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  1. So, now that we are back to the original topic......is it really true that Alcoa did not have their entire roster due to some prominent footballers still working to get healthy? If so, that makes their win at AE the night before all the more impressive. Most figured once they got a competent head man that the sky would be the limit over there.
  2. You are right, Blount County has mastered the art of transfer eligibility. However, if it's the one I'm hearing he will have a legitimate change of address which will make him eligible. It will also drastically change the landscape of 4-AA next season.
  3. Not hating on anyone, just giving you an opponent's scouting report. Also, I am sure the offensive rebounding issue had NOTHING to do with your tiny little guards not being able to block out Fulton-AE's athletic freak guards! You are right though....we shall see how things shake out in 4-AA next season. Till then!!
  4. I heard from two different sources that the higher the level his football offers got the higher chance he quits playing basketball. Maybe the coaching change sways him to stay on the hardwood. That and having some capable ball-handlers join the squad would certainly help. We always knew last year, pressure the guards & you beat Alcoa. They would either turn it over, jack up a terrible shot or couldn't get it inside where they could legitimately hurt you.
  5. If the Cox kid doesn't play next year as is being rumored Alcoa will have a bigger talent drop off than any other school in that district (virtually 4 starters from a barely over .500 team). Not sure any coach can make that big of a difference.
  6. Historically better talent yes, currently better talent I'm not so sure. I will say this though, there was no way they weren't going to upgrade from where they were.......I mean that mission was accomplished by just naming someone to the post. I have heard nothing but great things about Coach Collins as a person, teacher and coach so best of luck to him and the Tornadoes.
  7. Fair enough. Plus, having a competent coach can possibly do wonders for their continued development. The best thing about it for Alcoa is it sounds like they will no longer have to go into virtually every contest at a disadvantage from an obvious coaching mismatch. Best of luck to the Tornadoes going forward. Looking forward to the announcement this Friday or whenever.
  8. Rat, Whoever it is better bring some guards with him because Alcoa's guard play was horrific last year. Looked like all they had left after the coach ran everyone off was a few JV kids. I know the big kid is back and he was an All-Region player but they struggled mightily to get him the ball in good positions. In 4-AA you better have good guard play or you will get exposed quickly and last year Alcoa just didn't consistently have the guard play to play with Fulton & A-E.
  9. Everyone I know close to the situation says it is because Kirk genuinely is a good dude and they wanted him to be able to save face a little. It had just become apparent that he was in way over his head with the cheating, the eroding of the program and the failure to address the loose cannon assistant. They also say the new position is a title in name only with no real responsibilities. I mean seriously, why would a school that size need an assistant A.D.?
  10. That is correct, it was the other assistant that was the problem. Coach Laverdiere is an outstanding coach and person and from what I heard over the weekend is a serious candidate to get the job (along with two other current head coaches at other schools that have been interviewed). I know many in the coaching ranks who feel that Coach Laverdiere is more than deserving of that opportunity.
  11. For the record I generally prescribe to this school of thought, I really do. However, IF a coach actually truly is a demeaning, abusive sicko who gets his rocks off of intimidating and mind-f****** adolescents (which I understand was the dynamic with the assistant at AHS) and the kids respond negatively to it the kids are "soft". If a parent intervenes in any way whatsoever they are cast off as "that dad" or "that mom" (or God forbid "helicopter parents". But for some reason a coach gets a pass because he is "the coach". That excuse is also tired and lame. Sickos are everywhere, just look at the Catholic church. They can infiltrate the coaching profession just as easily. You have to depend on the adults in the administration to finally step up and say they have had enough which it sounds like they finally did at Alcoa.
  12. Rat, My sources over in Aluminum Town also tell me there was a TSSAA violation last year that wasn't properly reported that cost the team their Sub State victory and State Tournament appearance as well? I'm guessing that coupled with all the other inadequacies was the final straw.
  13. Well, with almost two times the population of the greater metro Knoxville area you would expect they could field more quality 10-12 man rosters that make up a quality basketball team. However, that does beg the question as to why they can't field more quality 60-80 man rosters to field quality football teams. The football there is putrid. I will give them credit on the basketball though, they got it going on in Memphis.
  14. Exactly about Jody! Like I said before, I don't mean to beat up on the kid. It is just most times you watch Alcoa play you just scratch your head in amazement at who is really running that team. I know who most of their fans think it is.
  15. Yes, #14 from Fulton. My opinion is not based on projections, though Lacy is ranked and will play at the next level as well. My opinion is based on ability as a team-leading PG to help deliver wins at the HS level now. Some seem consumed by showcasing only themselves in an attempt to get to the next level while ignoring that others are in the floor with him. Therefore their overall value is significantly diminished. I guess to your point some coaches would believe they could rein that in and therefore take the higher level player.
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