plays a difference tonight and later this month when Ng comes to vanhuss white gym
  10. Not seen Ng play personally, but Hampton defiantly played a much tougher schedule so throw out the records. I think its always hard to win at Ng so I give the huskies a slight edge in this one. I may change my mind after tonight but from what I've heard from Ng opponents fans (which doesn't mean a hill of beans LOL) Hampton probably has a slightly better team in their opinion. We may get a good gage tonight and we may not this is a weird year.
  11. Hampton dominates from the start at North 73- 37 final.
  12. Hampton is at SN tonight, kinda a tricky game on the road.
  13. Still no clear favorite, Hampton struggled with HV for a half but it was good to see some new players stepping up in the scoring column and a solid 2nd half.
  14. Hampton is rolling, tough schedule early makes there record not as impressive but now when playing local AA and A teams you can see the confidence building. Good effort on D and are very deep shows this team is built for a deep post season. Plenty to improve on obviously but lots to look forward too if covid allows us to continue on.
  15. Concord Christian will be tough. Hampton went to scout them and they are big and returned all 5 starters from a semi final run in the North Carolina state championships.
  16. Good win for Unaka for sure on their home floor. Hampton plays Central on the road tonight might be a good early season measuring stick comparing Unaka and Hampton. There are several differences though. Hampton just got there football players back this week, Central has a game under there belt, and Hampton is playing on the road. Should be fun watching the season play out, lots of unknowns this year.
  17. I was thinking the same thing, it will be "Wide open" this year.
  18. Alright boys and girls its officially basketball time in District 1A. Who's the favorite? Hampton should be strong especially in a few weeks after they get healthy and the footballers get there basketball legs.
  19. Unaka is playing well, Sullivan North is healthy and playing well now and all the sudden this conference is wide open. Still think UH an NG are the two best teams right now.
  20. I would agree with everything you are saying even the sooner than you think part......Hearing the same things on the alliance front king. I do feel like we are good enough to beat anyone but young enough to lose to anyone.
  21. I don't look for the 5 in 5 out to continue all season, Unless some decide to play on both ends. Defense wins championships.
  22. I am still thinking it runs through District 1, not sold on Hancock's early success based off the Jellico score.... UH and then NG, Hampton and maybe adding in Cland still pretty strong I believe. Not sure what's going on in Roan Mtn. right now but you can never count them out. This year may be as balanced as it has been in a while tho. I still believe Hampton and Cosby's youth is a wait and see and Greenback is new to the party in bball, :)
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