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  1. Congratulations! Kaylie Monday played a big role in Clarkrange’s State Quarterfinal win over Huntingdon, as she broke the single-game steals record with 11 takeaways. She added 15 points for a double-double in the 80-36 victory. This week, she joins the Halls Hall of Fame.
  2. This thread is only about Greenfield and Gibson County, just some selfish people that would rather put their children's life at risk over a stupid trophy, it would be sad for someone from those two areas to catch Covid 19 and pass away because they where selfish and wanted to play a game to just make a point, you all are sad indeviduals and really should be a shamed of yourselves for thinking this way.
  3. No, because the games aren't being played as of yet.
  4. I'm glad this topic is about ones personal opinions. For in real time there's no way one will really know who's the best, being as if the games aren't being played.
  5. Not sure how you can say that being as if you haven't played Clarkrange this season with the exception of playing at camp, and correct me if I'm wrong but pretty sure GC lost that game by 20. Just saying...
  6. From the way it's looking there may not be any more games played this season. So we may not know who was the best team.
  7. So you're really wanting to come to that worst gym again.
  8. It was close from start to finish, Trousdale just played a smiget better than CC.
  9. Myself and a hundred or more Witnessed something tonight myself and many more would have most likely have ever dreamed oh happening. Trousdale girls grew up a lot tonight. Congratulations on a big win over Clay County.
  10. Not one time in my topic did I say Clarkrange was the smallest in Class A.
  11. I'm just saying out of everyone in attendance last night, maybe 10% ofcthem thought the game turned out as it did. I take nothing from away from Stone or Mike Buck he is an awesome coach and think very highly of him. Was a very exciting game. Best of luck to both teams.
  12. Well little is a fact, little over 200 students to choose from verses around 1500 students to choose from. Go figure!!
  13. Outstanding performance by a little Single A team to control the entire game from start to finish against a power house AAA team. 61-45 Clarkrange wins in high fashion!
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