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  1. Even though I am a D-B fan, would love to see the Wolves pull the shocker of all shockers. Regardless, whoever wins this game is who I'm pulling for the rest of the way.
  2. One of the Twitter accounts (maybe wrhs_wolveslive, I'm thinking) got in a little trouble I believe during the D-B game for bashing Hilton's playcalling. I just remember my girlfriend replying "I assume you're not from the Colonial Heights area?"
  3. @stockton4182 done gave up on the season to go fishing. Lol
  4. This was year 1 of the cycle, so I would assume the schedule next year would be the same as this with just home and away reveresed, so: Home vs. Tennessee High Away at Volunteer Home vs. Morristown East Away at David Crockett Away at West Ridge Home vs. Greeneville Away at Jefferson County Home vs. William Blount Home vs. Oak Ridge Away at Science Hill
  5. D-B plays Moravian Prep (NC) at Johnson County on November 20.
  6. If D-B gets to 11-0, the Maryville game wouldn't happen in the second round unless Maryville doesn't win the region.
  7. Here is the season opener against Volunteer that was also shown on local TV:
  8. Lol... I'll wait till after hoops season first. The basketball season could be something special in Kingsport.
  9. I have thought Virginia High were way overrated since very early in the season. Richlands proved Friday night they indeed were. I think you may be right. Ridgeview won the first matchup 49-14. I think it'll be much closer this time around. That's the game I will be at Friday.
  10. I chalk it up to the PA announcer at Kermit Tipton. He's highly, highly annoying. Next season when the Tribe play there, I'll be wearing noise canceling headphones or something, so my ears are not profusely bleeding after the game.
  11. I'm a D-B fan, however my daughter will be a freshman at West Ridge next year, so I was pulling for the Wolves as well. Hope y'all go down to Maryville and shock the world next Friday. I won't be making the trip however... going to catch a game or two in the Virginia playoffs this week I believe.
  12. Thanks for the hospitality and conversation pre-game @rebelwoman87 RR and GR. Good to talk to you all as always. Sorry I missed you @BarneySox2007. We'll definitely meet again somewhere down the line. If y'all and Oakland wind up playing Thanksgiving week, I could see myself making the trip down for that one.
  13. Well the first part of this post aged real well. Maryville in control now 34-14. Tribe have still played 1000% better this week than last. I stand by that.
  14. D-B is one stop away. One stop away from possibly making some noise in this game. They've played already 1000% better in the first half tonight than they did all last week
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