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  1. Seems strange that no one knows what is going on down in alnwick like they used too. Id say that was huge news with QB transferring in and one going out. That Reeves man always loved that wing-t offense, I'm sure when he had success at his other stints. @Red Rebels getting a little fired up about that statement with the QB. I guess some people know more than what's being viewed to the public.
  2. Is the QB any good? When is WB doing their spring ball?
  3. I figured Barney would have all the answers with William Blount & how spring ball is going. Weird how, this thread was number #1 for years and now can not crack the top 25. Must of been a lot of insider trading information going on to get the program silent (Which is strange due to who they hired, he does not strike me as a silent person) .
  4. This is the quietest WB thread has been in years, Strange no news coming from the William Blount Football about coaches, spring practice, or the future of the govs?
  5. There will be an announcement early next week.
  6. This is a strange list and is not going to happen bud, hate to break it to you. Those 3 will not be announced for the Bulldogs in 2022.
  7. These usually are good Barney. However, you seem to be trying to stir up a pot of "CHILI" that is not getting WARM Kind of like your friend (Cough Cough) Coach @Shadroach who has been out of the loop the last couple weeks. If he was close to the program. You would think he or you would know more information coming after this weekend.
  8. Would love to hear your thoughts on who should replace Shadowens? Oh wait, what coach is going to try and take over a program that seems like it has no upside. That everyone says is a dead end road like. Us at the news station know some QUALITY coaches on staff currently, who would be better for the job. We all know @Shadroachwould apply for it along with @CrossStateTraveler, maybe @HasShadBeenFiredYet. That AD would have tons of applicants for this prestigious place.
  9. Sounds like you know a lot about this program, almost like you are a coach or very close to the program.
  10. @HasShadBeenFiredYetgreat time to join the T with that name. I’m sure you and @Shadroachare brothers from Old Niles Ferry
  11. Bashing a person and program on Sunday morning? Classy! We can all hope that you went to ask for your forgiveness on choice of words towards this man and program. To answer your question that you never can do. Could it be that your the ONLY one that cares about WB football program? Which we all know is not the case. Or should we assume at the News Station that you only Post due to the fact you want the HC out because, he gets more press than you and he step on your toes? However, We would love to sit down and discuss the position with you or any other candidates you believe will be best for the position (if it ever opens) but once again we know you have this thread on your notifications and hid from any truth. So, instead of taking it out on the program. Why not just have a statement of why you do not like the current HFC of William Blount. We here believe you are right on some decisions that take place or are allowed. So, instead of pointing at one problem. Love to hear more in depth Coach on your ways to run a the WB program. What would be a good time or place? Which we know your are just right down the road.
  12. “I don't know the inside at WB as well as you do ” Funny you mentioned that @Shadroachknows more about the inside of WB than anyone else. Care to explain?
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