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  1. Others might agree with you. G ood l uck t o wh oever y ou a re r outing f or!
  2. Again you're butt hurt. Also about is 1 word not 2
  3. I do get that there are bids to host these tournaments and the selected venues need to have appropriate size as well as the infrastructure (hotels, restaurants, etc.) to accommodate the influx of participants and fans. What you don't seem to get, and this is probably because you and your buddy chad are butt hurt from the east teams getting dominated yesterday in the 1A games, is that it was just some light-hearted banter about moving the venue to west tn for the final couple of games because the remaining teams were almost all from that area. Chad had to come in with this better than thou comment to teach all us west tn folks a lesson and man we are so appreciative. Don't know what we'd do without you guys putting us in our place.
  4. Get out of here man. He made a stupid comment and I responded in a smart aleck way. This doesn’t involve you. Good luck to the 3 west teams today and safe travels to the fans.
  5. I believe the word you are looking for is geographical Einstein. Seems you are missing the point here. 3 of the 4 teams remaining are located within 8-10 miles “geologically” so why not move the remaining games to a venue closer to these towns?? Just fun to talk about I’m sure the folks posting know it’s not a reality so just calm down a bit Chad but thanks for the “geological” lesson on Murfreesboro
  6. 55-46 McKenzie 1:20 left
  7. Do I still have no idea what I am talking about?? Last night's game was not even close from the tip. Final score is not indicative of how the game went. McKenzie was up by 30 after 3 periods and the starters were pulled where Houston Co. didn't pull any starters. Good luck at Wayne Co.
  8. Both the Camden win and Perry Co win were very early in the season. Obviously by the most recent game with Camden some teams have gotten better as the season went on. Houston County hasn’t had a quality win in almost 2 months.
  9. Homer quote. Loss to Camden was a baaaaaad loss. The regular season games against McKenzie was more the Rebels playing down to their opponents than Houston County actually being a threat. The score in the district championship game was more indicative of the separation between McKenzie and HC. They might not get past Perry Co in the second round of regions.
  10. I believe we can discount at least 3 of those teams. Houston Co. can't handle the pressure that McKenzie plays with on defense and I don't see them fairing any better than they did in the regular season or district tournament matchups. Only 1 of those 3 Region 5 teams will be the runner-up so McKenzie won't face the other 2 so we can rule them out. Concern for McKenzie are the weak district opponents but Wilkins toughened up their schedule with games against the top teams in the state (Westview, Gibson Co.) in any division so I believe they can handle anything Region 5 brings.
  11. Good luck with the continued coaching search. Maybe there is some truth amongst the tall tales being told at the coffee shops
  12. Is getting Rankin SP’s only shot at being decent next season? I would think the tag team coaching staff that took what could have been disappointing season last year and turned it into a season to remember and also built relationships with the players that would strengthen confidence going into next season would have first shot at coming back in some type of HC/Assistant HC capacity. is there something more to the story?
  13. There really are some dumb people in this world BPM. Thanks for helping me realize that. I’m sure Dyersburg is proud to have you.
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