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  1. So, this starts Monday apparently. Science Hill (1 seed) and Tennessee High (2 seed) were the survivors of District 1. It looks like Sevier County and Jefferson County are the two who got out of District 2? Me being the newbie that I am... Is the tournament double elimination? Where is the tournament being held at? Only one team advances from Region?
  2. You were right on your prediction. I'll get you to handicap games for me next time I go to the casino. Lol. Science Hill wins the tournament over Tennessee High. D-B, the regular season champ, was eliminated by Tennessee High on Tuesday.
  3. I know that Tennessee High is normally pretty stout. This is actually the first year I'll be following the Tennessee side on the gridiron. So, what would your predictions be? Just what little I know, I was thinking 5-5 looking at the schedule: Wins: Hardin Valley, Daniel Boone, Jefferson County, Morristown West, Science Hill Losses: Tennessee High, Oak Ridge, Bearden, Farragut, Alcoa
  4. I'm not so certain that Tennessee High is an easy win. The other three, I would agree with you though.
  5. This is true. It will hurt DB both in football and basketball. I can't place blame on a kid though for trying to better his college recruiting resume. He's been a great role model to young children in the city of Kingsport. I hate to see him go, but I also wish him all the luck in the world moving forward.
  6. Exactly. What he said. I made the drive down last night expecting to get blown out of the gym, but Poore went with the strategy he thought could win him the game and almost did. It's not the tempo DB is used to playing by a long shot, but they made it work to near perfection last night.
  7. DB may have come up short vs. Bearden, but the Dawgs knew the Tribe were in the house. What a game. The Bearden students are fantastic. DB actually led 30-29 midway through the fourth and Bearden finally woke up scoring 7 points in a matter of seconds to go up 36-30 to provide the breathing room the boys from Knoxville needed. Absolutely loved the game and coach Poore's strategy of slowing the game down and playing stall ball almost worked to perfection. Good luck to the Dawgs moving forward and look forward to coming back this fall for football.
  8. Look forward to making the drive down to Oak Ridge Saturday, and especially excited to see Guinn play. So, I think I saw someone mention on another thread not to use the GPS location for the school and that the gym was around back of the school? Does anyone have the exact address? Also, how close proximity is Big Ed's Pizza to the school?
  9. I like how you think... but I don't think the same way. Lol. Sevier County is going to be a tough tough matchup in my opinion. And the way they just dominated Science Hill was amazing to watch. I was shocked Tennessee High played them to a 2 point game at their place after seeing them last night. The DB and East game was one of the best high school basketball games I have ever had the privilege to watch. Great atmosphere and just a classic high level game with a lot on the line.
  10. I don't know much about either team, but looking at their records, my gut instinct is telling me no. Lol.
  11. You got one out of two... Dobyns Bennett defeated Sevier County and Science Hill beat Daniel Boone. Neither game was particularly close. Science Hill should have no problem winning the region on Wednesday night, so to the Maryville posters, should I expect to be travelling to your place or Oak Ridge on Saturday?
  12. Region 1-AAA girls semifinals tonight at Daniel Boone: Sevier County vs. Dobyns-Bennett Science Hill vs. Daniel Boone With Cherokee giving the Bearettes all they wanted on Friday night, I can't see D-B losing to them, but who knows? I'm sure the Trailblazer student section will be out in full force tonight inside Bobby Snyder gymnasium. This has all the makings of a huge upset, but I believe the Lady Hilltoppers prevail in the end.
  13. Region 1-AAA semifinals Tuesday 2/26/2019: Sevier County vs. Science Hill Dobyns-Bennett vs. Morristown East Beating a good team three times in one season is a hard thing to do, and that is what D-B is faced with on Tuesday night. As for the second semifinal, I have no clue what to expect
  14. Here's my Region 1 picks (note I will probably fail miserably and y'all can make fun of this old Virginia boy, Lol): Quarterfinals: Dobyns-Bennett over Morristown West Morristown East over Daniel Boone Tennessee High over Sevier County Science Hill over South Doyle Semifinals: Dobyns-Bennett over Morristown East Tennessee High over Science Hill Finals: Dobyns-Bennett over Tennessee High I really had a hard time with TH and SC... I went back and forth over that one quite a bit. The Vikings have definitely shown that they're capable by beating D-B during the regular season. However, they had an awful district tournament showing, which is why I feel like they're probably ready to rebound and hit an upswing this week. Really looking forward to the tournaments getting underway tomorrow.
  15. Thanks for the input. I'm very much in agreement with you, except I will take the Hill to win the region. My predictions are this: Science Hill over Morristown West Daniel Boone over Morristown East Sevier County over Cherokee Jefferson County over Dobyns Bennett Semifinals: Science Hill over Daniel Boone Jefferson County over Sevier County Finals: Science Hill over Jefferson County
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